Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Do We Celebrate Grandparents Day?

Grandparents Day began with the idea of honoring the elderly and championing the cause of the lonely in nursing and retirement homes. Marian McQuade, a housewife from West Virginia, brainstormed the idea, which was later to become a nationally recognized holiday, thanks to Jimmy Carter in 1978. Now the holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, in September one of the first holidays of the school year that greatly affects most students.

McQuade, the original founder of Grandparents Day, is the mother of fifteen children, grandmother of forty, and great-grandmother of three. With so many descendants, she was well aware of the special bond that children should have with their grandparents. While mothers and fathers are the main source of discipline and example in a child’s life, his or her grandparents have a profound affect on viewpoints. Without the wisdom of the grandparents, many children today wouldn’t understand what it was like to grow up without the technology and amenities of today’s world and wouldn’t appreciate what they have nearly as much.

Another reason to celebrate our grandparents on Grandparents Day is simply because they help to raise us and shape us into the men and women we will become. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, and in many families, grandparents baby-sit and share in the responsibility of “bringing up baby”. With both parents entering the workforce today, coupled with rising daycare costs, retired grandparents have become perhaps the most dependable source of daily child care, meaning they are becoming more prominent in children’s lives. And, while they’ve already raised a family of their own, most grandparents are willing and even eager to take part in their grandchildren’s care and development.

Grandparents are extraordinary people. They have stories to tell that expand our horizons and views of life formed through years of experience that we cannot begin to fathom. We should feel lucky to benefit from this, and our grandparents feel privileged to be able to share these experiences with us. Overall, grandparents are a great resource for us, and if we can celebrate mothers and fathers, we can definitely recognize grandparents for their achievements in life.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Do We Celebrate Fun Birthdays?

Apart from the obvious answer about why we celebrate fun birthdays... have you ever stopped to think about this age-old tradition?

Birthdays date way back in history to a time when people originally feared evil spirits. These evil spirits were thought to be more active on the day of your birth. Family and friends would gather in a circle around the birthday person and would chant and sing bringing them nothing but good thoughts. The giving of gifts was another to bring even more cheer and goodwill to ward off the evil spirits.

Noisemakers were also thought to have been used at these parties as another way of scaring evil spirits away. Torches or candles would be lit believing they were sending a prayer to the gods and when the candles were blown out it was thought that the smoke carried these prayers or wishes into the heavens, where they thought the gods lived, so they would be granted.

Looking back through history the only documented birthdays recorded are of kings and other noble dignitaries. The poorer people and especially children did not celebrate at all. Historians have explained this, as only nobility was wealthy enough to be able to afford such an extravagance as a party.

It is the Germans who have been given credit for starting to celebrate children’s birthdays. These celebrations were originally called “kinderfeste” meaning children’s festival.

A song called “Good Morning To You” written by Mildred and Patti in 1893 was almost totally overlooked until some one changed the words to “Happy Birthday To You”. This little song is now sung in almost every home somewhere in the world at least once a year.

In today’s society, fun birthdays are eagerly awaited by the young and older generation. It is a celebration that is now an occasion, not only enjoyed by family members but friends as well.

Nowadays parties tend to have a theme attached. They may follow the lines of a character in history, a children’s comic or cartoon character, a picnic in the park or just a an outing to the zoo.

Giving presents to the birthday boy or girl is still a tradition. However, in later years it has also been a tradition to give a small gift known as party favors, to every party guest as they leave. They usually consist of a few sweets and a small gift wrapped up in a themed bag or a container that may have been used for the party itself.

So next time it’s your birthday, you’ll know why your celebrating it!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wood vs Metal Loft beds (bunk beds)

If you are in the market for loft beds or bunk beds, a major choice is wood versus metal. Depending on the overall look and size you desire, you will want to choose a differently constructed bed. Although both materials are both sturdy and safe, many individuals choose either metal or wood when searching for the optimum bed to fit the room.

Most older bunk beds are made of wood, and are generally easier to make safety modifications and enhancements. Also, the price of wooden bunk beds may be more economical, especially if you are shopping at second hand stores or using a bed previously used by a friend or family member. Furthermore, wooden bunk beds can be easily repaired, painted, stripped, or stained to create a completely different look for differing tastes.

Metal bunk beds are usually made of tubular metal and thought to be a classic kid’s type of bedding. How many times have you seen a red or white metal bunk bed in a child’s bedroom? Metal bunk beds made in recent years are built to the set safety requirements, but if any safety requirements are not up to par, emendations are much more difficult to make.

When looking at loft beds, the newer, stylish beds are made of metal. Additionally, metal loft beds take up less space so that tight spaces will not be further infringed by bulky metal creations. Also, metal beds allow a greater amount of decoration than wooden beds, so these are quite popular with the feminine crowd. Additionally, a change in style requires nothing more than a can of spray paint in the new and improved color.

Wooden loft beds are most associated with college dormitories, where loft beds built of raw two by fours are king. These beds can be found around every corner of campus come move-in day, so keep your pennies for things like books and purchase a used loft bed. You may even gain a couple new phone numbers, since most college co-eds use their loft beds as a huge message pad. The plus side of a wooden loft bed is that you will save a great deal of money on paper!

Whatever type of bunk bed or loft bed you choose to purchase, ensure the bed is safe. It does not matter if you are two, twelve, or twenty, safety is still important when entrusting your bodily safety while you sleep. A teenager can roll out of bed just as easily as a toddler, so be sure all beds have the proper guard rails and safety precautions. Generally, the choice between wood and metal bunk beds or loft beds is completely personal and depends on the space and the style.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women Crews Build Homes and Dreams

With hammers in hand, women across the country are coming together to build homes and better futures with families in need.

Habitat for Humanity International's Women Build program, sponsored by Lowe's, a home improvement retailer, is working to make homeownership a reality. The organization trains women volunteers and the future owners of Habitat homes to construct and maintain simple, decent and affordable homes.

"We have seen so many positive changes through the Women Build program, not only in the lives of the new homeowners, but in the lives of the volunteers," said Fiona Eastwood, director of Women Build. "Women from all walks of life are picking up tools, determined to build a better future for our nation's children and leave a legacy of volunteerism."

Women Build is not about excluding men, however. It's about including women who have a willingness to learn new things and meet new people.

According to Eastwood, women are often intimidated on a "mixed" construction site. At a Women Build site, she says women are able to quickly and comfortably learn construction skills.

In a recent survey conducted by Lowe's and Habitat for Humanity, women most often cited their desire to help children and families in need as a motive for volunteering. Another reason they often cited was the desire to improve their communities and neighborhoods.

Habitat houses are sold at no profit to partner families and are financed with no-interest mortgages that are issued for 15 to 30 years. House payments go into the "Fund for Humanity" to be used to build more Habitat for Humanity homes. With Lowe's as the national underwriter for the Women Build program, more than 150 homes - an increase of 50 percent over last year - will be built this year by women crews.

"We're proud to partner with Habitat in supporting women who help families move out of substandard housing into their own home, where they can enjoy the dignity that every family deserves," said Larry Stone, chairman of the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wine Gift basket - Revitalizing relationships

If you have a party circle of friends and relatives with whom you raise toasts of wine then presenting them a wine gift basket would be the hottest gifting idea ever. It could also be offered for business or festival occasions, romantic getaways or other family celebrations. Wine gift baskets open up fresh perspectives and make great conversations and refreshes relationships.

People with different pockets and sensibility can afford wine gift baskets. You can easily find out the name and popularity of wine with the type of grape used to prepare it. Wines made from good grapes always differ from any type of concentration or combination. Color of the wine comes from the contact with skin of the grape as such you can get white wine from red grapes prepared without the skin. Any type of wine may be dry, off dry, sweet or semi sweet can be presented as Red wine, White wine, Champagne, beer and other varieties found all across the world.

Since food and wine go all together you can include your custom made wine gift basket with a bottle of wine and ready to eat meal such a crackers, soups, starters or salads, pasta, pizza, cheese and desserts. It can also be teamed up with spicy Asian foods, eggs and vegetables. You should include a personalized label with the gift basket along with the family name and can have wine accessories in the basket such as crystal wine glasses, corkscrews, fine coffee table books on grapes or an exclusive wine club membership. You can also include gourmet foods and chocolates that will encourage more self indulgence.

So if you are looking for perfect appreciation gift then you can choose to present a wine gift basket that shall be a good holiday spirit for your friends and wine lovers.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Window and Portable Air Conditioners

Perhaps the most widely used air conditioners are the window air conditioners. They are quite popular for heating and cooling in both domestic and commercial premises. The basic advantage of a window air conditioner is that unlike the central air conditioners and the split air conditioners, it fits well in the window giving a good look and it does not occupy any space of the room at all.

Moreover, window air conditioners do not need to be shifted every now and then from one place to the other. However, like any other air conditioning equipment, it produces noise, the intensity of which differs with the type and size of the window air conditioners. Constant noise can indeed be very disturbing and distressing to the home and surrounding residents.

It is, therefore, advisable for the consumer to compare window air conditioners by checking the sound power level labels on the unit or in the literature specifications. The noise levels are often given in decibel ratings and the higher the decibel level, the louder the unit will be. The sound pressure increases by a factor of ten for every 10-decibel increase. For example, 60 Decibels is 10 times louder than 50 Decibels and 100 times louder than 40 Decibels.

The compressor and the fan are combined in a single unit and mounted in the window air conditioners and this is the source of all the noise in the air conditioner. The other causes of noise could be worn bearings, cabinet rattles, dirty or rusty fan blades, worn rubber mountings and compressor wear. Regular maintenance can reduce the noise to some extent but with the passing of time, there is bound to be an increase in the level of the noise.

You should check whether your window air conditioner is vibrating or producing a rattling noise and if so, then it is not a normal situation. The reason for this can be improper installation or loose side panels. If, however, you hear a scraping noise, you should either take the help of an authorized service provider or you can also try to find out the cause and repair it yourself.

The following steps can help you in tracking the fault and repairing it:

You should tighten the screws holding the front panel onto the unit.
You should check carefully the window all round the unit. You should then turn the window air conditioner on and press your hand against the sash. If you find that as you press your hand against the sash, the sound changes in pitch, then you should put some wooden shims in the gap between the window air conditioners frame and the sash. If, however, the pitch of the noise changes when you press your hand on the glass, you should use some insulating cellophane tape between the glass and the frame. You might have to use putty if that does not reduce the noise.

If you feel that the sound is originating from within the unit, you should take the unit out of the window and check to see if the fan blades are bent. If so, just bend them back so that they match the others.

Portable Air Conditioners Ensure Economy And Convenience

With the onset of the damp weather, it becomes difficult to survive without constant central air conditioning but that can prove to be quite expensive. The answer to this problem is a portable air conditioner as it has many advantages. It is easy to shift from one place in the home to another and that makes a portable air conditioner the ideal cooling system solution for your home, office or industrial site.

The portable air conditioners are easy and quick to install, as they do not involve any lifting or tearing up of windowsills. Moreover it can be shifted very easily from one place in the home to the other. For taking care of the hot spots in the central air conditioning, the portable air conditioners are far more convenient than window air conditioners. It is also ideal for window shapes, which present problems for installation. There is nothing like portable air conditioners for use as a spot cooler in the home.

A portable air conditioner is an excellent choice for saving money as just one unit needs to be purchased and it can be shifted easily to where you need it as it is mounted on castors and some can weigh only about 36 pounds. Moreover, as only one room is cooled at a time instead of the whole house, the total energy consumption is very low as compared to other air conditioning systems.

Another advantage of portable air conditioners is the energy efficiency that they provide. The average efficiency is in the 8 to 10 range although some are as high as 15, which is 50 percent better than most older central air conditioners. The small size of the portable air conditioners is very advantageous and as such it can fit in a corner or against a wall. It functions like an effective dehumidifier if you do not vent the warm exhaust air out through a window and its size is also the same as that of a room dehumidifier.

In order to reduce humidity and allergies, even the small ones remove 35 pints of moisture per day from the room air. The portable air conditioners also use the heat-exchange principle as the other air conditioners to cool and dehumidify the air. The operating principle is also similar to a window air conditioner as the room air circulates over cold evaporator coils to cool and dehumidify it inside the unit. The room air is exhausted outdoor after flowing over the hot condenser. There is no chance of already-cooled indoor air escaping outside as two ducts are now used.

Nowadays, you have electronic controls in most models and you can set the desired room temperature, blower speed, start and stop timer, and operation mode (cool, dehumidify, heat). The portable air conditioners also have hand-held remote control with which you can conveniently change all the settings as per your need.

The other features of portable air conditioners include a built-in air cleaner with an optional charcoal filter and oscillating louvers to distribute the cool air throughout the room. You can also switch off the louvers to direct the flow of air towards yourself, if you so desire.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Will Your Teen Make Money This Summer?

Summer is coming. Most teens start thinking about earning extra money during the months between school terms. Is your teen looking for a J-O-B or is he or she thinking of starting a business?

Let’s look at the benefits of each to help you and him decide which way to go.

1. Income Potential
JOB: You’re guaranteed a set hourly income and only the amount of hours offered by the company.

Own Business: You earn money based upon your hard work, creativity and innovation. It is not guaranteed, but there is potential for more money if you work harder.

2. Schedule
JOB: Your boss determines your schedule. He or she may be flexible. Or not.

Own Business: You schedule your own hours. This may mean working more or less than an hourly job. You can work around your life schedule.

3. Pay scale
JOB: You can earn your hourly rate and not much more. The potential to earn more is dependent on whether or not the boss can give you more hours.

Own Business: You determine the value of the work you're doing and your asking price. You often can earn more money with fewer hours.

4. People
JOB: You may have a great boss and co-workers who you enjoy. Or not.

Own Business: You deal directly with your customers. You choose whom you do business with. Because your livelihood depends on it, you need to learn how to work with people well, even if you may not like them.

5. Experience
JOB: You get trained on the job.

Own Business: You teach yourself. The more you commit yourself to learning, the more your business will grow and develop.

It’s a tough choice. If your teen isn’t ready for starting a business completely on his own, then work together with him to make a family business a success. The key, however, is that he has to want it, or you'll be fighting a losing battle. Start the discussion with him now and see if his own business might be the right choice this summer.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Why we Need to Take Risks

It does not matter if you are a Doctor, a Lawyer or an infantry soldier in the Army if you want to be the best and get ahead, you will need to take risks.

A doctor may have to take risks when working with a patient. The Doctor may have to experiment with different forms of medications or new surgical procedures when all else has failed in an attempt to help the patient.

A lawyer may have to argue a case in an unorthodox manner to win the case, but if the lawyer wants to become the top lawyer and make millions of dollars fighting high profile cases lots of risks have to be taken.

A soldier may have to take a risk and run thru gunfire to save another injured soldier, to complete their mission, or just to secure an area from being overrun by enemy troops, after going days with little to no sleep, but if a soldier wants to get promotions and eventually lead men into battle they also need to take risks.

These risks are not unlike someone looking to get rich in a casino, they have to be willing to risk everything they have to get that million dollar payoff. If you play it safe in a casino you may get lucky and win a big jackpot on the slot machines, but if you want to make millions you are going to have to play games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps . These are the games that with some skill, some luck and a lot of risk taking you can retire off your winnings.

The same can be said about life in general. No one gets ahead in life from playing it safe. You will not meet your special someone if you are too afraid to risk getting rejected by someone, you will never get that big promotion unless you take risks at your job.

It is very important to continue to take risks in life. To stop taking risks means to stand still in life. Standing still in life is one of the main causes of depression. These are usually the people afraid to confront the boss and tell him that they demand a raise; they are the ones that allow life to pass them by out of fear. The entire purpose of fear is to stop you from taking a risk.

Fear is nothing more then the unknown. If you have always wanted to quit your job and open a shop but you are too afraid to do it, this is because you are afraid of failing and risking what you already have.

It is important to learn to take risks in life if you want to be happy, you may not always get the things you risked for, but you will know that you tried, and in the end it does not matter in my opinion if you succeed or not it is how many risks you try to make that is the real test of how successful you are.

Just remember if no one took risks we would be a world without flight and probably no automotive vehicles at all, maybe we would have no electricity. So risk truly is needed to improve the world.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You’re in the Dog House? Lucky Thing!

Dogs love being outdoors, I’ll tell you that for nothing. But when the weather is hot and you’re out sunbathing, their fur coat makes them too hot and they’ll search for somewhere cool and shady to lie down.

An outdoor dog house or ‘kennel’ is the ideal place for a dog to cool down and relax when all that running around gets too much and not only that but they’re great for house training in the summer. Both owner and dog can relax in the garden and whenever the dog does his business, he is rewarded and learns from the experience. An effortless investment! Dog houses are typically wooden structures in the shape of small houses with a large entrance, and although there is a vast array of designs available for any canine, this stereotypical ‘snoopy’ style dog house remains prevalent. Even ancient Egyptian nobility kept their dogs in kennels and they are still in a high level of production today. Some dog houses are designed to compliment their surroundings. For example, if you live in a log cabin style house then you can buy a log cabin style dog house to match!

Dog houses are not limited to being a permanent structure. There has been a dramatic rise in plastic houses that can be collapsed and transported, including a pop-up doggy tent or an igloo style cabin with an external water bowl. The list is endless. In fact, there is almost no limit. Whatever the size, shape or need of your dog, there is guaranteed to be a kennel made of each material to fit the bill.
However, wood is the most desirable material used in the crafting of dog houses due to its natural insulation, durability and availability. Red cedar wood is often used in making dog houses as its own resins protect the wood from precipitation damage (rotting and mould) and repel insects such as fleas, ticks and mites. Such structures are also often specially treated to give the wood extra protection against extreme elements for them to last longer. Also, cedar wood has low temperature conducting properties meaning that it doesn’t lose or gain heat easily and will keep a dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

For the winter months, modern dog kennels can be insulated, particularly in the roof if it is peaked and some are fitted with a self-closing door to keep in the heat. Often these doors have an UV ray filter and are removable. Also, a kennel that is raised above the ground is further away from damp and insects so that a pet is kept dry and safe whatever the weather. Many houses are fitted with a porch and awning so that the pooch can relax whilst watching whatever is going on outside his kennel.

Dogs adore the outdoors and they could explore for hours, but at the end of the day the little guys need their rest, and what better way to relax than in their own perfectly sized canine palace!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Have A Home Air Purification System But You Neglected Everything Else!

Home air purification systems are being purchased by the millions. Many adults both with and without children are realizing that the one thing they can control in their home is the air they breath. Many have done their diligent studies or took it on recommendation that the air outside is harmful, but the air inside(up to 70 times more toxic)can be made cleaner by purchasing and installing some sort of unit that will help clean the air.

And a good choice it was. Several units will filter out the dust, the dander from their pets, and some other particulate that is unseen. Some units can even filter out some of the toxins that float around us while we are in our home. And they work too.

But did you know that these airborne toxins, once on the skin, can actually cause as much harm to you, your children and your pets, as it does to inhale them? Most people know this subconsciously, but they neglect to do anything about it.

Most of the products that you bring into your home from the store to use for whatever purpose contain chemicals that over time can and will bring harm to you. Most of us think that these products could not be sold to us if this were true. Unfortunately, there is no requirements for testing these products and there is no requirement to even list everything they contain on the label (testing is done as we know, with animals, and many companies have found alternative testing methods. But there are a surprisingly high number of brand name companies that still do animal testing. That is a whole other discussion). I was surprised to learn that, because I live in a country that seems to regulate everything else, why not consumer and personal care products as well.

There are countless examples you can take a look at from the products in your home right now. I’m sure you have seen them already. Look at your oven cleaning solution. Does it say anywhere on the container “danger”, “warning”, “poison”? Do the instructions indicate that you should use gloves when applying? How about to have good or adequate ventilation?

Look at your floor cleaners, or window cleaners. Did you know that ammonia, which is a good cleaning agent found in window cleaners, can cause an irritated nose: maybe some slight breathing problems? And not to mention the injury you could sustain if you get it in your eyes. Long term, or repeated exposure could have an effect on the lungs, could cause pneumonia, cataracts, glaucoma, kidney damage, the list goes on. And that’s just ammonia. The recommendation when handling ammonia is to avoid skin contact (we are talking about pure ammonia here). Wear protective gloves and chemical-resistant clothing. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends wearing gloves made of Butyl, Teflon or Viton for up to 8 hours of exposure and Nitrile gloves for up to 4 hours of exposure. Keep clothing clean and free of oils and grease. Even diluted, does that give you cause enough to get rid of everything containing ammonia that YOU brought in?

In the personal care section, I can tell you first hand that the products you use on your head, by and large contain chemicals that render bacteria sterile (they used to be able to kill the bacteria by adding formaldehyde to the mixture. This was done for many years but has since been changed). The ingredients in use today do not “kill” any bacteria that may have gotten into the mix: they make it so the bacteria cannot reproduce while it is sitting on the store shelf. Otherwise, you would be putting a significant amount of bacteria onto your scalp everyday and if you had a scratch or cut on your head or neck, you would get a serious infection. Unless a company uses a plant extract or herb, a chemical like this cannot be healthy. Man made phosphates and man made chemicals derived from petrochemicals located in your soaps, toothpaste, and deodorant also absorb through our skin and can cause immediate problems and problems over time.

Stop and think about where you spend most of your time. How about your kids? Chronic conditions are more problematic in women because women do most of the cleaning in the home. They are exposed to these chemicals for more time, and over time. Pregnancies can be complicated and asthma in children can be traced back to the chemicals and chemical products we use everyday.

What should you do? You started out by purchasing and installing a home air purifier. That is a start. Now, you really need to either get more education on the various hazards you continue to bring into your home and expose you and your family to, or, make the decision to change to products that are much safer to use. They may be hard to find, but don’t you think that you are taking a great risk just to save a couple of dollars for a product that is on sale or that you have used all of your life, therefore it must be good?

Make the change. Start today. You are working hard for everything else in your life, now you need to make your life (your body) stop having to work so hard to save you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Can Use Your Praise To Overcome infertility!

Copyright 2006 The Lord Word On Healing Publications

Woman, you are infertile." Who said that to you? Can't conceive, can't reproduce, barren, sterile, incapable? Who said those words to you? Because they were wrong!

The Bible says: "You can through Christ who straightens you." For this is what God says to you: "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. (Genesis 1: 28).

It is your God-given right and His desire for you to have the children and family you want so badly. When you have hit a wall with science and medicine, it is time to turn to God and let Him work His abundant miracles in your life…

Who then is this God that said these words to you? The Bible says, “He is the one who created the heavens and the earth and everything in it, with the words of His mouth.”

After God had created the universe, God again decided to create man in His own image after His likeness. The bible says: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them, and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. This is God’s perfect will for creating you. For you to reproduce and have your own children.

When God made the woman He took time to make her skilfully. When you look at the reproductive organs of woman you will know that this is the work of a skilful God who knew exactly what He had planned. And what to do in order to accomplish His plans.

Looking at the female reproductive organs you see a most wonderful piece of workmanship done by almighty God.

Starting from the vagina, you come to the cervix. From the cervix, you come to the uterus or the womb which is where the foetus grows for nine months. The womb is lined by the endometrium- this is a specialised type of tissue that undergoes changes during the menstrual cycle.

You then find the ovaries which contain the eggs. Then the Fallopian tube, which is the tube that the egg travels through before resting in the womb.

Each piece of the female reproductive anatomy is designed to work in harmony so as to accomplish a specific purpose which is the production of a child.

Now what can a woman do when her doctor says to her “Woman You Are Infertile? And we can’t help you”. After exhausting all medical avenues, what can she really do.

I know one thing that works. I have recommended this to many women who are happy mothers of their own children TODAY. You can follow my advice if you want.

Let me share a TESTIMONY: A lady came to me with a problem. The doctors had told her she had no eggs in her ovaries. This was a hopeless case. I recommended exactly what I am telling you now. Within four weeks she was pregnant. She is a happy mother of a baby girl today.

God loves to hear us praise him. This is what God says about our praise and thanksgiving to him:

Sacrifice thank offerings to God. Fulfill your vows to the Most High, and call upon me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you, and you will honour me." Psalm 50:14-15.

God says, in times of trouble, if you will praise him- he will deliver from that problem. The world says worry is the next step when you are in trouble. God says praise is what he recommends when you are in trouble. Try this and see if it works or not.

The bible says-He who sacrifices thank offerings honours me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God." Psalm 50:23.

I love praising God. Because when you praise him he make all things beautiful in your life. He has done it in my life many times. Thanksgiving is a way maker. I know that to be true. God says if you will praise him, he will show you his faithfulness.

Now open your mouth and begin to praise God with these scriptures:

Father, I praise you. You have wonderfully and skilfully created me as a woman to fulfil a specific purpose on earth, to bring forth children. Only you, God could have done this and I give you praise. You, Almighty God, are exalted above the heavens. I enter your gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praise.

I give thanks to you and praise your name. I will praise you forever for what you have done. I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. I will come before him with thanksgiving. O my Strength, I sing praise to you. You, O God, are my fortress, my loving God. You have blessed me with my own child. My faith is strong in you.

I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. With singing lips my mouth will praise you. Who is like the Lord my God? Who stoops down to look on the heavens and the earth? He looks down to “settles the barren woman…” in her home. God has stooped for my sake and crowned my womanhood with motherhood. I bless you.

The God who dwells in the heavens above had stooped through His love and grace in His only begotten son Jesus Christ, in order that He might lift me up. I bless you. I am lifted up. In faith I call myself a happy mother of children, According to God’s word. Praise the Lord. (Psalms 113: 6-9).

Father, I praise you for stooping just to bless me. I thank you for your words that say I am a mother of my own children.

Thank-you for creating me as a woman in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yeast Infections In General And For Baby’s ( Thrush) And Mothers.

The traditional cure for yeast/ candida with Nystatin is often not successful. Antibiotics makes thrush and yeast infections worse. Still we want to cure our yeast infections and thrush with a remedy, which has no side effect and is successful in battling yeast/ candida infections (thrush).
Thrush is showing up in baby mouths as small white spots and are difficult to remove. Thrush often goes hand in hand with a diaper rash.

Having a baby and having a yeast/ candida infection either when you breast feed or when the baby has thrush (yeast infection in the mouth) or in your digestive system or/ and the female parts yeast/ candia infections are in the rise. There is a simple home test you can do. The candida, yeast spit test. See yeast infection on my website for more information.

Avoid sugar and white flour products. These ingredients are nutrition for yeast and will feed the yeast/candida.

Add acidophilus and or kefir to reestablish a good intestinal flora.

Avoid stress, stress diminishes your immune system and infections have more changes to manifest in your body.

For babies add some Oil of Oregano on the baby’s feet. When you have sore nipples massage the Oil of Oregano on the nipples and take it internally 3-6 drops every 3-6 hours depending on the severity of your infection and do not forget to take acidophilus and or kefir. Oil of Oregano is very strong and needs to be supplement with friendly bacteria which grow in your intestines.

For the diaper rash...try to leave the diaper off as possible for a little while and you of course massage the bottom with Oil of Oregano.

A nice side effect of Oil of Oregano is that it makes your breath smell like Oregano but people will associate it with eating Pizza.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am so excited about xylitol. It is perfect for those who want their families to be healthy and cavity free. Xylitol has 40% less calories than sugar and fights cavities instead of creating them. The best part is that Xylitol tastes delicious! Substitute sugar in any recipe with xylitol at a 1:1 ratio. There is a great desert cookbook with recipes for cooking with xylitol. This cookbook contains a wide variety of delicious recipes such as black forest cake and Boston cream pie as well as recipes for cookies, pies, and ice cream!

Xylitol fights bacteria, especially the most harmful bacteria that can be found in our mouths. These bacteria can store acidic sugars to be used to decay teeth during times when we consume little or no sugar!

Xylitol is safe to be consumed by diabetics and those who are hypoglycemic because it is a sugar alcohol. It has an advantage above other sugar alcohols- it is all natural, extracted from birch trees, sugar cane bagasse, and corn cobs/stalks. That’s right- it is not created in a laboratory. It is not a synthetic chemical. It does not have an aftertaste like artificial sweeteners. Xylitol is the ultimate prevention tool when it comes to cavities.

Many people believe that when a cavity forms the only thing that will stop it is a dentist’s drill. This is not true! Xylitol can stop cavities from worsening and can eventually heal cavities by creating an environment where the tooth actually restores its enamel coating.

Is there a time for the dentist drill? Yes I think there is, when we have let mouths get so infested with decay that the tooth has died or is nearly dead. I my self have had several cavities and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

I have written three other articles on xylitol, Xylitol the Cure for Caries, The Many Bacteria in Your Mouth, and Safe, Healing, All Natural Xylitol. Each are easily found with a search engine. In all of them I have advocated the benefits of xylitol, told you why we have cavities, and even explained and given you solid research where you can find out for your self if xylitol is as good as I say it is.

However, I have yet to give you a resource for obtaining xylitol; the fact is that there are many different companies and products some better than others. I had the owner of Squiggle toothpaste call me and ask about buying a bulk order of his the product. He claims that his toothpaste is superior because it has more xylitol (36%) than the leading brands.

I think he is right, what I mean is that xylitol high products are better than xylitol low products. Just the other day I used a Crest brand toothpaste with a combination of xylitol and sorbitol, it also had tons of fillers and abrasives. Folks, if your toothpaste has a gritty sandpaper effect on your teeth, guess what you are actually destroying the very thing that protects you from cavities, your enamel. Stop buying those abrasive toothpastes, your toothbrush bristles do a fine job.

Ok so here is my list of great xylitol companies and products to buy:

Xlear, Inc. P.O. Box 970911 Orem, UT 84097. I use to work for clear in their shipping and warehousing department. Their xylitol is fairly good and is imported like most xylitol from China.

• Xlear, nasal wash Sugar in a nasal wash? We’ll cover that in another article.
• Spry Infant Tooth Gel not for pain when teething, but for stronger permanent teeth, see my article titled Safe, Healing, All Natural Xylitol.
• Spry Cool Mint Toothpaste
• Spry Cool Mint Oral Rinse
• Spry Gum, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, and fresh fruit
• Xylosweet, sugar substitute or as they call it sweetener
• SparX Candy, berry, citrus, fruit

Probst Farms 3350 South Probst Lane Charleston, Utah 84032. They buy their xylitol from Xlear, Inc. or at least they used to when I worked for Xlear, Inc.

• Sugar Free Jam Preserves, apricot, mountain berry, peach, raspberry, strawberry, and wildberry.
• (Sugar meaning “sucrose”)
• Sugar Free Diet Syrup, maple and wild blueberry
• Sugar Free Honey
• Sugar Free Tomato Ketchup

Epic Industries, Inc. Provo, UT 84601. One of the founders of Epic Industries, Inc. actually use to work early on for Xlear, Inc., so I guess you could call it a spin off company. I am not sure where they get their xylitol from, they use to get it from Xlear.

• Xylitol & Fluoride Toothpaste
• Fluoride Free Xylitol Toothpaste
• Gum, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, and fresh fruit
• Mints, peppermint and fresh fruit
• Oral Rinse, spearmint
• Euphoria Xylitol sweetener

Leaf Oy, box 406 (Kärsämäentie 36) 20101 Turku Finland. Claims to have the first 1005 xylitol gum, I wouldn’t be surprised, the USA has been so behind on adopting cures, the dental industry makes MORE money from us when we have more cavities.

• XyliFresh gum, 100% xylitol sweetened
• Jenkki, xylitol-sweetened chewing gum
• Läkerol Dents, xylitol-sweetened throat lozenge

Emerald Forest Xylitol, 557 #E Burbank St Broomfield, CO 80020

• Emerald Forest Xylitol Sweetener
• Lena’s Orange Marmalade
• Emerald Forest Fudge Bar, Chocolate, Chocolate with walnuts, Rum, Mint, Orange, Coffee, Maple, Vanilla, Vanilla with walnuts, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter with Walnuts, and Lemon.
• Lena’s Peppercot Jam
• Ricochet Mints, peppermint, lemon-lime, and fruit punch
• Emerald Blend Chewable Vitamins
• Ricochet Gum, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and fruit punch.

Miscellaneous Companies

• Squiggle Toothpaste
• Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way, recipe book by Dr. Karen Edwards

As far as xylitol resources are concerned many of the companies listed above have some great articles and research studies to back up their claims. But be studious, read the actual research sometimes companies are not allowed to tell you how effective their product actually is due to FDA regulations. Yes, only the FDA has the authority to tell us what cures what, and when something becomes a cure then it becomes a drug. So you’ll notice those disclaimers when doing your searches.

I do recommend one specific website for a great summary of what xylitol is and does. That is of course the free encyclopedia, WikiPedia found at Search for xylitol you’ll find it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Woof! I Can Help

As a family psychologist, I’m always interested in learning about different therapeutic approaches to helping kids. One approach that receives much less attention than it deserves is therapy involving animals, especially pets.

Animals can help reduce the vulnerability children feel when they are working on different types of behaviors or emotional challenges. Whether you have to talk to your child about “all the missing cookies” or a more serious matter, the presence of a pet can go a long way toward reducing his or her discomfort and self-consciousness. Being able to hug a dog or pet a cat while dealing with some tough issues helps to limit the feeling of “being on the spot.” The warmth of an animal’s body, the softness of its coat – the very fact that it is a living thing – provides an opportunity for emotional relief and connection.

Many pet owners say they enjoy the unconditional love an animal provides. What is perhaps more important is the opportunity a pet provides to express love.

I’m not suggesting that you immediately rush off and buy a pet if your child is dealing with behavioral or emotional challenges. But if your family would like a pet and can make the commitment to provide it with a good, safe home; it’s worth considering. Your child may enjoy researching different animals and planning for its care.

Many parents have learned that pets are an excellent way to build empathy as well. Taking care of the family pet, or a stint “dog-watching” or “cat- sitting” for a neighbor might be a child’s first job. Children sense that living things require greater care on their part and usually rally to meet expectations when they’ve been given a sense of responsibility for an animal: picking its name, selecting its collar, choosing special pet snacks or toys at the grocery store. Animals serve both as real companions and as potent symbols that wind their ways deeply into children’s minds, providing a health opportunity for emotional projection. Why else would animals show up so frequently in children’s art and stories?

Some studies have even shown that the presence of a dog while learning to read or play the piano helps accelerate those processes. This makes sense to me. So much of what children struggle with during learning is a lack of fluency brought on by their own self-consciousness. Anxiety inhibits the neural connections that make learning easier. Isn’t it harder for all of us to learn something if we are worried about doing it well enough? The presence of an animal reduces that self-consciousness and supports the capabilities of a more relaxed mind.

In her thought-provoking book, Why the Wild Things Are, psychologist Gail Nelson writes eloquently about animals in the lives of children. She cites studies demonstrating that when animals are present in the classrooms of young children, it helps them gain control of the emotional swings that are part and parcel of early childhood. Dr. Nelson also notes that by third grade, animals are much less in attendance – probably for the same logistical reasons it is hard to bring animals into traditional therapy sessions.

In my own clinical office, I have fish which, while not being as physically accessible as a cat, dog, or guinea pig, are still a source of projection for the children I work with. “Can you see Mr. Little?,” I might ask. “Does he feel shy like you do sometimes?” “How do you like my shark? He thinks he’s so tough he doesn’t have to listen to anybody –does he remind you of anyone?”

In so many ways, animals connect children to a reality larger than themselves. A child who cannot bear to share with his brother or make a concession to please his sister may faithfully walk the dog or forgive a chewed-up baseball glove—learning to nurture and empathize in the process. The companionship and devotion typically provided by the family pet can be of great consolation in a hectic household, at times when a child is “in the doghouse,” dealing with a tough transition, or feeling sad or lonely.

Pets of all kinds can truly be a "family's best friend."

Friday, April 16, 2010

You’re Retired, Now What?

For years you’ve lived in that sprawling house where you raised your children . . . it’s home. But now you don’t need all the space and the upkeep is becoming more difficult every year.

You now have to consider things that weren’t issues before. When you were younger, you never thought about how many times a day you went up and down the stairs. You didn’t mind having the bedroom upstairs and the laundry facilities in the basement. Now, all those steps are taking their toll.

Washing windows isn’t as easy as it was before either, is it? Climbing an extension ladder to reach the second story becomes a bit scarier with each passing year. As you age, you become more concerned about falling.

You may be thinking it’s finally time to move into a home that’s a bit more senior-friendly, but what are your options?

• Smaller, single level houses

• Condominiums

• Apartments

• Retirement communities

• Assisted living facilities

Let’s take a more detailed look at these options:

Smaller homes built on one level with convenient laundry facilities may be what you need.

Look for a house that requires little outside maintenance. A brick or vinyl-sided house won’t require painting. An open floor plan may be helpful if you’re ever confined to a wheelchair. A smaller yard allows you to garden but still keeps the yard work to a minimum. An attached garage is a helpful feature, especially in the winter when icy sidewalks can cause falls. Of course, finding a location that’s close to shopping, public transportation and medical facilities is also important.

Condominiums provide privacy without a lot of maintenance.

Like individual houses, there are many different types of condominiums from which to choose. The main advantage of a condo is that outside maintenance of both the structure and the yard is usually provided. Most condos include a small area where you can plant flowers but the lawn and other common areas are maintained by the association. There are additional fees for this mandatory service so be sure to find out if they will fit into your budget.

Apartments require no maintenance.

One of the main advantages of apartment living is that you aren’t responsible for any maintenance. You don’t have to worry about painting, replacing major appliances or yard work. Apartments also give you a certain degree of freedom because you don’t have to worry about them if you travel a lot. It’s important for laundry facilities to be easily accessible and that there is an elevator if your apartment is to be on a higher floor. You won’t have as much privacy and your only personal outdoor space may be limited to a small patio or balcony, if that. Rent is likely to increase and is not tax deductible on your Federal returns.

Retirement communities or assisted living facilities give you the highest level of security.

Both of these options are specifically designed for seniors and offer many safety features not found in regular housing. The amount of privacy you have depends on which community you choose. Your medical condition will usually dictate whether a retirement community or assisted living facility is your best choice. Some retirement communities offer private living space, much like individual homes, as long as you’re healthy and then provides assisted living if your health deteriorates.

Giving up the home where you’ve lived for many, many years may seem a little scary. But, often a new home that brings less responsibility and greater peace of mind will make you feel years younger.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your Home Is Your Sanctuary

Home is sanctuary. It is a place that conjures the powerful feeling of belongingness where rest and renewal happens. Here we expect tranquility and peace. We expect protection from the outside world we participate in. Thus, we invest our life-savings, our talents, ourselves to make it as relaxing, soothing and calming as possible.

For others, home serves as a showcase of stature and success. It is where we entertain friends. It is an extension of one’s identity and an avenue to display one’s taste in design and art.

Whatever the motivation is in investing or choosing a home to live in, we must be ready to face details upon details of considerations before making decisions that would usually cost us an arm and a leg. A small detail left out could mean huge, hard-earned money easily out the window. Fulfilling though it may be to set up our own home, we need guidance and lots of advice in the one thousand and one aspects we have to look into.

The first consideration is, of course, actually getting a home. Shall you rent or buy? If you rent, what should you do first? How do you go about it? Who do you talk to? What do you talk about? What are the legalities?

If you buy, how do you get the best deal? What is it you should know? Is there a tried and proven method of going about buying a home? What are the recommendations in buying a home in the U.K., or overseas?

The next consideration is the aesthetics that make the home pleasant to be in. What kind of furniture would suit your lifestyle? What are the choices? What are the pros and cons? What is the in thing, the trends? What could make your home attractive? There are a lot of choices from gardens to awnings, to setting up water features like a small, attractive fountain or waterfall or even just an indoor or outdoor pond for that relaxing Zen effect.

Undeniably, in the 21st century, another consideration is the advent of the internet and the personal computer (PC) as a permanent fixture in almost every home. The cocooning trend of working at home makes the choice of computer furnishings and lay-out a major factor. What are the choices and how do you go about it? Here, the issues are no longer limited to just the aesthetic. More important to consider are the issues on health and ergonomics.

Of course, who would not agree that the use of space is another primary consideration? A special portion is devoted on possible uses of the loft to increase precious space in this shrinking world. Presented is a treasure of creative ideas considering both functionality and aesthetics.

Equally important are the unseen aspects of home that if left unattended can cause much discomfort and a big hole in the pocket. These are the hidden details of plumbing, the sewage system as well as the new trend of underfloor heating. Moreover, the kitchen and bathroom considerations can very well determine not only one’s functionality but also your home’s resale value.

We understand that setting up a home can be a daunting task. We have organized these details in a simple fashion so that they are less intimidating and somehow more manageable. We present to you tried and proven techniques as well as steps that are easy to follow.

We acknowledge that the decisions you make in setting up your home are very crucial. They impact on costs, time, effort and quality of life. Your home could either be a great investment or a heavy burden. The information we offer could spell the big difference.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your Medical Records - Are They Really Private?

The question in the title seems to beg a yes answer. However, truth is, there are two answers with the real one a shocker. At least it was to me.

The “begged” answer is of course yes. It would be yes if you never let anyone have information about your health and medical condition(s). But, in the real world, this is impossible.

The real answer, unfortunately, is NO. And to add insult to injury, it is real in more ways than one as you are about to learn.

As I dug into the research material for this article, my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped open. The number of eyes that could potentially see your complete medical history (read complete record) is staggering.

The line starts at the government and runs the gamut to bill collectors. Yes, you read that right, bill collectors.

Here, with a brief explanation of each, is a list of “eyes” that could see your medical records. I’d bet many of them already have.

1. The most obvious is your doctor, doctor’s nurse and office staff. Most people’s medical records are on kept at the doctor’s office.

2. Hospital – If you have ever been hospitalized, you have a set of records at the hospital.

3. Insurance Companies – If you have ever applied for health, life or disability insurance, those companies have access to your records no matter where kept.

4. The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) – Most people have never heard of this non-profit membership organization. However, it is the largest repository of health records in the free world. Located in Essex, MA, its membership is about 750 U.S. and Canadian Insurance Companies. MIB does not have the same copies as your doctor. Rather they codify you according to certain health conditions. You can get a free copy of your record by visiting their website: In the alternative you can call, 1-866-692-6901 or for the hearing impaired, 1-866-346-3642. By the way, MIB is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This is important to know.

5. Government agencies such as Social Security, Veteran’s Administration, MediCal, Workers Compensation, Medicare, etc.
6. Medical Collection Agencies – Pay attention because these agencies may have in-depth medical information in their data bases. If this one doesn’t set your hair on fire, you don’t have a pulse.

7. Your employer may have asked you to authorize them accessing your medical records. The potential employer has the right to ask for medical information as part of an employment background check. The employer faces certain restrictions but not many if you authorize the access.

8. Believe it or not, your medical records may be subpoenaed for a court case if you are involved in litigation. Those relevant parts of your record may be copied and introduced in court. Unless sealed, court documents are public records. This is one way unscrupulous people discover social security numbers.

9. Health research – Sometimes your medical record is used for health research and when it is, it may be disclosed to health agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control. Most of the time your name is not part of the record but, nonetheless, it is YOUR record.

10. Licensure and accreditation of hospitals or physicians by certain boards or agencies. Again, your identity may or may not be part of the records evaluated. But, one more time, it is YOUR record.

11. Direct marketers may receive your health information if you participate in informal health screenings like cholesterol tests, blood pressure, and other type of “free” medical screenings you may have seen conducted in your local mall.

12. Health related web sites, Usenet news groups and chat rooms may contain your medical information. Granted, you have to share it but once put on the Internet, it has a magical way of propagating throughout the universe.

13. Survey companies not only use the Internet but mail and the phone to conduct medical question surveys. Many of them are very detailed. If you share your information, it is out there for whomever to use.

14. Tenant screening services screen prospective tenants for property managers. Their checks are extremely extensive. Although health records are not on the list, there is no specific law prohibiting a property manager from asking for this information in addition to everything else.

You do have sort of a guardian angel to help you if you are having problems in regard to your health records. I say sort of because if you become involved in litigation over your medical records, this source cannot represent you in court.

Each state has an Insurance Commissioner. He’s your “big brother” in a good sense. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a website, that talks about the privacy laws in your state. Visit their site.

Unfortunately, this arena is still like the Wild West in terms of legislation and privacy protection and the fact it is getting better is of little comfort to anyone whose privacy has been violated.

If you don’t like the medical scenario as it exists, you just might wish to chat with your government representative, state and federal, and tell him/her to take a close look at reform in this area.

And, because you have read this article, you are better armed than 95% of the American population. You now can begin taking steps to protect your medical privacy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Your Moving Checklist

A moving checklist can keep you from forgetting important things, like turning on the utilities in your new home. You'll want to make your own list of things to be done, but you can start with the suggestions below.

Moving checklist - One Month Before

- Make reservations with moving company.

- Notify friends and family and give them your new address.

- Submit change of address forms to post office.

- Get documents for school transfers, if you have children.

- Have a garage sale or otherwise lighten the load.

One Or Two Weeks Before

- Arrange utility shut-offs and new connections.

- Transfer banking accounts to new location.

- Return books to library, rented movies, etc.

- Transfer prescriptions to new location.

- Clean house and dispose of things that won't be moved.

- Start packing and labling boxes.

- Pack an "essentials" box for arrival, with toiletries, paper plates, etc.

- Make moving plans (make hotel reservations, get maps, etc.).

Moving Day

- Start early and remember to eat.

- Double check every room and storage area.

- Turn off lights, lock doors.

- Leave the keys with the new owner or real estate agent.

You will undoubtedly have many more items to add to your personal list. Start writing down anything you think of as soon as you know you'll be moving. Will the phone be on when you arrive at your new home? Will you have to return across the country just because you forgot about a safe-deposit box that has the family jewelry? The best way to avoid problems like these is to start early on your moving checklist.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Your New Cat: Why Are the First 24 Hours So Important? Part 3

Copyright 2006 John Young

The family brought Tiger home, but hadn’t prepared their house for him. When he saw their dog, he bolted, found a dark place and hid.

His new owner searched the house but couldn’t find him. That night he came out of his hiding place and found an open window with a torn screen....

His would be owner knew there were predators in the area. She called Animal Control and posted signs around the neighborhood, but she knew there wasn't much chance.

She was right.


In Parts 1 and 2 of this series we considered the vital need to prepare your house for your cat, make sure her medical needs are met, and that you yourself are ready for the adoption of a feline -- an independent animal that doesn’t respond to teaching and training the way a dog would.

Before you bring your new kitty home, make sure you have:

• Time

A cat needs time spent with her. One of the big mistakes busy people make is to fail to realize that they have crazy schedules that don’t allow them to spend enough time with their newly adopted cat.

This could ultimately result in your cat running off. If you have no time to spend with your cat, she will not choose your house as “her den”. She will go searching for another one, and you could be soon reporting a “lost cat”.

Or, to your consternation, you will find that the cat you thought would be a loving companion has bonded with another member of your household…somebody who did have the time to spend.

• Money

A lot of people don’t count the cost of pet ownership. In their exuberance to adopt a cat, they forget that they don’t have the budget to keep her. Belatedly, they discover they don’t have the cash on hand to buy their new feline’s basic necessities or give her the medical attention she is most certainly going to need.

Many people shun pet medical insurance, not realizing that the same things that happen to people happen to cats, and can cost large sums of money to cure. This can result in losing their beloved pet because the price to save her is “just too high”.

• Knowledge of Your Cat’s Medical Needs

Some people who adopt strays or cats owned by friends don’t realize the full extent of the medical attention their new cat may need:

-- A complete physical examination

-- A complete vaccination regimen

-- Spaying or neutering

In particular, that cute kitten you brought home from a friend’s litter will need a long series of vaccinations (along with boosters) that will extend over a period of a couple of years. You can’t do it all in one day.

To fail in this will almost assuredly mean tragedy down the line. I know. I failed to give one of my kittens its vaccinations. I made it an outdoor cat, and it died of feline leukemia. That story definitely had a very sad ending…

• Knowledge of Your Cat's Physical Needs

When your cat climbs out of the carrier box for the first time, will you be equipped with the essentials?

Or, will you discover that you need these things later…and bring them in one at a time, after your cat has defecated in the corner, started clawing the furniture, or begun some other unauthorized behavior you are not prepared for? (And, be advised, a cat is a very obsessed animal…once she starts doing something, it is very hard to change it).

Making sure you have on hand what you need to receive your new cat is vital. You must be equipped with the basics before you bring her home.

• Your Home Prepared.

I can't emphasize this enough. You must be certain your home and your house occupants are prepared for the arrival of your new kitty. If she is frightened in any way, and can find egress from the house, she may do so. If this occurs, she will not know where she is, and you may never see her again.


So, when your cat first climbs out of her carrier, is she going to be set upon by every member of your household all at once? And when she does, will she flee in terror, trying to find the safest and darkest corner she can find?

Or will you introduce her gradually… to try to reduce the trauma as much as possible so she can adapt to and feel at home in her new situation?

Your technique for doing that can be a deciding factor in whether or not your cat adapts to your home immediately, by the next day or the next month, or flees the house altogether.


Do you know how to take care of your new cat in the days to come, assuming you handled your first introductions well? Do you know about allergies, special foods, bathing, grooming, hair balls, removing urine, training and teaching without frightening and alienating her, and a multitude of other situations cat owners wrestle with on a daily basis? Do you know the hazards involved in letting her become an outdoor cat?


As you’ve often heard, ‘preparation is the key to success’, and nowhere does that apply more appropriately than to cat ownership. If you are prepared, your adoption will probably go very smoothly – and your relationship with her will be a joy.

I say probably because every cat is different. Even with the best preparation by a knowledgeable owner, a cat may still want to hide for awhile. And if you discover that’s the case…

You need to know what to do.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Your Swimming Pool Could Get You Sued

Installing a backyard swimming pool can make those hot summers a lot more fun and relaxing, but could it get you into a lot of financial trouble too? The short answer is: yes.

If you're not properly insured, and someone gets hurt in your pool, you are inviting law suits. I know what you're thinking: my friends and family are the only ones who use my pool... they're not going to sue me if anything happens.

Guess again.

It's not necessarily that people love to sue or even want to. They may have to. With the high costs of medical expenses today, a family that suffers a serious injury (or--god forbid--a death) probably can't afford not to sue. And if a person was injured at your pool in your backyard, guess who's technically at fault?

If someone gets hurt, don't be surprised by a lawsuit: expect it. And don't think you can watch the pool every moment to make sure nothing happens. Accidents will occur no matter how relentless you are in trying to prevent them. Risks of accidents are statistically proven to be very high around backyard pools and hot tubs.

This isn't to say you should pour dirt into your pool, plant a nice safe flower bed, and post "keep out of yard" signs all over your backyard. You just need to make sure you are adequately covered when it comes to insurance.

Okay, you're sold. Now how do you make sure you're covered?

If you own a swimming pool or hot tub, you should carry very high liability insurance, i.e. in the range of a million dollars or more.

This can be tricky since many homeowner's insurance policies limit the maximum exposure of the insurer to $100,000. Sometimes you can get this raised to $300,000, but getting covered beyond that, from your homeowner's plan alone, will likely prove difficult.

This is why you want to look into an umbrella plan. This is a separate liability policy in addition to your homeowner's coverage. It generally picks up where your homeowner's insurance leaves off, and you can get coverage of several million dollars.

The cost for this additional coverage is usually minimal, in the neighborhood of $500 per year. This may seem pricey, but considering the millions of dollars of coverage it affords you, it's worth the money, especially if you entertain and have a hot tub or pool.

One last thing to note is that you may have to buy all your insurance from the same place, which would include home and auto. If you have a pool or spa, it's probably worth changing insurers to find one who offers an umbrella plan.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

bottle openers – did you know?

There are surprisingly many different kinds of bottle openers out there, but the two most popular by far are corkscrews and bar blades or crown cork removers. Corkscrews are used for opening bottles with corks, such as bottles of wine or champagne. To use them, you just screw them into the cork, and then push down on the sides and pull the cork out.

Bar blades and crown cork removers, on the other hand, cannot open corked bottles. They are basically just the end section from a corkscrew, used to quickly open capped bottles. There is nothing they can do that a corkscrew can’t, but they are much smaller, easier to carry and cheaper to manufacture. These kinds of bottle opener are often stuck to tables or walls, making it easy to just grab a bottle and open it. You can even get them on belts!

For all bottle openers are so cheap and disposable, however, it’s still surprisingly easy to find yourself without one. In this situation, the best thing to do is to simply use a knife (make sure to use the side that isn’t sharp) or some other pointy object, such as a screwdriver. In the original 1891 bottle cap patent, this is actually how the inventor of the crown cap that is now used everywhere, William Painter, says that his caps should be removed – he didn’t invent the bottle opener until two years later. Note that it is a very bad idea to try to get a bottle cap off with your teeth, unless you weren’t fond of them anyway.

Today, however, bottle caps are being gradually replaced with screw caps, which means that the bottle opener is in terminal decline. It seems likely that in the future bottle openers will only be required for wine and beer, with other drinks coming with the much easier to open screw caps.

A Guide To Choosing The Best Floor Lamp For Your Home

The right or wrong kind of lighting in your homes can either make or break the whole décor of the place. Therefore, it is important that a lot of attention be paid to lighting as well as light fittings. Proper lighting can increase the aesthetics of a room. In a perfect world, we would be able to change the lights in our houses with every change in the décor of our homes or with every addition of a piece of furniture or art to our rooms. However, changing permanent light fixtures is not only costly; it is also time consuming. A better method of varying the décor of your place with the help of lighting is to use lamps.

An extremely large variety of lamps are available in the market today, catering to all kinds of pockets and décor styles. You can choose a number of lamps ranging from floor to table to hanging lamps for your home depending upon your needs. Out of these, floor lamps are one of the most versatile and stylish looking lamps.
Floor lamps are generally used in room corners, entrance ways and in dining and living rooms. Floor lamps, apart from functioning as a source of illumination, also tend to add to the décor of a room, even when they are not in use, like in the day time. Therefore, it is important that you choose your floor lamp while keeping some basic points in mind. A number of tips given below will help you choose floor lamps that are most suitable for your home.

• First of all, make sure that whatever lamp you buy, it goes with the style and ambience of your room. Buying a Victorian looking floor lamp for a house with a modern décor theme is a complete no no, even if you are getting the lamp at a ninety percent off sale. So take your time and choose a lamp that will enhance, rather than clash with the décor of your house.

• Floor lamps can last a life time if used properly. So if you find a good looking lamp, make sure that it is of a good quality and is durable. Check how sturdy or heavy it is and if the finishing and painting are smooth or not. A floor lamp should be heavy enough not to fall to the ground with the slightest nudge or shove.

• Most floor lamps come as a combination of a separate lamp base and lamp shade. Choose your lamp shade very carefully, and if possible, try to look at it in daylight before buying it to see how good or bad it looks. Your floor lamp will act like any other show piece in your room during day time, so it is imperative that it looks good in daylight also while it is not in use. Needless to say, choose a lamp shade that complements the colors of your room.

• Another important thing that will determine how good or bad your lamp looks is the kind of bulb you use in your floor lamp. While the brightness or dimness of the bulb should be based on the amount of area that you want your floor lamp to light and the purpose for which you need the light, it is important to note that the bulb should be dim enough for the lamp not to look garish or too bright for the eyes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Guide For A Mother Of A Newly Born Baby

Usually there is very little or no information known to most of the parents at the time of the arrival of their first baby. There are many new questions that come to the mind of the parents of a newly born baby like how to handle their babies first cold, how to make babies sleep, what kind of food is good for them till the age of 6-9 months, how to soothe babies teething pain, signs that tell if the baby is ready for the solid food and why the solid food is not good for them in the initial few months and so on. The list of such questions is endless.

We get a bunch of different advice and opinions on such questions from everyone we talk to and since babies don't come with a "manual" - it's hard to know what the right thing to do is. Thus, it is very important that the parents should educate themselves with the right ways or techniques to take care of their newly born babies.

As an example, we'll talk about a common problem - "Potty Training". There are seven stages of potty training. They begin with showing signs of potty training readiness and conclude with being able to use the toilet away from home.

Signs of Readiness - The first stage of potty training begins when your child shows the following signs of potty training readiness:

- Express the need to go potty (verbally or through body language)
- Expresses an interest in the potty
- Uncomfortable in wet diapers
- Able to dress and undress
- Imitates family members
- Stays dry for two hours
- Has regular bowel movements
- Interested in big kid underwear

Introduction to the Idea of Potty Training - When your child shows a majority of the signs of potty training readiness, it's time to introduce him to the concept of using the potty. This can be done by reading a potty training book as a bedtime story or watching a potty training video or DVD together. Purchase a potty chair and let your child watch you use the potty. Children will often imitate family members.

Sit On the Potty - When your child has been introduced to the concept of potty training, he will probably imitate family member and sit on his potty chair while you use the bathroom. This is a good time to teach good hygiene such as wiping and washing hands after using the potty.

Use the Potty Sometimes - Be sure to give your child plenty of liquids and take him to the potty every 30 minutes. This will help build muscle memory. The first time your child uses the potty, make a big deal of his huge accomplishment. A hug, encouraging words, or a small reward can be good motivational tools and help your child feel proud of his or her accomplishment.

Use the Potty Alone - As your child gets more comfortable with the potty and his ability to control his bodily functions, he will go to the potty by himself. He will then come tell you about it. Again, this is a time for lots of praise and encouragement.

Transition to the Toilet - When your child is comfortable using his potty seat, it's time to transition him to the toilet. Many children are afraid of falling in, so you may need to purchase a toilet seat adapter such as the Flip-N-Flush or the PRIMO's Ducka toilet adapter. These devices reduce the size of the toilet hole, thereby making you child feel more secure.

Use Potty Away From Home - The last stage of potty training occurs when your child is able to use the potty away from home. Thankfully, there are many portable and disposable toilet seats available to keep your child from coming in contact with public toilet seats. Many public bathrooms have auto-flush toilets with electronic sensors. These sensors often fail to detect that a child is seated on the toilet and cause the toilet to flush repeatedly, scaring the child. Devices such as the Flush-Stopper prevent auto-flush toilets from flushing while your child is seated.

Some children breeze through the seven stages of potty training in a matter of weeks, while other children take several months to complete potty training. Your child's progress depends on his or her stage of development, your potty training knowledge, and the potty training products you have available.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Great House Warming Gift Idea For Every Budget

Eventually, someone you know will move house - and this idea will come in very handy indeed when you want to come up with a house warming gift that is a little bit more meaningful and interesting than just handing over a pot plant.

There is an old Celtic tradition which involves the humble snail.

Now the snail carries its house on its back and so it is never homeless; but more, the spiral design of the snail shell was always very special to the Celtic people, so it makes perfect sense that any kind of snail makes the perfect house warming present.

To be warm, safe, snug and protected inside one's own home is a wonderful idea and the snail symbol, or the more abstract spiral, lends itself to all manner of wonderful house warming gifts.

You can make a card very easily by cutting out a spiral and affixing it with glue; any snail motif on a greeting card, or a picture of a snail drawn or cut out from another source will make the house warming card special.

Snails are very popular as ornaments, so you can get an enormous variety of all sizes of snail figurines, from small brass snails to large garden ornaments made from marble and they're all easily found, online and off.

An exotic snail shell, or the shell of a sea snail is an extension of this idea and particularly good for beach front properties.

As the basic snail/spiral shape is natural and easy, you can even just find a beautiful stone and paint a spiral on it for a superb and extremely personal and lovely house warming present; further, it is the type of gift that the recipients will treasure and keep, and that will remind them of you and your good wishes every time they see it.

There are many other ways in which the snail design can be used for house warming gifts. If you really need to give a pot plant, you can decorate the pot in which it comes with a spiral. Any budding artist can make and paint a basic snail from self hardening clay; snail and spiral mobiles are easy and always fascinating, too. You can make a small painting that can be hung in a hallway and depending on the recipient, grandchildren can get involved, just the same as famous interior designers, artists and goldsmiths - it only depends on your budget.

I think that the idea of the Celtic house warming snail is a wonderful way to convey good wishes to someone in their new home, and to give them your intention that they should always be snug, happy, well cared for and safe.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rolling Walker and Their Benefits

Arthritis can cause inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and pain primarily in the joints, or in worse cases, may include the bones and muscles. Chronic arthritis is only one of the several causes of lost independence and mobility to certain individuals. For these physically unfortunate people, mobility aids will somehow bring back the hopeful smiles on their faces. Mobility aids, such as rolling walkers, can offer supplemental support to make up for the person’s lost strength, and thus helps him/her remain active despite the physical inadequacies. Rolling walkers are beneficial in several ways. Aside from increasing one’s autonomy and keeping him/her physically mobile, such mobility assistance devices are available in stylish designs and colors so you can nicely use them outdoors. Walkers with rolling wheels work best on flat surfaces and living facilities. Because of their customized trendy designs, they make preferable mobility aids when strolling in the parks or shopping in the malls. Some individuals opt for a three-wheeled lightweight and easily maneuvered walker. However for greater stability, rolling walkers generally feature four wheels (a.k.a. rollators) with hand brakes for stopping or slowing down the walker. More luxurious (and of course, much expensive) types of rolling walkers include baskets and padded seats. Leading manufacturers of mobility assistance devices, such as Nova, Guardian, and Invacare, give you the option to have your rolling walker customized according to your preferences. You may have some additional accessories included in your walker, such as cup holder, tray, tote bag, dangling walker bag, or travel bag. Indeed, such features and its attractive design make a wheeled walker one chic mobility aid. When finding for a wheeled walker, go for one that is steel-made or is made of another strong metal to withstand a relatively huge amount of weight. Comfort grips must also be carefully considered. At the base of the rolling walker, rubber grips are available to ensure a secure and easy use of walker on carpets and tiles. Certain walkers feature built-in folded seats that are useful when the person can no longer walk any farther. He may opt to sit on the walker and use it like that of a wheelchair. Learning to move around with a wheeled walker may be difficult at first. But after some practice, one will be able to walk around pretty easily with the walker. With a wheeled walker as a mobility aid, the person gains more freedom, and his general health and mood will also be improved. The individual will no longer feel too dependent, adding more self-confidence, and allowing him to socialize more with other persons around and go out of the house more often than before. Individuals who are steady on their feet and are still able to move about but have a little difficulty with balance are the ones who should especially consider using these mobility walkers with wheels. Whether a rolling or a standard traditional walker, choose one mobility aid that will most suit your lifestyle. Also, a healthcare professional should be consulted in using a walker, whether a conventional walker or a rolling walker.

Spike Lee: Top Films and Unforgettable Controversies

Spike Lee is one of the most influential and provocative American moviemakers. Recently, he celebrated the 20 year anniversary for the release of his remarkable debut film Shes Gotta Have It. His films are groundbreaking in their controversial approach towards social and political issues and offer different perspective on race, class and gender issues in contemporary America. Spike Lee was born as Shelton Jackson Lee in 1957 in Atlanta, Georgia to a jazz musician and an art teacher. When Lee was a young child, the family relocated to Brooklyn, which was used as a background for many of Spike Lee's movies. Lee's talent was recognized while he was still a film student in NYU. His thesis film Joes Bed Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads won 1983 Student Academy Award for best director. Spike Lee's debut movie Shes Gotta Have It was released in 1986. The movie was shot in 12 days in a budget of 175,000 dollars. The film was written, produced and directed by Spike Lee. Shes Gotta Have It tells the story of Nora Darling, a young, independent African American graphic designer who cannot commit to any of her three lovers. Tracy Camilla Jones played the role of Nora Darling. Tommy Redmond Hicks and John Canada Terrell along with Lee himself played the three men in Noras life. Shes Gotta Have It was a landmark film in its presentation of African American characters in an American movie and part of the explosion of 80s independent movie industry. The African American community embraced the movie, which displayed a non stereotypical group of young, intelligent black American people. The film won the Prix de Jeuness at the Cannes film festival for the best new film by a newcomer. The 1992 biographic epic Malcolm X is considered by many as Lee's best film. The 195 minutes movie depicts the story of the African American activist Malcolm X, from his early childhood to his assassination. Lee uses the Malcolm X story to confront the audience with the racial discrimination and violence that black people went through during the 1950s and 1960s in America. Spike Lee's name was associated with many controversies. He was often accused of anti Semitism and racism for portraying Jews and Italians in his films a stereotypical manner. His 2001 television miniseries about one of the Black Panthers founders, Huey P. Newton, stirred another controversy, which helped establish Lee's image as a provocative and radical figures in the American film industry. Lee's latest project is the documentary When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, which tells the story of New Orleans post and pre hurricane Katrina. The four hours documentary is about the New Orleans culture, the damage caused by hurricane Katrina and the recovery efforts. Lee does not spare his critic on the government inadequate reaction to the destruction. 5 Top Movies Directed by Spike Lee Do The Right Thing: this 1989 comic drama shows what happens in Brookline when the interracial tension heats up during the hottest day of the year. Starring: Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, John Turturro Mo Better Blues: Denzel Washington as a jazz trumpeter who makes all the wrong decisions regarding his musical career and relationships. Jungle Fever tells a pessimistic interracial love story between an African American man and an Italian American woman. Girl 6 looks at the life of a young black actress who prefers working as a phone girl than being abused by movie directors 25th Hour is dedicated to the last 24 hours in the life of a New York drug dealer before his jail term begins.

Solitaire Klondike: Learn How to Play

Since computers entered each and every household, classroom and office, solitaire became the most popular game. It is simple to learn, easy to play, and addictive because of its simplicity. But that was ages ago, and people have begun to grow tired of that same old game. As a result, they turned to new variations and Klondike is the most popular of them. Ironically, its not a new game. The term Klondike as a game surfaces somewhere in the latter part of the nineteen hundred, and historians suggest that it evolved from miners in the Alaskan and Californian mountains to pass the time. How Can You Play Klondike? This is not a difficult game to learn, but what's good is that though you will get the hang of it quickly, its difficult to beat in an addictive way. Its not frustrating, but fun and invigorating. One of the things you must learn is how to lay the cards out. 1) Start by placing one card on the table in front of you. Place it facing up. 2) Place another six cards to its left, but keep these facing down. 3) Place a card facing up to the card left of the first card you placed down. 4) Add another card facing down to all the remaining cards a bit below them so as to form a column. Likewise, continue by placing one open card and then by adding a closed card to the rest. If you follow the instructions properly, you should have it so that last column will have seven cards. Check also that you have twenty-four cards in your hand because these are the cards you will play with. Now What? What you have to try and do is place all the cards on the four different aces. These will appear whenever they do, and you have to try and create the four suited sequence from the ace to the king. The moment you see and ace, place it on the side and start adding the next card. (eg: After an ace, place a two and then a three.) Note that each suit must be according to colour and type. By this I mean that the ace of diamond gets only diamonds, the ace of spades gets only spade cards and so on. Likewise, you can create card sequences down on the base cards as well by placing the card lower than it of the opposite colour. For instance, under a six of clubs, you can place either a five of diamonds or a five of hearts, but the five of clubs or the five of spades is out of the question. Opening the Cards Facing Down When you can use the cards facing up, then you can open the card that appears under it. And like in regular Solitaire, when you manage to open a base card and have only six or less bases, you can open a new base by placing a King there. Moving Sequences You can also move card sequences from one base to another and this doesn't depend on the length of the sequence. All that matters is that the rules of sequence are kept. To use the cards in your hand, take the top three cards and turn them over. But remember that you can use only the top card. Only if and when you use that card, you can use the next one under it. Continue revealing batches of three. Once done, pick up all the cards and start again.

Soda Machines

The soda machines provide an easy accessibility to junk for kids who enjoy splurging on it. Reports had shown that kids abuse this freedom of choice and end up drinking as many as 50 cans per month. Soda machines are always placed in the student cafeterias where invariably students have a lot of fun. Soda machines are synonymous with fun. However, these soda machines through their sheer availability to the kids pose extreme health risks to students. Parents committees have organised and are trying to get elementary schools ban soda machines on their campuses. The soda machines pave the way to caffeine abuse and addiction for kids and obesity. The soda machines will slowly be replaced with health food snacks. Soda machines can directly be linked to tooth decay, addiction to caffeine and gastro-digestive ailments and malfunction. Even in some under-developed countries like India, there is an open opposition towards soda machines where children have open and unsupervised access to them. Soda machines, in other words, are proving to be little drug addictive machines for kids. On the other hand, they can be an enormous boon in offices, railway stations, bus stations, etc. Here the soda machines really can provide relief to weary travellers or simple pastime. There immense advantages to have soda machines installed in offices and public places where snack counters are not available. First because the soda machines give instant relief to thirst, secondly the mere presence of a machine is as relieving to a traveller as a cigarette to a smoker. The same way as the soda machines can be real horror to a health-concerned parent, can be a real boon to a tired employee who does not have the strength to pull himself out of his office for a break or refreshment. And who can deny the power of refreshment a soda can give. Hence, the soda machines are good if placed in places where kids do not have direct unsupervised access to it. Not because children should not enjoy soda or a regular coke once in a while; but because kids tend to abuse the soda machines and ignores healthy food and nutrition to fill him or her with the coke obtained. If used wisely, soda machines are the invention of the day. Like coffee machines, they are the best refreshment alternatives in offices and school campuses. There is nothing better to have in a cafeteria but a few good multi choice soda machines. It is amazing to see how well adults receive these and reports show an inversely proportional ratio of the number of the soda machines to the monotony of the jobs involved in a particular office. It seems that the more bored people are the more attracted they are to the soda machines.

A Glance at Enthralling Gliders!!!

Outdoor Glider is an excellent garden or yard or patio décor. Modern glider has streamlined body and slender wings. Glider uses updrafts of air and gravity to keep flying. Before selecting a glider, enough space around the garden or patio to fit the glider must be located. Gliders are always delightful. Children enjoy gliders very much. Friendship can be enjoyed by entertaining friends through a ride in the glider at the garden. Wooden gliders made up of teak or cedar wood is very popular. Children when entering a park or garden first will see the glider spot only. Different types of glider and swing sets are available both in wooden and metal. Wooden glider and swing sets are widely used. Some of the wooden gym glider and swing set has lookout tower, monkey bars, two or three seater glider and a small front ladder or rope ladder.
Loveseat Garden Glider with white cedar wood is fit for any porch or yard or lawn. Gliders made up of Teak or Cedar wood is durable, strong and light weighed. This is also free from fungal or rust. These gliders can be placed as a nice outdoor décor and can withstand any weather. The kith and kin and friends have a nice gliding time at the patio or garden. Marvelous Deluxe Glider includes a canopy top and coated nicely with natural look. The outdoor gliders are durable and grow old for generations. Nice looking gliders are not alone enough, they should be purposeful. Normally three, four and five feet gliders are made. Investing on best quality gliders will serve for generations. The gliders must be fitted with strong beams or roof so that frequent swing can be supported very well. Caring the glider is also most important. Periodical inspection of the joints the glider and swing sets and no joints get loosen. Frequent polishing the wooden gliders and cleaning it with cotton is enough. Bleaching should not be done on glider swing set. Beautiful porch glider swing sets allows you to take a deep rest and think nice memories and of course, dreaming. Beautifully designed garden swing gliders provide cool and comfort seating. These gliders have come out with natural finish and brass hardware. Garden Gliders with good materials and craftsmanship with zinc plated hardware is highly suitable and makes a complete garden or yard. Glider sets with poly wood recycled plastic in different colors are also available. Gliders with cast aluminum rust free design, powder coated Bronze finish, stainless steel hardware and brown cushion seats looks elegant.
Gliders with footrests, rockers, swings, tables and chairs made up of different types of wood with high back, lattice back are very unique and popular. Colorful Garden gliders with canopy roof with centre table offers garden convenience and comforts. Gliders with white teak or cedar have natural resistance to water and weather. Comfortable relaxation by gently gliding back and forth and recalling childhood delight is fascinating. Cedar and Teak wood glider sets are both sustainable and resistant to weather, insects and wear.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summit Lifts A Brief History

People who are physically handicapped or disabled often have trouble going up and down the stairs. For many this can mean not having access to a large portion of your home, or relying on others to help you up and down the stairs. A much better and safer alternative is to invest in a stair lift. A stair lift is a motorized device that physically carries an individual up and down the stairs. Usually a stair lift will utilize a chair to carry the person, but there are some stair lifts that utilize a small platform called a perch. There are several prominent manufactures of stair lifts today, and one company that has been very successful is Summit Lifts, Inc. Summit Lifts Inc. has over 75 years of experience in the stair lift industry, and prides itself on good old fashioned business values and quality customer service. Its founders all have very deep roots in the stair lift industry and have devoted much of their lives to these great devices. It is not often that you find people with such a personal connection to their products, but each of the founders of Summit is completely dedicated to quality as opposed to quantity. Mark Hill began working for a company that manufactured stair lifts in 1972. He continued to work there for over 20 years and learned about all aspects that are involved with the development, creation, and maintenance of stair lifts. In 1981 Mike Vogt began working at the same company as Mark Hill. Vogt spent 10 years designing lifts, and also considerable time in the customer service department at the company. Mark and Mike had intended to stay working at this company until retirement, but due to a corporate take over were unable to fulfill this goal. Instead they joined forces with a very talented individual named Mark Jackson and Summit Stair Lifts was born. Mark Jackson brought to the table an in depth knowledge of Computer Aided Design and precision machining skills. With this incredible powerhouse of experience and ability it is no wonder that they are one of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts today. They focus on quality, precision, and reliability and do not believe in cutting corners to cut costs. The founders of Summit Stair Lifts are dedicated family men that understand the meaning of integrity, faith, and responsibility. They have applied these same standards that have served them well in their personal life to their business, and this is in part what makes them such a great company. Their products are all manufactured in the United States, and are built with an attention to detail that is seldom found in today's world of assembly lines and mass production facilities. There are many different manufacturers of stair lifts today, but few compare with Summit Stair Lifts, Inc. Their company motto is "Taking you to new heights" and this is just what they have done. They have continued to manufacture products that are reliable and in many ways bring back the good old days when products were made using quality manufacturing techniques that focus on dependability rather than cost.