Friday, December 30, 2011

Installing a Stair Lift

When buying a stair lift one important consideration is the installation of the lift. Most reputable companies can install the lift, but this is something that almost anyone can do with a few ordinary tools.

Usually you can save a lot of money by installing stair lifts yourself. It is extremely important, however, to follow all directions provided with the lift and to use the proper tools. If you do not feel comfortable installing the stairlifts than you should have the lifts professionally installed. This does change the price significantly, but is worth it if you can not physically install it yourself or do not have any family in the area.

Before any installation of stair lifts is done, it must be verified that the existing residential stairs are in good condition. This is especially important because the stair lift’s rails will be fastened to the treads of the stair. Well-conditioned stairs will make certain that the set-up done will last longer. If your stairs are especially narrow than ask your sales representative if there is a distinctive installation processes.

The installation itself can be done with a drill, screwdriver, a socket set, and a measuring tape. It is important to completely read the installation instructions before starting the installation and to keep them handy while you work. Reading the instructions first is important because than you can follow the instructions step-by-step with a better understanding of what is required.

Installing the stairlifts yourself should not void the warranty when purchasing from a reputable dealer.

A stair lift is one great contraption to aid our loved ones in ascending and descending on the stairs. Hence, safer and correct installation of a stair lift should be the primary concern for it to be more functional and comfortable. This device will remain durable for several years as long as it is properly constructed.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lift Chairs –An Aid to Living a Functional Life

A doctor would always recommend a chair lift to a mobility impaired patient. Immobility could be age related or due to medical problems such as arthritis, back pains, osteoporosis and many other diseases that could weaken the muscles and cause excruciating pain in the joints. Nothing could be more frustrating than feeling helpless. And this is what most people with mobility difficulties feel every time they need to move and fail to do so. 

Lift chairs are chairs that are specially designed to help people with mobility problems on order to sit and stand from a chair with ease. With a push of a button, the mechanism will cause the chair to move into an upright position to enable the user to stand. If a user would want to sit, all he has to do is rest his back against the tilted seat, push a button and the seat would smoothly lower into a sitting position. 

Getting old is a fact of life that no one can evade. Weakening muscles and movement difficulties are suffered by those who are advanced in age. Getting in and out of a chair would pose a problem to a once agile individual more so if the chair is quite uncomfortable. Asking for assistance, however, would be both embarrassing as well as confidence deflating.   A lift chair is a technological advancement that would make life easier for people recovering from surgery and undergoing therapy. Women who have just given birth would find a lift chair most beneficial as sitting on a regular chair would cause discomfort. Likewise, a lift chair would be beneficial to people who have had accident and still recuperating. Those that have hip and knee joint problems as well as those that have weak muscles due to health related problems can make use of the lift chair.

Needless to say, a lift chair would provide elderly people independence as the need to ask for assistance every time they would want to stand up from a seated position is eliminated. Lift chairs would make the work of a caregiver less tedious as they do not have to carry their patients in and out of their chairs.  Lift chair are beneficial not only to the elderly but also to the office worker who suffer from agonizing back pains as a result of sitting for long periods of time. People would oftentimes ignore the importance of correct posture when engrossed with work. Chair lifts would offer back support that consequently reduces back strain.  Lift chair can give the elderly some form of independence and people with mobility problems the chance to live normal lives.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lift Chairs: Better Bought New

Everyone likes to save money and get a good deal. That is the main reason we buy something used. There are some things, however, that are better bought new. For example you probably don’t want to buy a used bed from a stranger. Used laptops are also often unreliable. The problem with buying these types of used products is that you really don’t know how they have been treated or how they have been used.

Another item that is best bought new is a Lift Chair. Lift Chairs are comfortable chairs that raise or lower you to a sitting or standing position. They are great when you start to get old and can no longer stand or sit easily. They provide a very valuable service to many older Americans and those with medical disabilities.

There are many reasons that you would not want to buy a used lift chair. For instance while you may save a little money up front, you have no way of knowing how the motor has been treated. The owner may have consistently overworked the motor and it may be on its last leg. If this is the case you will have to spend about $400 to have it replaced. This does not include repairs to the remote or other electrical components.

Another reason not to buy a used lift chair is that often the condition and color of the fabric will not match your existing motif.  When you buy it used you are getting what ever the individual decided to buy and are inheriting all of their spills, odors, and wear and tear. It is much better to buy it new from a reputable dealer and pick the colors that will best fit your room.

There is nothing wrong with trying to save money, but there are some things better bought new. Lift Chairs should always be purchased new from a reputable dealer.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Your Home or Office Handicap Accessible

It is important for people with disability whether temporary or permanent to continue their everyday jobs and chores with ease and comfort. If you are planning to make your home or office handicap friendly and accessible, then you may want to check the simple yet helpful guidelines below:

Home Tips:

It should be wide enough to allow walker and wheelchair access.  If the doorway is positioned in a typical hallway and needs turning a wheelchair, then you will need a wider door and floor space. 

Bathtub and shower grab bars should be installed in order to provide support.  You can also place a tub transfer seat that allows persons to sit in the tub and take a bath or shower.  In this way, the person does not necessarily have to lower himself to the tub floor. 

Toilet seat:
The height can be customize and adapted from one individual to another.  It can be replaced with raised seats or other special units.  Installing toilet grab bars can be very useful in providing individuals safety transfer from and to a wheelchair. 

Sinks and faucets:
Vanity cabinets may be removed from below the sink.  Pedestal style sinks can provide more space to maneuver.  You can also replace faucets with single lever controls.  But consider using an anti-scald temperature control to prevent water temperature from going beyond its limit. 

Office Tips:

Office location:
The workplace must be located as near as possible to public transportation routes – subway stops and bus shelters.  There must be curb cuts in the blocks around the building for people using wheelchairs or scooters. 

Parking space:
Persons with disabilities should be reserved with designated parking areas and properly marked.  It must be next to the building entrance.  Spaces should be enough to have room when transferring from wheelchair to vehicle. 

It should be visibly marked with suitably big and legible signage to prevent any difficulty for people with visual disabilities.  The signage must be immediately noticeable upon entering the building.  It has to indicate locations of elevators, offices, rest rooms and other facilities. 

Travel path:
When there is a change in level of travel path inside or outside the building, elevators, ramps or other facilities should be provided.  This allows the person to reach the other level without the need to use the stairs or escalators.

Building entrances must have electric, automatic hinged or sliding doors except when existing doors are wide enough to accommodate passage of wheelchairs.  The doors must permit trouble-free clearance for people in wheelchairs when opened.

Rest rooms:
Its doors are recommended to be automatic.  There should be at least 1 sink reachable to persons using wheelchairs.  Horizontal bars should be positioned on the wall side of the stall closest to the toilet.  Soap or towel dispensers must be also reachable to persons in wheelchairs.  

The guidelines mentioned will not only provide our handicap friends with convenience but most importantly it can help them become more productive and efficient individuals despite their health conditions.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs: A Comparison

Several mobility aids are widely available for physically handicapped individuals. These may vary from conventional canes and walkers to much sophisticated electric powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The latter two can bring greater freedom and independence to disabled persons. Hence, this article will be comparing the mentioned mobility aids to help those concerned individuals to decide which of the two they will purchase for themselves, or for their loved ones who need it.

Both mobility aids utilize the same types of rechargeable batteries. They can also run as far as 15 miles or more before requiring battery recharging. Also, both mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs can accommodate a weight of 500 pounds, or greater. Lastly, the controls for speed and acceleration are similar for both mobility vehicles.

In terms of cost, electric wheelchairs are considered as the most expensive among all mobility vehicles. The advanced power, speed, and features of such wheelchairs can cost as much as, or even exceed, the price of average automobiles. The price of electric wheelchairs can be as much as $15,000. On the other hand, mobility scooters are more cost-effective. The deluxe types of such vehicles can only cost a small fraction of an electric wheelchair’s price, that is, from $1,000 up to $5,000.

For storage purposes, mobility scooters are more convenient than electric wheelchairs. Mobility scooters may be folded or dismantled and can be expediently kept in a closet or be transported in a car’s trunk. On the contrary, electric wheelchairs are very heavy and are not foldable primarily because of the sturdy materials that they are made of. Such properties make these types of wheelchairs hard to keep or transport.

To achieve optimum comfort, the adjustability of some features on both mobility aids is of major importance. The seats, armrests, and footrests of electric wheelchairs can be accordingly angled and adjusted for comfort. The seats and handlebars of mobility scooters can also be adjusted for the same purpose.

An electric mobility scooter can be steered using handlebars like that with a bicycle while an electric wheelchair makes use of a joystick.

Individuals with problems on mobility of the upper portion of their bodies may find electric wheelchairs easier to manipulate compared to mobility scooters. For those with impaired postures, electric wheelchairs may include motorized reclined, tilt, and stand options for support. Also, wheelchairs are more comfortable for those who require spending most of their time in their mobility aids.

So, which of the two aforementioned mobility assistance vehicles is best for you? We have compared the electric wheelchair and mobility scooters. This is surely a great help for affected individuals to make a wise and informed decision on which one to purchase. Either of them will tremendously aid a mobility impaired individual to become more self-reliant and to move around better. But in the end, your decision whether to buy an electric wheelchair or an electric mobility scooter will greatly depend on your personal needs, preferences and budget. If you can comfortably mount a scooter then go for it, otherwise if balance is an issue, it will be safer to ride the wheelchair type.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Picnic Benches: Supporting Delight

There are some things that are cherished by people of all ages. Just the mention of it brings happiness along with it. Of many such things picnic certainly deserves a foremost position. Picnic refers to a pleasure trip where a meal is had in a predominantly outdoor area having a scenic landscape mostly among family members. Picnics often provide the best way to escape the monotony and constantly rising performance related pressures in work environment.

Eating forms a major part of picnics; it could range anything from a simple meal to a banquet, of the highest culinary delight. But ironically, picnics if ill planned end up in a sordid mess, making it to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. For example how many times you find people carrying their finest pastries and mouth watering dishes, only to find that they don’t have a proper place to sit and have them.

To make your picnic hassle free and have a perfect meal in a picnic spot, you need to have a picnic bench or table with you. Picnic benches/tables are simple tables that are modified a bit with benches and trusses exclusively for the purpose of having an outdoor meal. Picnic benches come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are priced somewhere between US$250 to US$700, depending on its portability and material used to manufacture it.

There are various advantages offered by picnic tables. Of which the prime gain is its portability, for a picnic table can be easily folded and put comfortably in your car bonnet, to accompany on your picnic trips. The unfolding process too is very quick and easy. A picnic table on an average, seats 5-7 adults comfortably.

Further unlike a traditional mat or rug, picnic tables offer the best way to have a light interaction or a romantic banter. Also they don’t need a flat surface to place them, so that you can enjoy your picnic rather than pondering over the slope of the terrain. While the older models were made entirely of wood, the newer versions are made of wood reinforced with steel to prevent sagging and coated with thermoplastic resin to support easy cleaning and impart a glossy sheen to the surface. The resin also imparts moisture resistant properties to the table, preventing it from corrosion and warping. These tables also dry out quickly when cleaned. Also eco friendly models made of recycled plastic are available. These are light in weight and can be part of your picnic backpack without any unnecessary effort. After all what is a picnic without fun and games? Picnic tables don’t let this go unnoticed, as they are also available with gaming boards carved on them. These tables have become a runaway success particularly with young minds craving for fun games. To escape from the capricious climate, they are provided with a center stand to accommodate beach umbrellas.

  Though named so, picnic tables do not restrict themselves to picnic trips alone. They could also be uses in parks and even in offices and residential places having outdoor recreational facilities. So if you really wish your picnic trip to be remembered for all its fun and frolic rather than an eternal quest for the right, clean place to squat in awkward positions to have your meal, do remember to pop in a picnic table up your car bonnet.
Have a memorable picnic!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Priceless Potting Tables

Potting table is the place where the garden pots, manures, other mixes, temporary storage for garden supplies are kept.  In other words, potting table is a work bench.     This is the table where the gardener plans the gardening activities.   Potting tables is the work shop or garage where fertilizers and spray bottles are kept.   Potting tables can be made according to the requirement of the garden.  Some potting tables have two or three shelves to store   small garden tools in the lower shelf and garden supplies in slightly higher shelves.  Potting table helps the gardener to keep garden supplies away from mud or insects.
Potting tables helps to keep the garden fertilizers and spray comfortably.   The lower shelf will also serve   as incubating place to grow small seedlings in the required temperature. Potting table helps the gardener to make his dream garden.  It is also a nice gift article for those who won medium or large gardens. 
Creative solutions can be found at potting tables.  Potting tables find a place for everything and everything in its place. Beautifully hand crafted cedar or teak potting tables are sturdy and durable. Ideal potting tables will have enough shelves and trays to store gloves and tools with sufficient work space.
Cedar and Teak potting tables are lightweight and unlikely to crack.  These tables are resistant to weather, insect attack.  It also stays cool. Normally potting tables are three feet high with strong storage compartments.   Potting tables have multifunction and they are purposeful assets to any garden.   It is dedicated to potting plants.    Potting tables also used for sorting seeds, mixing soil, fertilizers etc.  Potting tables are gardener’s play station.   Potting is very a utility table, an all purpose work area.   Every gardener requires essentially a potting table.  During the rainy season no outside gardening activity can be undertaken, however, when a potting table is available preparations for next gardening can be done.  After rainy season, entire family members will love to do some gardening.  This is possible only with the help of a potting table.    Hand made Potting table with finest materials provides dependable service.  Gardener needs a comfortable size work space to do potting, repotting and other jobs. 
Garden dreams made realistic on the potting table whether it is humble or grand.  Potting table made with natural wood is versatile and serve multipurpose.  Potting tables are also made up of metals and plastic.   Potting Bench with enclosed roof top is more convenient.    Aluminum potting tables are loved by horticultural enthusiasts.   These tables are available with two sections or three sections.   Potting Table is a master piece in outdoor garden décor.  Potting table saves valuable patio area.  Potting tables designed with soil mixing box, handy top and bottom shelf made up of red cedar wood is simply superb.  It is joy for our eyes and work station to do green house or yard.  Many factors are to be considered before buying a potting table.  Firstly the table should be made up of good quality natural wood or cast aluminum.  Secondly the table must be of the normal height to make the work table convenient.  The table should provide solid work surface. All these ensure a good Potting Table.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Stair Lifts

One of the hardest about getting older is the loss of freedom. It used to be easy to jump up in the air grab the attic door handle and climb up the attic steps with several boxes in your hand. Now, however, there are many areas of your house that are almost seem to be off limits for no other reason than your body is just not able to climb the stairs anymore.

A stair lift can help you open up your entire house. When you buy a stair lift you no longer should feel trapped in your own home because you can not traverse the steps. No longer will you have to rely on your loved ones to help you up the stairs. A stair lift can help you regain your freedom and mobility. There is no longer a need to buy a new home simply because you can no longer navigate the stairs.

Stair lifts are generally easy to install and set up and require little maintenance. Quality stair lifts can navigate narrow or winding stairs easily and safely. This prevents tripping or stumbling over the steps, or putting excessive strain on your loved one. This in and of itself is probably the number one reason to get a stair lift.

While new quality stair lifts are not very expensive, used stair lifts are also available at a much lower cost. When purchasing a used stair lift you should still make sure you purchase it from a reputable dealer. A reputable dealer will thoroughly inspect and test the device before shipping it out and refurbish it as well. If you just buy a used stair lift from a private individual you do not get any of these guarantees.

There are many reasons to get a stair lift and once you do you will feel like your whole world has opened up.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Teak Tables are utility tables as well as decorative.  It can be used both as indoor and outdoor furniture.  Teak tables are companions to Teak Chairs. Indoor décor, Patio décor, Garden décor made easy with teak tables. Peek at variety of teak tables before buying teak tables. Teak Tables are available in plenty of sizes and models viz.,    Round Teak Table, Square Teak Table; Check board Teak Table, Octagonal Teak Table, Corner flower viz Teak Table, Coffee Teak Table and potting tables. 
Teak Tables are multifunctional as they may be used to stuff, eat, work and play.     Portable teak tables are also available so that it can save space.   Outdoor sit-out and dining can be enjoyed with nice natural teak table. Teak is a natural wood, oil-rich content in it and resistant to weather, water, termite and other wear and tear. Teak wood tables do not require add on color.  It has natural color and simple varnishing is enough.  It is versatile, durable and quality teak tables will not get crack year after year. 
Teak Picnic Tables with flip-up side benches are very convenient to any lawn or garden or backyard barbecue.  It looks very elegant and of course a natural choice.  These tables have endurance and will not decay or rot.    Teak table is a natural art and craft with rich appearance.  Teak table is also an antique.  Teak wood tables need not require any examination.  
Teak Table furniture is an unfinished furniture because of its  oil-rich content it does not require any color treatment  With its natural color alone  teak tables are beautiful.  Additional coloring will only spoil the natural appearance of teak wood. 
Teak table is very hard wood table, light weighted with high oil content and naturally resistant to moisture, shrinking, warping, fungus and an ideal indoor and outdoor table. Teak table crafted with high quality teak come out several shapes and sizes according to the requirement of space. Extending tables can accommodate even 4 persons on each opposite side.  Modern technique of teak plantation made the customer easy to get quality teak table. Renewable resource teak tables are also available. Environmentally friendly teak tables will serve for long years and teak tables are not replaced frequently. 
Teak tables made up of teak wood from thick monsoon forests of Asia is a luxury and expensive but definitely with high quality and serve for  many generations.  Teak tables provide flair to the living space, beautiful luster and self polished.   Popularity of using teak tables is increasing day by day because of the multipurpose and provides most value for money.  They can be used for indoor diner as well as social diner.  Teak diner tables add elegance and beauty to home décor. Teak dining table is the apt way to entertain guests. A nice teak table with natural color in the patio area with number of potted flowers on it really looks beautiful. 
Teak table offer hard and sturdy surface.  Outdoor teak tables get silver due to sunlight but the strength of the wood does not alter.   Teak oil may be applied on the outdoor teak tables to keep it afresh and with natural color.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tips For Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

If you are looking to give your room a focal point or something to highlight it, look no further than the fireplace mantel that's already there. Many tend to leave their fireplace mantels bare, failing to realize that they can decorate their fireplace mantel so that it become attractive enough to become the room's focal point.

Many homeowners fail to realize that they can do many things on their fireplace mantel to make it more interesting and appealing. Fireplace mantels that come straight out of a magazine page are not the only fireplace mantels that can be regarded as attractive. With a good dose of creativity and fun, even the drabbest of fireplace mantels can be made attractive.

A fireplace mantel is a decorative surface that you can decorate in either a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner. If you want to give the fireplace mantel and the room a formal air, go with decorating the fireplace mantel in a symmetrical fashion. However, if you want to give an air of coziness and informality, go with an asymmetrical decoration. You can achieve an asymmetrical look for your fireplace mantel by grouping odd-numbered objects in different sizes and even color. However, there still must be balance in the asymmetrical decoration in order to create the best effect.

When to Decorate Fireplace Mantels

Holidays and special occasions are especially great times for you to start decorating and showing off your fireplace mantel. For instance, Halloween gives you the opportunity to use lights for decorating your fireplace mantel and show off some of your creativity. Other times you may want to decorate your fireplace mantel are Labor Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can even decorate your fireplace mantel using seasonal themes. Keep in mind that when it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel, it is best to give your creativity free rein.

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

* When you are decorating your fireplace mantel, avoid using anything that is made from inflammable materials. Use decorative objects that aren't inflammable.

* Fruits make wonderful fireplace mantel decorations. A simple, but striking fireplace mantel decoration is a vase or pitcher full of lemons and limes. The contrast of colors draws the eyes to the fireplace.

* Decorate the space below the fireplace mantel with cones.

* Add depth and illuminate the room by placing a mirror on the fireplace mantel.

* Avoid giving your fireplace mantel a "firing line" appearance. Don't simply line up the objects or use objects that are of similar heights. Make your fireplace mantel look dynamic by mixing up objects of different sizes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Installation of Vertical Platform Lifts

Many times, especially in older homes, the stairs leading up to the front door can be pretty steep and narrow. This can make it very hard for those suffering from arthritis and other muscular disabilities to enter their own home and near impossible for those with wheel chairs. Vertical Platform Lifts solve this problem by raising the individual to the top of the stairs.

Vertical Platform Lifts are installed parallel to the stairs and depending on the model often very little actual assembly is required. It is imperative, however, that a smooth, level, and unyielding base is used. The base should be able to support the maximum load capacity of the lift and the lift itself. So if the lift itself weighs 250 lbs and has a capacity of 500lbs then the base must be able to support at least 750 lbs. Always air on the side of caution, but usually a solid deck or concrete deck would be a suitable base. It is also important that the travel wall, the wall below the upper entry point of the elevator, is free of protrusions, fairly smooth, and gaps.

If you are getting the lift because you or someone you love is in a wheel chair than you should have an idea of whether you want the lift to provide adjacent access to your stairs or if it should provide straight through access to your stairs. Adjacent access means you would enter the lift on the ground, turn 45 degrees and exit the lift at the top of the stairs. With straight through access you drive your wheelchair strait onto the lift and once lifted drive straight onto the stairs landing. This is also an important consideration if you are planning to use the lift to help carry household supplies and groceries. It is important to mention this when ordering to ensure that you get a compatible model.

Once you have done a little planning and preparation, the actual install is seamless. Generally it can be done in a few hours, but make sure to fully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most manufacturers have certified installers that can come and set up their equipment. The Vertical Platform Lifts often come fully assembled or with minimal assembly required and plug into a regular 110 volt outlet. Generally the base of the lift is secured to the smooth and level foundation. Make sure to consult your manufacturer’s instructions for specific distances, but depending on the lifting height of the lift, it may be necessary to secure it to the building as well as the ground.

A vertical platform lift can provide many years of dependable service and open up whole new worlds to those in wheelchairs or those who are mobility challenged.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lift Chairs and Muscular Dystrophy

If you suffer from muscular dystrophy than some of even the most remedial chores can be excruciatingly painful and hard. Muscular dystrophy can lead to decreased balance, frequent falls, and difficulty sitting or standing. Things that, to those without disability, seem so simple, like getting out of the recliner to go to the bathroom, can be extremely hard. Rather than having to hire a live in nurse or personal aid, a lift chair can provide a valuable service to those with muscular dystrophy.

Most lift chairs utilize a motor to raise and lower the cushioned portion of the chair. At the push of a button the user is raised or lowered and can literally be on their feet in a matter of a few seconds with no outside assistance. By using the attached remote control you can push a button and do what once was impossible and stand by yourself.

You should generally only buy new lift chairs, unless you really know the person it is coming from. Other wise you will likely just end up with someone else’s worn out problem. You may save a little money up front, but if you end up having to replace the motor, or even just put up with marred and soiled fabric, than you are really doing yourself a disservice. In the case of a worn out motor you are also likely to end up paying more for the used chair than if you had just bought one new.  You should also steer clear of lift chairs that use springs instead of an electric motor to lift you out of the chair. Often when looking online you may find an extremely discounted lift chair that uses the spring method to raise the seat. The spring method is extremely unsafe because of the way it can shoot and jerk the individual into a standing position.

If you suffer from muscular dystrophy or any other disability that makes it hard to stand or sit than a lift chair is for you. Lift chairs can literally change you way of life and allow you to concentrate on the more important things in life like friends and family.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lift Chairs and the Fountain of Youth

Most everyone has heard the story of the Fountain of Youth. One popular story is of the well know Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon and his quest for the Fountain of Youth. Ponce de Leon sailed with Columbus on his second trip to what was to become the United States of America. Ponce decided to stay in Puerto Rico and became very well known. While Governor he heard many stories of a special place whose waters were said to keep you young. Ponce made it his quest to search for this magical place and while he never found it, he had many adventures along the way and helped to shape history.

Of course everyone knows there is no magical fountain of youth. So when your body starts to show its age, there is no magic potion that will restore your youth. There are, however, many ways to help you live more comfortably and keep your independence. So if you struggle getting up or sitting down a lift chair may be for you. A lift chair works by slowly raising you to a standing position or slowly lowering you to a sitting position. This eliminates a large amount of strain on the body and can make you feel better.

Another advantage of lift chairs is that they can relieve your dependence on your spouse or other loved one. Often as we get old our wife or husband will help take care of us. It is only natural and we would do the same for them if we were able. One of the hardest things for them is getting us in or out of our favorite chair. A lift chair can solve this problem with the push of a button and can literally save their body from undo strain and wear.

While there is no magical cure to old age, there are still many things that you can do to help manage its toll. A Lift Chair can literally restore your independence and save you money because you no longer have to rely on friends, family, or a paid nurse to get around your own home.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Need To Get Information About Your Biological Parents?

Sooner or later, adopted individuals – whether in their younger years or during adulthood – would have the tendency to feel the need to search for information about their identities and to search biological parents.

Although finding biological parents can be a really challenging process, most adopted individuals would persist in getting information for many important reasons. For once, these persons may be interested to trace their siblings and relatives. Most adopted persons feel enormous emptiness in their hearts that can not be filled in any other way than getting in touch with their biological parents, siblings, and relatives. On the other hand, their parents may have also been longing to get in touch with them and get information about them. Most of the time, a meeting of an adopted individual and the biological parents could answer many questions that may have been lingering in their minds for many, many years.

Besides the emotional reasons, another good motivation for adopted individuals to trace their biological parents is to know their genetic and medical history. This is important for people to discover, especially if there are disorders and diseases within the family that the person can possibly inherit. For example, a woman who has a mother or a sister that has been diagnosed with breast cancer faces the inevitable possibility that that person could also get the disease. Finding accurate information then is vital for that person to take precautionary measures. Extreme cases such as the need to find a genetic match for a bone marrow, tissue or organ transplant is another important matter to consider why some people do search biological parents.

Allow to shed some light in your difficult pursuit of searching information about your biological parents. By visiting, you wouldn’t have to visit different public offices or hire expensive private investigators anymore. No, you wouldn’t even need to experience searching through several government and commercial databases and get nothing but irrelevant results.

And since has a huge, comprehensive database that holds more than 2 billion US public records, you can easily perform people search and find public records at the same time by using our services. Important public records – such as birth records, marriage records, divorce records, death records, phone records, and address records - are unbelievably very accessible at

Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Commercial Lice Cures Safe?

There was a time when over the counter lice cures was the best way to treat head lice, but today there are some serious questions surrounding the use of these shampoos and creams.  Not only do they contain a pesticide that may build up in your system and cause eventual harm, but also they do not seem to be working as well as they once did.

It is speculated that head lice are becoming immune to the poisons in over the counter and prescription lice treatments, making them much less effective as lice cures. More often we are seeing people having to treat head lice several times with these medicated shampoos, without managing to get rid of the head lice.

As a result, today many doctors are recommending that head lice be treated with natural head lice cures. This is especially true for children, as the long-term affects of these treatments that contain insecticide are not really known yet.

The standard procedure for a natural lice cure involves using a non-toxic treatment on the hair, and then manually removing the lice and nits with a specially designed comb. These natural lice cures not only appear to work better, but they are not exposing your child to the toxins in commercial lice treatments.

However, there are some precautionary measures that should be taken when treating lice, even if you are using natural lice cures.
If the person who is infested with lice has lacerations on the scalp, especially if these sores are oozing puss, it is very important that you consult with a healthcare practitioner about how to treat the condition. This is a sign that the scalp has become infected because of scratching, and an antibiotic ointment may be necessary to clear up the infection.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never use any type of poison or flammable substance on any part of the human body, including the hair. This can lead to injury or death.

Many years ago it was common practice to use gasoline or kerosene on the hair as lice cures, but this practice is far too dangerous and should never be used. Every year children are maimed and killed because a parent used this procedure as a lice cure. Never use anything dangerous on yourself or your children. If you are looking for lice cures, there are far too many out there to even think about using a flammable and dangerous substance.

Always choose a safe and non-toxic lice cure to rid your family of any head lice infestations.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pourquoi vos enfants veulent voyager avec vous

Vous etes dans le Sud de la France par exemple? Ils ne savent pas quoi faire? Rechignent mais n'ont pas d'idees?

Car pour eux, les vacances ne sont pas un simple moment de repos c'est aussi le temps pour vous de decouvrir l'evolution peu ou pas remarque de votre enfant a cette periode, et de regler les problemes de comprehension entre vous. Bref, les vacances sont aussi l'occasion du rapprochement familial.

L'objectif de cet article est donc de vous aider a trouver la meilleure occupation pour des vacances reussies a 100%.

1) Choisissez parmi les complexes tels les clubs offrant des activites distayante comme le golf, les spots aquatiques, tables de billards, tennis et basketball, et piscine. L'idee etant de partager ces activites ensemble et non separement. Les vacances sont le moment privilegiez pour regenerer vos relations avec vos enfants. Faites un effort pour decouvrir leurs loisirs, lectures, plat preferes et y participer, et decouvrir leur byorythme. L'une des options consiste a se rendre pres d'un lieu d'eau (piscine ou mer) et de prendre un balle et de jouer a l'aqua volley. Les tables de billards et les courts de tennis sont aussi une autre eventualite a prendre en consideration car le meilleur moyen de jouer avec ou contre eux. Les activites physiques sont a privilegier aux autres car l'effort physique est le plus rapide et le plus facile a executer. Cela leur permet d'autant plus d'evacuer tout le stress accumuler au cours de l'annee et de faire sortir leurs grieffs, de façon à pouvoir se ressourcer avant la prochaine rentree scolaire. Mais ces activites vous sont toutes aussi benefiques car, en meme temps que vous decouvrez votre enfant, vous evacuer vous-même ce stress, qui vous rend alors plus disponible et plus a son ecoute et donc de redenir son "amie".

2) Les jeux de cartes, quant a eux, sont tres bons pour resserer les liens en fin de journee, lorsque l'effort physique se fait sentir. Prenez les avec vous lors de sorties piscines par exemple, ou en fin de journee avant les repas. Decouvrez leurs jeux favoris et apprenez en leur les regles comme le  Blackjack  ou du Poker. Attendez vous au depart a une reaction de mecontentement mais une fois impliques, rassurez vous vos ados retrouveront le sourire. Jouez y de preference une heure avant le diner.

Quelques soient les regles que vous appliquez, gardez a l'esprit que vous etes en periode de vacances. Ne fixer donc pas trop de limites, mais n'autorisez pas tout non plus.Car meme en periode de vacances, il est important pour eux de garder certains repaires. Les deux extremes seriant tout aussi nefastes pour eux que pour vous meme lors du retour.

Article Body:
Comme vous l'avez surement constate, les adolescents ont la facheuse tendance a rechignez pour partir avec vous en vacances. Pour cela, il vous faut vous preparer a un travail de longue haleine afin de les convaincre. Une fois l'adolescent convaincu, le plus dur reste a faire. Il faut alors lui trouver des activites qui le distraieront.

Vous etes dans le Sud de la France par exemple? Ils ne savent pas quoi faire? Rechignent mais n'ont pas d'idees?

Car pour eux, les vacances ne sont pas un simple moment de repos c'est aussi le temps pour vous de decouvrir l'evolution peu ou pas remarque de votre enfant a cette periode, et de regler les problemes de comprehension entre vous. Bref, les vacances sont aussi l'occasion du rapprochement familial.

L'objectif de cet article est donc de vous aider a trouver la meilleure occupation pour des vacances reussies a 100%.

1) Choisissez parmi les complexes tels les clubs offrant des activites distayante comme le golf, les spots aquatiques, tables de billards, tennis et basketball, et piscine. L'idee etant de partager ces activites ensemble et non separement. Les vacances sont le moment privilegiez pour regenerer vos relations avec vos enfants. Faites un effort pour decouvrir leurs loisirs, lectures, plat preferes et y participer, et decouvrir leur byorythme. L'une des options consiste a se rendre pres d'un lieu d'eau (piscine ou mer) et de prendre un balle et de jouer a l'aqua volley. Les tables de billards et les courts de tennis sont aussi une autre eventualite a prendre en consideration car le meilleur moyen de jouer avec ou contre eux. Les activites physiques sont a privilegier aux autres car l'effort physique est le plus rapide et le plus facile a executer. Cela leur permet d'autant plus d'evacuer tout le stress accumuler au cours de l'annee et de faire sortir leurs grieffs, de façon à pouvoir se ressourcer avant la prochaine rentree scolaire. Mais ces activites vous sont toutes aussi benefiques car, en meme temps que vous decouvrez votre enfant, vous evacuer vous-même ce stress, qui vous rend alors plus disponible et plus a son ecoute et donc de redenir son "amie".

2) Les jeux de cartes, quant a eux, sont tres bons pour resserer les liens en fin de journee, lorsque l'effort physique se fait sentir. Prenez les avec vous lors de sorties piscines par exemple, ou en fin de journee avant les repas. Decouvrez leurs jeux favoris et apprenez en leur les regles comme le  Blackjack  ou du Poker. Attendez vous au depart a une reaction de mecontentement mais une fois impliques, rassurez vous vos ados retrouveront le sourire. Jouez y de preference une heure avant le diner.

Quelques soient les regles que vous appliquez, gardez a l'esprit que vous etes en periode de vacances. Ne fixer donc pas trop de limites, mais n'autorisez pas tout non plus.Car meme en periode de vacances, il est important pour eux de garder certains repaires. Les deux extremes seriant tout aussi nefastes pour eux que pour vous meme lors du retour.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lift Chairs - Comfortable And Practical

Many people do not like to admit when they need help. They may think that by asking for help they are showing weakness, showing their age, or putting an undo burden on their family. Really, it is the simple things that can be the hardest to ask for help for. This includes things like getting up off the couch or going to the bathroom. These simple tasks are no longer all that simple when you start to get older, but they do not have to be impossible to do on your own. Lift chairs help you reclaim your independence and keep you from having to rely on your family or friends to do these tasks.

Lift chairs are used to lift an individual into a standing position or to lower them into a sitting position. When many people think of this type of home medical equipment they picture a cold sterile looking hospital like device that has handrails. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lift chairs come in all shapes and sizes. With many great types of fabrics that are resistant to stains and will look great in any room, lift chairs can become a handsome addition to any room.

Lift chairs are also extremely comfortable. Depending on the type of chair you get some have built in massage and heat. This means that while you are watching your favorite TV program, you can get a four star massage and heat treatment. You will literally leave these chairs feeling completely rested and comfortable. Even if you do not opt for the heat and massage package, these chairs are still incredibly comfortable.

Many quality distributors offer what is referred to as infinite position adjustment. These chairs work by utilizing two motors. One operates the back rest and the other operates the foot rest, or ottoman. This allows the seated individual complete control over the positioning of the chair and means it is easy to find that perfect sitting, sleeping, or reading position. The backrest and the ottoman operate independently of one another in an infinite position chair and can produce a completely horizontal “sleeping position.”

Generally most other lift chairs purchased from quality distributors will be either 2 or 3 position chairs. In both 2 position and 3 position lift chairs, the ottoman and backrest will operate together. A 2 position lift chair can recline about 45 degrees and is perfect for watching TV. The 3 position lift chair will recline as much if not more than your average Lazy Boy Recliner. Many people think that 2 or 3 position chairs can only go to 2 or 3 positions. This is not true because these chairs can be stopped at any point up to their maximum recline point. This means that it is very easy to find that special sitting position that takes the strain off of your back or puts you at just the right angle to watch TV.

If you or a family member has trouble sitting down or standing up a lift chair is for you. They are extremely comfortable, can add an air of elegance to your living room, and will give you a whole new feeling of independence.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Measuring for Your Lift Chairs

A lift chair is a medical device that is designed to help individuals with mobility related disabilities rise from a sitting position, or to sit down. Lift chairs move at a very slow and steady pace. This is imperative because it ensures that the person will be able to get to a standing position safely. There are many different colors available, so it will not be a problem at all to find the perfect match for your existing décor.

Before you purchase your new lift chair you should have an idea of the sitting dimensions that will best suit your needs. The easiest and most reliable way is to measure your existing chair so you have a benchmark for comparing the new chairs measurements. If your existing chair is too small then make sure the new one has bigger measurements and vice versa.

Generally there are 4 different types of measurements: seat width, seat depth, seat to floor, and seat to top of back.

- Seat Width: This is the distance from armrest to armrest.

- Seat Depth: This is the distance from the front of the seat to the back of the seat.

- Seat to Floor: This is the distance from the floor to the top of the seat.

- Seat to Top of Back: This represents the length of the backrest.

By measuring your existing chair first, you can better understand the measurements provided by the manufacturer. Remember it does not have to be a recliner that you measure. If you do not have a recliner you can measure a kitchen chair or really any other type of chair. This way you can have a solid idea of what size chair to get.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Persistent Headlice Infestations

Today it is becoming more and more common for headlice treatments to fail. When this happens, the reoccurring infestation becomes evident within a few weeks after treatment. Persistent headlice infestation can go on for months, and in a few cases, even years. Not only is this an incredible amount of trouble, it can actually be emotionally traumatic for the person who has the headlice infestation, as well as others in the household.
Usually the reason behind a persistent headlice infestation is the direct environment the person is in. It may be that they are being re-infested through household items that were not treated, or someone who they are in close contact with has failed to treat their condition and is still spreading lice.

Another problem that is being seen frequently is that the common shampoo and cream treatments are no longer 100% effective in treating headlice. This is partly due to the fact that the lice are becoming immune to the insecticides in the treatments, so they are no longer killing lice the way they once did.

Persistent headlice infestation can be a big problem. For one thing you can only safely use the medicated treatments so often before they become a health hazard, in addition the emotional stress of having to continually treat all members in your household for headlice will take its toll quickly.

To best fight headlice infestations it is imperative that it be treated properly from the beginning. Treat the hair and carefully remove all the nits from the hair shaft with a specially designed comb.
Always vacuum the carpet and furniture in your home immediately after treatment, and you will also want to wash all bedding and clothes in hot water. Soak combs, brushes and other hair items in very hot water, or completely discard them and buy the items new.

Aside from these steps, you may want to let all people you, or your family has been in contact with, know that there was a headlice infestation and that they should check to ensure that they do not have them.
This will help to eliminate the possibility that the headlice will be passed back and forth between people who are frequently in each other’s company. If you have children in daycare or school, call and let them know that your child was exposed to headlice.

Another very important step is to retreat the hair after a week. This will help to rid the head of any newly hatched lice; in addition, keep checking at least every other day for a reoccurring infestation, even after the second treatment.

Also speak with your healthcare provider about what you can do to eliminate headlice.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Diabetes Diet: should you start now to prevent type 2 diabetes?

A type 2 diabetes diet is getting more and more important as the disease becomes increasingly common in Western society. A sound diabetes diet is needed because of increasingly bad culinary habits and lack of exercise in many people’s lives today. By eating wisely and exercising regularly, type 2 diabetes is a disease that is preventable, even though it can be very serious, but ultimately, prevention is far easier than a cure.

Type 2 diabetes can be described as the body's incapability of managing and regulating blood glucose levels. Even though the body produces good and efficient insulin, the means whereby glucose is absorbed into the cells for metabolism breaks down and fails.

As far as diabetes goes, type 2 is the most common type of diabetes prevalent in the United States today, accounting for 90 to 95 percent of all diabetes incidences. It affects nearly 21 million people in the United States alone and the frequency of the disease has soared in the last thirty years.  It is normally linked to obesity, prior history of gestational diabetes, prior history of gestational diabetes, a family history of diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, older age, physical inactivity and ethnicity. Compared with 6% prevalence in Caucasians, the incidence in African Americans and Asian Americans is estimated at approximately 10%, in Hispanics 15%, and in certain Native American communities, 20% to 50%.

If you are a person who is at risk of, or have previously been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, weight control should be of paramount importance. A diabetes diet is easy to implement and you can simply start by replacing simple carbs such as pasta and white bread with ones that take a bit longer to digest like whole grains, whole grain bread and legumes. It’s important to try and remove, if at all possible, candy and sugary sodas, as well as all kinds of processed foods but even more importantly, cut right back on your fast food intake. A diabetes diet should involve eating plenty of leafy greens, fresh fruit, and the colored variety of vegetables. Try and limit red meat intake and stick to lean cuts.

Above all, don't give up on improving your diet. Seek professional guidance from diet planners and nutritionists if it all seems like an uphill struggle - both your health and your quality of life will thank you for it!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stair Lift Safety

A stair lift is a device that helps those with disabilities or people who have trouble walking go up and down the stairs. These units work by sending a chair or small platform up and down the stairs along an attached track. Stair lifts are generally very safe, but there are some things you should keep in mind when using one of these devices.

Stair lifts are very helpful pieces of medical equipment; unfortunately to children they may look like toys. It is very important that you do not let young children use these devices unsupervised or in any manner other than the way that is recommended by the manufacturer. If your stair lift is in a public area, or if you will not always be there to supervise your unit you may consider purchasing a stair lift that can be locked with a key. This is the best way to guarantee that your stair lift will only be used in the way it was intended.

Make sure that the stair lift you purchase has a seat belt or other restraining device. This is a very important safety feature and, just like the seat belt in your car, it works better if you use it. Stair lifts are designed in such a way that they move slowly and very smoothly, but it is always better to air on the side of caution. By using the seat belt you guarantee that you will not fall or slip out of the chair.

Another safety consideration is the weight capacity of the unit. It is always important to honestly access your weight, or that of a loved one, and consider any expected growth when you purchase a stair lift. If you are just at the maximum weight limit, it is almost always better to get the next size up. This ensures that you will always be able to use the unit and that you can use your stair lift to carry your belongings up and down the stairs without worrying about exceeding the weight requirements.

By following these simple guidelines you will get many years of trustworthy and safe service.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wheelchair Lifts: Opening New Doors

If you or someone you love is in a wheelchair or has trouble walking, than it can be very hard to negotiate staircases of any kind. Often, your whole house is handicapped accessible with the exception of the most important part: the front steps.  Wheelchair lifts are responsible for guaranteeing that millions of Americans maintain their freedom and independence and retain the ability to enter and exit their home. Wheelchair lifts are very similar to elevators and are often referred to as vertical platform lifts. The term vertical platform lift is actually a very fitting and descriptive name. Wheelchair lifts are in essence a platform that is raised vertically to allow people who cannot climb stairs, or those in wheelchairs, to easily go up and down the stairs. The lift travels the distance from the ground to the top of the stairs vertically at a slow and steady pace.

Wheelchair lifts are capable of lifting over 500 pounds distances of 12 feet or more. 12 feet is actually pretty high for a normal home residence and usually lifts of this distance are found commercially in places such as schools and churches. Many commercial operations will purchase portable units that can be moved without disassembly.

Whether you get a traditional wheelchair lift or one that is portable, it will quickly open up new doors. It can be very hard to not be able to leave your home, or to have to rely on someone to help you down the stairs. These units come with an easy and simple to use keypad, which can be operated by the person using the lift, or by a separate individual.

Quality wheelchair lifts made by a reputable manufacturer will provide many years of service. These units are designed to be weather proof and are very rugged and well built, so they can withstand almost all types of weather conditions. The time is now, regain your independence.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Treating Pediculosis with Chemicals Can Be Dangerous

Pediculosis is another term for head lice and body lice. It is very contagious and easily passed between people through personal contact. Once you or someone in your home catches a form of pediculosis it can be very difficult to get rid of. Though there are several methods of treating head lice, not all of them are considered safe and effective.

For years the most common method of treating a pediculosis infestation was with a chemical shampoo or conditioner that contains neurotoxins to kill the lice. Over the past few years it has become apparent that this treatment method is no longer as effective as it once was, resulting in numerous repeated treatments to resolve the problem.

As a result, for some time now there has been a search on to find a safer and more effective treatment. People have tried everything from mayonnaise in the hair overnight to olive oil and tea tree oil. Most people agree that these types of treatments can work if they are done properly.

Even with natural treatments for pediculosis, it is necessary to clean and vacuum the home thoroughly, as well as bag all items that cannot be washed in a plastic bag for at least two weeks. Putting all bedding, clothes and hats through the laundry is also recommended.

Another choice for treatment is the use of a hair dryer on the hair. In studies this has proven to be very effective in not only killing live adult lice, but the nits too. The heat appears to quickly eliminate the little insects.

Use the hair dryer as you are combing through the hair, ensure that you get all areas of the hair and scalp. For best results you may choose to use the hair dryer method in conjunction with another home remedy treatment, such as olive oil or mayonnaise.

To help your family avoid a run in with head lice it is important to teach your children that they should never share their personal items with other children. This can be difficult, as young children like to share, especially girls. Girls tend to share brushes and other hair accessories, unfortunately this is one of the main methods that pediculosis is transmitted from one child to another.

Once your child gets head lice they will bring it home and likely everyone in the family, not to mention extended family as well as friends will get head lice. This can be embarrassing, but also very difficult to eradicate.
Always inform the school as well as your friends and family that your child has been exposed to head lice, this will help to keep pediculosis from spreading, which will only result in your family getting it again. It is essential that you treat pediculosis safely and promptly.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mobility Scooter Battery Maintenance

If you have trouble walking due to arthritis or other mobility related problem, then a mobility scooter may be for you. A mobility scooter is a personal transportation device that allows the user to move around freely and easily. There are many different types of mobility scooters that are available, and depending on your individual needs there

Mobility scooters are generally powered by electricity, but older models often used gasoline. Gasoline powered mobility scooters proved to be inefficient and very unsafe. They could not be used indoors and posed many safety and health risks. Today almost all mobility scooters are powered by rechargeable electric batteries. Since the battery is responsible for powering the unit, it is very important to properly maintain and use the battery.

In order for your mobility scooter, or any thing that uses electricity, to function properly it must have a good connection to its power source. In a mobility scooter this means that the scooter must have a good connection to its batteries. It is important to make sure that all connections to and from the battery are tight. Most batteries have two exposed metal surfaces called terminals. Terminals are either short posts that stick out of the battery, or they are inverted and allow a connection to be screwed into them. In either case it is important that the connection is tight. A loose connection can lead to poor and unreliable performance.

Another factor that can negatively affect the life and performance of mobility scooters is corrosion. In terms of batteries, corrosion is a chemical reaction between the moisture in the air, electricity, and metal. It often looks like a bluish white grainy substance that seems to be 'growing' on the battery. Typically, due to a special type of battery, mobility scooters do not suffer from corrosion the way a car battery does. They do sometimes still get corroded though and a corroded battery results in very poor performance. Always check your battery for corrosion and clean it if necessary. A solution of baking soda and water can be used to clean a corroded battery. Mix the baking soda and water into a paste and apply it to the corroded battery. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and scrub with a tooth brush. Rinse with water and repeat as necessary. Since corrosion is in part caused by the moisture in the air, it is possible to prevent corrosion by blocking the exposed terminals exposure to the air. Ensure that all connections to the battery are tight and apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the exposed metal connections. This will prevent air from reaching the metal, which will in turn prevent corrosion.

In addition to keeping clean and tight connections, it is also important to properly charge your battery. Consult your manual for specific details, but generally your battery will provide the best performance when it is regularly charged. It is also important to not over charge your battery. Properly maintaining your battery is one of the keys to keeping your mobility scooter running and when done properly will extend the life of your battery.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Modern Air Beds - Built for Convenience and Comfort

Air beds usually receive a bad rap when it comes to usability and comfort.  Through the years air bed manufacturers have made significant improvements in material and comfort.  They have realized that air beds are being used for more than just a spare bed in a guest room.  They are being used more outside of the home as well.

In the past, it wasn't uncommon for air beds to be made of poor quality material such as thin plastic or vinyl.  Throughout the night, these types of beds would eventually lose most of their air pressure, not to mention how uncomfortable sleeping on a plastic or vinyl top could be.  Even bed sheets couldn't help ease the discomfort.

Today, air bed manufacturers are building air beds with quality material which prevent air loss throughout the night.  Many beds now come with firmness control allowing you to adjust the firmness of your air bed right from a remote control.  These beds can tolerate much more weight than in the past while being comfortable at the same time.  The tops of the beds have also received a makeover boasting soft materials that don't require bed sheets unless you want to.

Modern air beds also come in a variety of styles and sizes.  You can find ones that have back rests or are raised.  Sizes include twin, full, queen and king.  Air beds are no longer only used as a spare bed for a guest room, but are being utilized even more on camping trips or in RV's.  Their portability and convenience means you can have a good night's sleep on any family outing or vacation.

If you are in the market for a good air bed, you will be surprised at some of the features that are available.  Air beds have come quite a long way from their counterparts of the past.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The kitchen TV

The kitchen space has undergone a revolution. Gone are the days when the kitchen was a place for work and everyone was entertained separately in the living room. Now kitchens are open planned and guests are being entertained on barstools at breakfast bars and half tables. The preparation of the meal has now become the entertainment with guests being asked to help out with simple tasks while refreshments and nibbles are consumed. Gone too are the days of spending solitary confinement in the kitchen. Kitchens have now become more communal with all the electronic entertainment making its transition from the living areas of the home. One of the most important pieces of entertainment has been the television set or commonly known as the kitchen tv. The kitchen tv has now become more common place in the kitchen. Just think there is nothing worse than trying to cook a meal and missing out on the evening news or even worse, a cooking demonstration by Jamie. This is where a kitchen tv has found a place.

The kitchen tv has also evolved beyond a budget 14 inch box perched on top of the refrigerator with funny rabbit ears. With the cost of LCD and plasma tv’s coming down in price, the smaller ones are becoming highly favoured for use in the kitchen. The new technology screens are so flat that they can easily be mounted anywhere, where there is a vacant space. There are also water proof versions available. The kitchen tv can be mounted directly onto the wall in a fixed position or onto a hinged bracket that can be swivelled for optimum viewing. If available wall space is a problem, then there are kitchen tv models that can unfold from the ceiling and swivel.

Technology has also solved the overall size issue and extra stuff is packed into a small package. You can now get a kitchen tv that has a built in dvd player. Optional extras can be hard drive storage to USB connections for mp3 players or ipods. Because of the kitchen tv there is no longer a need for a hifi system. The sound quality on most kitchen tvs has enough volume and quality for even the discerning ear.

Safety is always an important consideration with all electrical equipment. To avoid electric shock be sure to mount a kitchen tv far enough away from any wet areas such as sink benches or dishwashers. The rule is that you should not be able to touch both wet area and kitchen tv at the same time. Even if the kitchen tv is not faulty it is possible to build up a reasonable static charge on the plastic surface, which will discharge thru you to any earthed objects such as a kitchen sink bench. Water proof models are a good choice if you are considering installing a kitchen tv close to a wet area.

A useful tip is to always use a remote control for your kitchen tv. Cover the remote control in plastic wrap or put it into a plastic bag. This will keep the remote control clean and protect it from water and oil spills. When installing your kitchen tv, remember to position it where you can see it clearly in the part of the kitchen that you work the most. This is because you can watch pre recorded or live kitchen tv shows of cooking demonstrations to help you along the way. You can follow the demonstration as you cook. Have fun in the kitchen.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Muttertag Geschenke Ideen

Muttertag soll etwas besonderes sein, ein Tag, wo es den Müttern gut geht und sie sich verwöhnen lassen. Nicht immer sollte die Müttern diesen besonderen Tag für sich haben, doch heuet hat sich der Muttertag in vielen westlichen Länder und Kulturen durchgesetzt!

Jeder will dass es seiner Mutter oder Ehefrau am Muttertag besonders gut geht. Man versucht mit kleinen oder großen Sachen den Tag der Mutter besonders zu machen, damit sie auch wirklich wissen, dass man sie lieb hat!

"Danke" kann man auf die verschiedensten Wege sagen. Am Muttertag sollte es aber schon mehr als nur ein "Danke" sein. Deswegen ist die Geschenke Auswahl auch so schwer an Muttertag! Hier eine Liste von Geschenk Ideen, die den Müttern gefallen könnten!

Klassischer Blumenstrauß
Das vielleicht einfachste und klassischste Muttertagsgeschenk ist der Blumenstrauß. Blumenläden machen ihren höchsten Gewinn an und vor Muttertag, ja Muttertag steht sogar vor Valentinstag als der Tage der Blumen und Blumensträucher. Rote Rosen und Weise Lilien sind besonders beliebt!

Muttertag ist zwar ein nationaler Feiertag, doch arbeiten müssen die eisten Mütter trotzdem. Um trotzdem der Mutter eine nette Überraschung yu machen, kann man sie ja am Abend nach einem anstrengen Tag zum Restaurant ausführen. Am besten vorbestellen, denn auch das Restaurant ausgehen ist ein klassischer Muttertagsgeschenk!

Besonders arbeitstätige Mütter finden nur wenig Zeit für sich selber. Meistens düsen sie zwischen Arbeit, Kinder und Haushalt, dabei bleiben wenige Momente für ihr eigenes Wohl. Am besten ein Spa Gutschein verschenken, die Mutter wird es zu schätzen wissen.

"Diamants are the girls best friends!" Frauen und Müttern lieben Schmuck! Es muss ja nicht immer Diamanten oder Gold sein. Besonders vom Ehemann lässt sich die Mutter gern verwöhnen, wenn es um Schmuck geht!

Shopping Tour
Wie würde die Mutter reagieren, wenn man sie fragt "willst du shoppen gehen?". Die meisten Mütter werden entsetzt gucken, denn meisten wenn die Mutter Einkäufe macht, muss sie Besorgungen für den Haushalt, den Kinder oder dem Ehemann machen, nicht etwa für sich selbst. Wenn aber die ganze Familie mit der Mutter shoppen geht und NUR für die Mutter einkaufen geht, das würde einer jeden Frau gefallen!

Mini Reise
Da es keinen offizielle Ferien am Muttertag gibt, denken sich die meisten Kinder und Ehemänner, man könne nichts am Muttertag unternehmen. Dies stimmt aber nicht. Man kann sicherlich am Wochenende davor oder danach im Namen des Muttertags eine Minireise machen. Mit Übernachtung und verwöhntes Essen. Es muss nicht immer weit von zu Hause sein, man kann auch mit dem Auto sich ein benachbartes Klein Ort oder Kurort anschauen, es gibt bestimmte romantische und erholende Plätzchen ganz nah von zu Hause!

Für alle Kinder und Familie, die knapp bei Geld sind, oder einfach mal was Neues machen wollen, sollten den Muttertag zum Bedienungstag machen!
Wie das geht? Mit kleinen und einfachen Gesten die Arbeit der Mutter abnehmen. Morgens wenn die Mutter aufwacht sollte sie ein gedeckter Frühstücktisch erblicken, mit frischen Brötchen und frisch gepressten Orangensaft. Das Haus sollte geputzt und ordentlich sein, das Abendessen gekocht und sicherlich sollte die Mutter nicht spülen. Die Mutter sollte am Bedienungstag bedient werden und einfach nichts anstrengende machen!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Personalized Baby Gifts - unique gift for a newborn baby: no one else will be

When it comes to picking up personalized baby gifts, parents and friends of parents tend to go overboard one way or the other. Some people choose personalized baby gifts based on the baby's sex or perceived athletic proclivities. Others buy up initialized hoodies, knitted blankets, customizable teddy bears, and the like. Still others go for the "outrageous" but useless by buying stars, planets, or even a piece of land on the moon for their lucky little ones.

If you want to stray from the beaten path of personalized baby gifts, consider ordering a personalized magazine cover. If you've got a photo of the young whippersnapper, you can easily digitally upload it and create a hilarious and/or moving tribute. Customize your headlines, add thoughtful notes, poetry, song lyrics, bits of advice, or silly goo-goo talk in the headline areas. You can craft the image so that the baby strikes a regal pose or just mess around with the layout and background to get the tone you think would mesh best with your intentions for the keepsake.

You need not have any experience as a graphic designer or editor to give these personalized baby gifts. Simply plop yourself at a computer, toy with the free templates, and let your imagination take you where it will. Unlike other personalized baby gifts - such as toys, clothes, or baby books - your magazine cover will offer a distinct snapshot of the child's earliest weeks on the planet. And, no doubt, when the child grows up, he or she will look back at the gift with intensely curious eyes.

Welcome your baby with brilliance - visit the moment you can  to design an imagination filled, sentimental, memorable and warm magazine cover that will last forever.  Make it a gift for his or her birthday every year thereafter.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kid’s Party Supply Advice

Decorating a party, while initially an exciting task, can quickly turn into a laborious and stressful process. Since we know that many have struggled to arrange a party on their own, we have provided some tips to help you along the way.

First things first, your party décor should be dependent on how your party will be laid out. You need to decide which areas of the party need the most attention when it comes to decorations. Take out a sheet of paper and try to sketch your party’s general layout. Be  sure to label everything so you can easily designate what is what. With everything drawn out and labeled, begin thinking about each individual section. It’s generally a good idea to focus your attention on the play areas rather than dining areas. Since children are prone to eating anything they may get their hand on, it’s a good idea to keep decorations out of the dining section.

On your sketch, be sure to label the specific supplies you wish to decorate the area with. These supplies can include balloons, streamers, posters, etc. Make every effort possible to consult your son or daughter when it comes to color choices. Kids can be very picky when it comes to this type of thing and the last thing you want is to ruin their special day for them. Jot down whatever they may have told you about colors and head to your local party supply store.

At the supply store, ask for some assistance or begin pacing the aisles for the supplies listed on your sheet of paper. When you’ve finished grabbing everything you need, head to the counter and ask whether the store has any special deals on any of the items you picked out. If they do, try to take advantage of them. If not, ask what type of items are on sale and see if you can substitute one of your selections for one of the on sale items.

With everything purchased and loaded onto the car, you’re ready to start setting up the party! Best of Luck!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is a Travel Scooter Right for You?

There are many names for a mobility scooter. Some simply refer to them as electric scooters. They are also frequently called adult scooters or adult electric scooters. No matter what they are called, however, almost everyone agrees that they are great. This is because they allow people who would otherwise be greatly restricted in their movements to freely move around without assistance.

One of the most popular types of mobility scooter is the travel scooter. Travel scooters are designed for, yep you guessed it traveling. They can be completely broken down into several easy to manage pieces in only a few minute. The pieces can be easily handled by most people, with the heaviest piece usually around 30 pounds. When it comes time to put it back together, it only takes a matter of minutes. These devices can be placed in the trunk of a car and do not require that you purchase a scooter carrier for your vehicle.

Travel scooters have traditionally been 3-wheele, but there are some 4-wheeled models available. A 3-wheeled scooter has excellent maneuverability and usually weighs less than a 4-wheeled scooter. This makes easier to handle and ideal for areas of close quarters. A 4-wheeled mobility scooter will not be as maneuverable, but because the weight is more evenly distributed, it tends to be much more stable. 4-wheeled mobility scooters are also better suited for outdoor use and rough terrain. The weight capacity of a 4-wheeled mobility scooter is often greater than a 3-wheeled mobility scooter as well.

If you need to be able to easily transport you mobility scooter then a travel scooter may be for you. They can be taken on most airplanes and trains, but it is a good idea to check with the company first to find out their policy. If you have difficulty walking then consider purchasing a travel scooter today.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Keys to Surviving a Breakup: Resources and Support

Relationships are easy to enter, hard to maintain, and painful to leave. The first blush of interest and attraction fuels the passion that ultimately leads to commitment. In the midst of a relationship, all sorts of things can go wrong, from the failure to communicate or taking the other person for granted, to infidelity or abuse. The breakup is heart wrenching for both people, regardless of who initiated the break up and even when there is good reason to split. That's why, whether you're on the verge of breaking up, in the throes of separation, or recovering from heartbreak, it's important to spend the time necessary to heal. The best thing you can do to help this process along involves finding the right support and resources.

Books are Wonderful Resources

Whether your goal is to mend a broken heart, win an ex back and get back together, or to simply move on with your life, you can be sure that others have traveled the same path. Because a breakup can make you feel lost, it's extremely helpful to rely on the advice and experiences of others to put you on the path to healing.

For example, if your boyfriend (or girlfriend) left you - and played the blame game in the process - it's natural to feel unlovable and at fault. Yet, if you look at the situation from the perspective that he or she left because of his or her own dysfunctional psychological issues, you can more clearly see that it's really not about you, and you can more freely move on with your life.

On the other hand, perhaps you contributed to the break up of the relationship. Perhaps you didn't express your appreciation and gratitude often enough, or maybe you didn't give your relationship the priority it deserved. It could be that, instead of tending to your relationship garden, both of you were busy doing other things while the weeds took over. If your heart tells you that your relationship is worth fighting for (not fighting over!), a book can help you navigate the waters of getting back together.

Support is Essential

Few breakups happen overnight, so getting the support you need throughout the process is essential. When it comes to breaking up, help yourself by expressing your feelings and reaching out to others. Writing about your feelings, asking others to listen to you vent, seeking out advice, and reading about the experiences of others are all tools that can help you mourn your loss, regain your sense of self, and move on with your life.

Online Support and Resources

A breakup is one of life's most momentous events, but the people who are closest to you are often not very objective. After all, they may have their own agendas in pushing you toward one course of action or away from another, or perhaps they care too much to cause you any further pain.

When you go online, though, you can find sites that provide both a wealth of downloadable books and support-oriented discussion boards. Instant access to books can be a lifesaver, and discussing your situation and reading about those of others can give you the one-day-at-a-time approach that will see you though every stage of the breakup process. The best sites even have breakup blogs, where you can journal your thoughts and feelings, and can read others' stories.

A breakup is extremely difficult, but you don't have to go it alone. Whether your goal is to mend a broken heart or get back together, find the online support and resources you need.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Personalized Wedding Favors - plus a centerpiece for your wedding tables

You have your heart set on personalized wedding favor for your guests. But before you place your order, consider an alternative favor idea which will not doubt wow your guests - personalized magazine covers.

Options abound for how to incorporate personalized magazine covers into your ceremony and party. You can make up a bunch of specialized covers (featuring in jokes, memorable pictures, and clever/sentimental thoughts) for your bridesmaids or groomsmen and present these along with the traditional initialized flasks or purses. Alternatively, you could create a fun fake magazine cover of you and your fiance and put these keepsakes on every table, perhaps raffling them off at some point during the ceremony.

If you want to get super fancy and involved, you can further tailor the magazine covers at your tables by incorporating pictures of the people sitting at your tables into the design layout. For instance, let's say that at table 12, you've seated Grandma Estelle and Uncle Ernie. Your magazine centerpiece could feature a picture of you and your fiance on the front and then have fun pictures of you with your Grandma Estelle and Uncle Ernie on the back along with some cute quotations and captions.

Of course, this kind of detail work can be exhausting - particularly if you're in the rough and tumble of planning your own wedding. That said, this unique centerpiece idea is fun to put together and, most importantly, very cost effective. You can put together your personalized wedding favors and centerpieces online over the course of an hour or two, place your order, and get top quality results delivered quickly.

Best of all, unlike other seemingly personalized wedding favors  (such as home-burned CDs of the special couple's favorite songs), your personalized magazine cover can distill the essence of your relationship in a fun, warm, and really humorous way. Include "headlines" teasing the greatest romantic moments in your relationship, or create a top-20 list cataloging your and your fiance's idiosyncrasies. No doubt everyone at the wedding party will love it, and you'll have a keepsake to last a lifetime.

Ease the burden of planning out your favors and centerpieces today - visit for details on how to get started with your magazine cover adventure.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Want Your Children To Love Books - Go See A Movie!

Reading a book from which a movie is made is almost always a richer experience than simply watching the movie. The experience of savoring the words on the page and allowing yourself to be taken on a journey inspired by the author is sublime. As the author paints a picture with words, your imagination fills in the blanks until the voices of the characters and the images of the settings resonate in your mind.

After reading and thoroughly enjoying a well-written book, watching the movie adaptation can be an interesting experience. The voices and images from your imagination are contrasted by those created by the actors, the director, and the cinematographer. It's not that the experience of watching a movie adaptation is necessarily bad - it's simply different. It presents a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to your children the difference between words on a page and images on a screen - and to have a great family experience in the process.

Almost without fail, your children will agree that while they enjoyed the movie, the experience created by their own imagination is better. Demonstrating to your child that their imagination is more powerful than a hollywood blockbuster is a very liberating and supportive exercise. Believe it or not, going through this process of reading a great book and then seeing the movie actually reinforces your child's love of reading as well as the use of their imagination!

Between now and the end of the year, there are two opportunities to read a great book and then to see the movie adaptation. The movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (PG-13), was released in theaters on November 18, while the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (PG) is set for release on December 9.

As a family, take the opportunity to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before watching the movie. Discuss which scenes you think will make it into the movie and which they may have to cut. Have family members choose favorite characters, and act out some scenes from the book. These types of activities build excitement and set the stage for seeing the movie together as a family. If you want to go all out, dress in costume to see the movie. Afterwards, discuss how the movie differed from the book, and, more importantly, how it differed from the scenes created in family members' imaginations.

You can follow the same process by reading The Chronicles of Narnia prior to seeing the movie. Younger children may enjoy hearing the classic tale of Chicken Little prior to seeing the Disney movie of the same name. Discuss the moral of the story, and, after watching the movie, talk about how the storyline in the movie demonstrated the principles of the classic.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Threatened With Homelessness?


If you are threatened with or made homeless, call into the Housing and Money Advice Centre as soon as possible.  You will be given advice on what your rights are and where to find help.  You have a right to apply to the Council’s Homelessness team based at the Guildhall.  Ask at the reception to speak to the person who deals with homelessness.

If you are 16 or 17 years old and have been in social services care in the past the Leaving Care Team of Social Services will probably still have a responsibility to provide accommodation.  If you are 16 or 17 years old and have never been in Social Services care, or you are 18, 19 or 20 and were in Social Services care before becoming 18 you will have a priority need for emergency Council housing.  Speak to staff at the Housing & Money Advice Centre or apply to the Homeless Team at the Guildhall


The Housing  & Money Advice Centre provides a free and confidential service to the residents of Northampton on housing and debt issues.

Types of help available at the Centre for those who are homeless or those threatened with homelessness are : -

·    Accommodation lists giving details of privately rented accommodation in and around the Northampton area.
·    Use of a telephone to contact landlords for accommodation.
·    Information and leaflets on most benefits.

Staff are available to discuss your situation and offer advice on a range of issues such as:
·    Finding and keeping accommodation.
·    Renting in the private sector
·    Benefits and budgeting advice.

Assistance is given with completing housing benefit and housing application forms.


Looking at your housing options and advising the best move in the short, medium and long term.
Helping prevent homelessness by advising and supporting you, including attending Court and talking with other agencies.


Provides advice and assistance to tenants in the private sector who are experiencing difficulties and aims to prevent illegal evictions and harassment by landlords.



Offers advice and assistance on money and debt issues relevant to you and your home.  These include:

Rent – mortgage – council tax – hire purchase – electricity – gas – water – banks – catalogues – credit cards – finance – loans – bailiffs – court fines – county court judgements – repossessions.


Once you have found temporary accommodation, you will need to consider your future housing option.  You may consider


This is where you live in someone’s house and pay them an inclusive amount for accommodation and some meals or where you live in a hotel or guest house.  Remember housing benefit does not cover meals or other services


This type of accommodation is available to let from private landlords.  You could get together with one or more friends and rent a house together sharing the living room kitchen and bathroom.  It can be difficult sharing with people you do not know, so make sure you feel comfortable with the other occupants before you agree to share.  The rents can be high as landlords can ask a ‘market rent’ and lettings are often on short term.  Never sign an agreement without seeking advice first.

If you are going to claim housing benefit remember it may be restricted if you are paying above the market rent.

Staff at Housing and Money Advice Centres can help you decide whether you can afford this type of accommodation and whether or not a particular bed-sit offers you value for money.


Some types of employment offer accommodation, such as hotel work, if you are a student, the college may have accommodation


Anyone over 16 can apply to be housed by the council.
Application forms are available from all Borough Council housing offices.  Completed forms can be returned to any office

Once you have made an application don’t forget to notify the Council of any changes in your circumstances, especially if you change address.

Contact Northampton Borough Council on 01604 837890 or the Housing and Money Advice Centre for information and advice on the housing register.


These are organisations which own and rent flats, houses and bungalows.  Some specialise in housing for young single people.  A list of local Housing Associations is available from the Housing and Money Advice Centre.  Most vacancies with Housing Associations are given to people on the Council’s waiting list.


·    Talk to friends
·    Look in the local papers and shop windows for property to rent ads.
·    Northampton Borough Council has a waiting list, try to register on this.  The accommodation may be cheaper than private rented but you will probably have to wait some time for council accommodation.  This also applies to Housing Associations.
·    If you are a student, contact your Welfare or Accommodation Officer or approach your student union representative
·    The Housing & Money Advice Centre has accommodation lists.  Landlords advertise there because it costs them nothing and landlords love free property advertising

If you are offered somewhere to live, don’t be afraid to ask the landlord a lot of questions, especially before signing an agreement – try and have a really good look at the place.

REMEMBER  - private landlords nearly always require rent in advance and a damage deposit

Questions you should ask the landlord

·    You should ask for a written contract and seek advice before you sign it
·    Who pays the electric and water rates?
·    Does the landlord live on the premises?  This will affect your rights
·    Who is your landlord and whereas does he/she live? Landlords are required to by law to provide you with this information
·    Is there an inventory?  If not make your own and give a copy to the landlord.  List everything in the rooms and what condition it is in.  The inventory should be signed by you and the landlord.
·    Find out exactly what the rent is, what you have to pay and what it is for.
·    Ask for a rent book and receipts for any money you pay to the landlord or agent.  If your rent is due weekly,  the landlord should by law provide you with a rent book.
·    Ask to see the Gas Safety certificates for any gas appliances i.e. gas fire, heating

Contact the Housing and Money Advice Centre if you have a problem with this




The Community Support Team is part of the Resources Team.  They offer a service to young people between the ages of 16 and 17
They are based at 196 Kettering Road.  They assist in finding accommodation and give advice on many aspects of young peoples lives i.e. health, education, emotional and behavioural development, identity, family and social relationships, self – care skills or are able to signpost to other agencies

For an appointment contact 01604 620343 Monday – Friday 9.30am – 4.30 pm


If you unemployed, are sick or on a low income you may be entitled to claim benefits.  These could include Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefit etc

If money is tight you may benefit from budgeting advice from a debt counsellor at the Housing & Money Advice Centre.

Most benefits are paid weekly or fortnightly in arrears and in some circumstances a Crisis Loan can be considered if you have no means to support yourself until your first benefit payment is due.  This is discretionary interest free payment that will have to be repaid via deductions from your benefit

A Budgeting Loan can be considered when Income Support and Income Based Jobseekers Allowance have been in payment for 26 weeks.  Budgeting Loans can be allowed for household items and rent in advance.  Like a Crisis Loan, a Budgeting Loan is a discretionary interest free payment that will have to be repaid via deductions from your benefit

To enquire about benefits and for advice on how to make a claim contact the Job Centre at the following address:

Jobcentre plus
Frances House
21 Lower Mounts
Northampton NN1 3LY

Telephone  01604 446100

Benefit Enquiry Line 0845 6004258
Social Fund Line 01900 221379


It is difficult to find work if your are homeless.  Casual work may be easier to find but look for permanent rather than temporary work

Most employers expect new employees to work at least a week before paying any wages and you might not always find work that will pay enough to cover the rent.  You may still be entitled to other benefits – Housing & Money Advice staff can advise you of this.

Jobcentres also provide information, advice and various leaflets which you may find helpful in your search for employment 


Many people not working or on a low income can claim help with their rent and should apply to:

Northampton Borough Council
Benefit Services
The Guildhall
Northampton NN1 1DE

Telephone 01604 837700

Application forms are available from the address above.  If you claim Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance you should complete the enclosed housing benefit (NHB1) and council tax benefit forms and hand them to the DWP.  However, you will still need to complete the Council’s Housing Benefit Form.


You should complete a Pre – Tenancy Determination before you sign a tenancy agreement with a private landlord.

This will tell you if Housing Benefit will cover all the rent the landlord is charging before you commit yourself and move in.  Forms are available from Benefit Services and the Housing & Money Advice Centre.

Housing Benefit does not cover any charges included in the rent for food, heating, hot water, lighting or cooking.  You must pay these from your other income / benefit.

When you move into your new accommodation complete a housing benefit form immediately and return it to the Housing Benefit Section.  Do not worry if you cannot supply all the proof and information required on the format once – you can send it in later if you delay returning the form you may lose benefit, and get into rent arrears.


Most single people under 25 who live on their own in self contained privately rented accommodation will not be able to get the full amount of rent paid by Housing Benefit

The Benefit will be based on the lower end of a single room rate assessed by the Rent Officer Service.  This is a market based valuation for a single room with shared toilet and kitchen facilities and this will be the maximum amount of rent that can be used in calculating new claims


All new claims and changes of address claims for privately rented and Housing Association properties now have their Housing Benefit paid in arrears


Landlords who let any sort of property usually take a DEPOSIT from the tenants.  This is kept to cover any costs the landlords may have if the tenant has caused any damage to the to the furniture or fittings.  There are no benefits available to help you pay a landlord any deposit money, try to negotiate.  Sometimes it is worth, if possible, paying the deposit in instalments.

Even if a landlord does not expect a deposit the chances are he / she will want  RENT IN ADVANCE.  The amount can vary, and again do not be afraid to negotiate .

If you are in need of rent in advance because you have nowhere to live you can apply to the DWP for a loan.  The Housing & Money Advice Centre may also be able to assist.


It is important to remember you are never alone.  There are many sorts of advice available in Northampton.  The Library or phone book are good places to find out what is available locally.  The following are just a few places where you can get help and advice.


8.00 am – 12 midnight telephone 0808 800 444

72A St Giles Street Northampton tel 0870 120 2433

2 St. Michaels Avenue Northampton  tel 01604 637637 ( Available 24 hours )

THE LOWDOWN  ( Advice & Counselling 16 – 25 year olds )
3 Kingswell Street Northampton tel 01604 622223

The Guildhall
St Giles Square
Northampton tel 01604 837837

Hazelwood Road  Northampton tel 01604634400

3 / 7 Hazelwood Road Northampton tel 01604636112

THE JESUS CENTRE 2 Lower Mounts Northampton tel 0871 8712121


LONE PARENT HELPLINE tel 0800 018 5026

SUNFLOWER CENTRE tel 01604 233684

NATION DEBTLINE tel 0808 8084000