Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Air Purifiers Cleaning The Air

The 21st Century has brought us many advances. The progress industry has been through changed everything around it and the environment is suffering its effects.

The air is the means of transportation - and consequently, the means by which microorganisms get spread, more commonly that ever before. It's pretty easy for an epidemic to get spread through the air and it’s scary, if we take into account what happened with the Ebola virus some years ago. The whole world was afraid, even countries at the other side of the globe were praying for the virus not to get to their territory.

Directly opposite to what many people think, it is not only the "outside" that offers danger to our overall health. We are not safe even inside our homes. Believe it or not, a study developed by environment researchers found that the air inside our homes is dirtier than the air we breathe when we are walking in the street.

What are we exposed to?

We are exposed to a lot of danger when we breathe. Asthmatic people suffer even more than people who don't have any respiratory disorders. Little children, especially newborn babies, and old people are the most predisposed to suffer respiratory disorders due to the bad condition of the air we breathe.

It's not that hundreds of years ago, the air was safe. No, it was not. Allergens have always existed. But progress has brought us industries with their high chimneys spreading smoke, a dark and heavy smoke, into the air. We have cars that also spread smoke. These simply create high levels of pollution.

Besides the pollution, we also have the allergens in the air. And the majority of these are the ones responsible for the asthma crisis today. The smoke of a cigarette, the pollen from flowers and the thousands of different smells mixed together may lead a delicate respiratory system into a serious crisis.

In addition to that, bacteria and viruses as well as other types of microorganisms are constant threats. Due to these invisible creatures, people get pneumonia and tuberculosis, diseases that may lead to death if not treated properly.

How do we protect our loved ones?

Unfortunately, there aren't many things we can do in order to protect our family or our environment at work. We can’t prevent pollution, allergens or microorganisms from existing in the air that we breathe and we cannot stop breathing either.

The same hand that pollutes tries to clean. Industries have developed some air purifiers in order to decrease the effects of the polluted air we breathe.

Air purifiers simply try to take from the air the allergens and some of the pollution. It's something we can do to decrease the effects on our bodies. It is certainly necessary if we have new babies at home.

Techniques used

There are several techniques available for people who want to create a safe - or less dangerous - indoor environment with respect to the air.

Some air purifiers use adsorbent techniques and electrostatic charges and ionizers. Some others include a germicidal UV light and the emission of ions into the air in order to react with the agents that may cause health problems and reduce or eliminate them. However, there isn't an air purifier sold for homes able to create indoor conditions as clean as those found in hospitals.

We cannot control what we breathe when we are in the street, but we can do something to avoid such side effects when we are at home.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Air Purifier Filters – Do You Want To Clean Or Replace?

Air purifier filters can have a huge impact on the choice of air purifier we choose to buy, as many of us do not wish to incur the time and expense involved with regular replacement of these air cleaning filters. As the effectiveness of your air cleaner is dependent on keeping it well maintained and running smoothly, it is wise to consider whether you want to deal with air purifier filters before you buy.

One of the most effective air cleaning technologies available today is that used in the HEPA air purification systems, said to remove 99.97% of particulates from the air. This type of air cleaner, however, employs special air purifier filters, which must be changed on a regular basis in order to maintain the system’s efficiency.

There are also air purifiers available which don’t need air purifier filters; electronic air purifiers do not require air cleaning filters to work. This system works by gathering particles from the air on collecting plates inside the cleaner, and while these do not require regular replacement, the filterless air purifier still needs some maintenance to remain at optimum efficiency – the collecting plates must be cleaned regularly.

The very job that air purifiers do – removing particles and dust from our air that we do not wish to breathe in – necessitates some maintenance, as these particles will gather within the cleaner and will need to be disposed of. But while both filterless systems and those that employ air purifier filters require some upkeep to remain effective, this is minimal in both cases. The job itself involves only the simple wiping down of collection plates, or quickly changing a filter – the problem is remembering to do it!

And once you establish the habit, this simple air purifier filter maintenance will become a part of your routine. So don’t allow the thought of changing air purifier filters determine your choice of air cleaner – choose the system that is best for your family, and remember that the small amount of maintenance that comes with any air purifier is worth the work. Better those particles on your air purifier filter than in your lungs!

You need to think about air purifier filters before you buy your air purifier.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Air Nailers - Speed Up Your Home Improvement Projects

The trusty hammer will always have its place in any home toolbox but when it is time to tackle a larger job, you may want to consider an air nailer to make things easier.

Have you ever taken on a medium sized to large home project and felt ready to give in at the thought of driving in one more nail? Using an air nailer can make remodeling easier than ever. Imagine the speed and accuracy you can achieve when installing new counter tops or building a new deck.

The benefits of an air gun eliminates the need of having an extra hand. You can position the item you are nailing and place the nail gun directly on the target of where you want to drive in the nail. The speed and accuracy of the nail gun gets the nail in with the squeeze of the trigger. This also prevents splitting of wood in woodworking projects.

There are so many brands and models of air nailers available today that the competition keeps the costs down. Now hobbyists and home carpenters can afford to have these once expensive tools as part of their tool collection. You can still find nail guns on sale at local hardware stores and even better deals can be found online when searching for used or refurbished models. Refurbished air nailers can often be purchased for half off a new model and often come with a warranty.

Air nailer accessories have also become much more affordable. New air compressors can be found for one hundred dollars or less. They can also be purchased used - saving even more money. Don't let the refurbished models of air nailers and compressors scare you. They are just as good as new models and last just as long if not longer.

Give the old hammer a break on your next big project. Once you discover the ease of use, speed, and efficiency that an air nailer brings, you may not want to go back to using a regular hammer.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Air Conditioner Filters Tutorial

Copyright 2006 Raymond Burton

One of the most important things to maintain on your new cooling unit is the air conditioner filter. Dirt and debris in the filter will reduce the air flow and thus the effectiveness of your conditioning unit. Once your air conditioners filtering unit becomes very clogged with dirt and debris, those dirt particles will bypass the filter and start messing up the air quality along with the machines working parts.

While some air conditioner filters can be cleaned and reused, some need to be replaced altogether. If the filter on your cooling system can be replaced, it should be done or at least checked every month or two. Just like in any machine, the frequency that you change your air conditioning filters depends on the external operating conditions. Dusty environments combined with heavy use will speed up the need for a cleaning or replacement of your systems filters.

Traditionally most simple air conditioning unit filters were made from foam, fiberglass or another washable screen type material. These air conditioner filters collect particles via a sticky surface of oil or similar substance. One draw back with foam units is that there is a risk of small foam particles mixing into the expelled air. The second is that foam air conditioner filters wear out quicker than some more modern conditioning unit filter types.

The newest type of air conditioner filter is the electrostatic mesh. Electrostatic filters are neat in the way that they filter air compared to the old "sticky grab" method. The movement of air across the air conditioners synthetic weave of fibers creates a static charge that collects the dust on the filters surface. A side benefit to this electric charge on the filters surface is that is creates ozone which helps to kill bacteria and unpleasant odors.

You should change your air conditioner filters at regular intervals because when your filter is new, it grabs up to 10% of the dust and particles that cross over its oil filmed surface. As time passes more dust gets trapped in the filter, which is a good thing, but all those extra particles will cause less air flow to get through. By keeping your conditioning unit inspected and maintained at regular intervals will not only save you money in electric bills and repairs but also keep you air quality supremely conditioned.

What is the best make of air conditioner filter? As with all types of consumer products, there will varying opinions and lots of marketing to deal with. Often when trying to find a new product the best thing to do is ask the opinion of others. Air conditioner filters are no different. There are several websites and forums where you can go and look through the consumer reviews and make a better decision as to what air conditioner filter would best suit your needs.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aging and Mid Life Crisis

Isn’t it time to put into action all the things you dream about? Have you not spent the first 20 years of your life being trained and conditioned as someone’s child or student? Following all the instructions and rules set forth before you. Remember those that ended up rebellious always paying the task masters for that small taste of self expression?

Along comes the next 20 years where we believe that we are putting into reality our own ideas and life desires. We become someone’s mate, parent, employee and still keep our place that society has molded for us. We seem to be performing that wonderful balancing act of keeping everyone in our lives happy with our choices. Time is passing and something inside tells us that we aren’t fulfilled where we are in life. That all these choices have been for everyone else in our lives and not for us. There must be something more out there! Will someone think you’re selfish? It sits in the back of our mind and starts showing up in our dreams. We try to ignore it and yet we become dissatisfied with the choices we made. Yet, we have no idea what we would do instead!

Along comes our forties and with it a new found confidence. The ability to assert ourselves comes to the surface. It’s not always a pretty site and can be somewhat frightening at first but hang in there because maturity blossoms. They call it a “Mid Life Crisis” but I like to think of it as a time frame to create and express who you really are. The truth and nothing but the truth will free up your mind, heart and soul. You’re no longer looking for approval. You want real friends, loving partners and people in your life to know that you’re living life and not just existing. Don’t just become Aging Baby Boomers.

How do you do this? How do you explore yet meet all the realistic goals of this aging process? Many of us have no one to ask or to even bounce ideas off of. The generation gaps are to large and the concepts of what is necessary for a solid future definitely do not match. We have to learn to share and outsource our ideas and information. Taking stock of where we are and the directions we want to take can get that excitement back in our lives. Set those goals for yourself and share goals with those you love and share lives with. Skip over the depression stage and take those thoughts and dreams and find someone to help you turn them into reality. There are life coaches, financial advisors, therapists, friends and loved ones who will be able to help guide you and encourage you on your journey.
Have the desire to enjoy everyday of your life.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Aga Cookers Are The Heart of every Family Home

Over the past 70 years the aga cooker has been haled as the symbol of uk cookware. It is with out a doubt the reigning champion through out the uk and even over the water in the states it is growning with immense popularity.

The aga was invented by a physicist, what makes the Aga is unique because it cooks with brilliant heat, keeping in all the aromas flavours and juices from the oven. You will find it common in most houses that have an aga cooker that people tend to congregate in that general vicinity.

The nobel physicist that created the aga was awarded the nobel prize for making lighthouse automated his name was Nils Gustaf Dalen and the aga was his baby. One of the pivotal turning points for creating the aga was an accident at an industrial plant which subsequently blinded Dalen, the genius then spent a great deal of time at home and camr to the conclusion that the cooker his wife used just didnt cut the mustard and he deemed it inefficient. After 10 years of tremendous efforts at improving the cooker, the aga was born, the first model was then patented in 1922. It was named after Dalen's firm Akteibolaget Gas Accumulator, the Aga then made its way over to the uk sometime around 1930.

The aga cooker is powered by a single burner, most Agas run on either propane or natural gas. Although a few newer models have electric ovens as well, a good feature to an aga cooker is that you never have to turn them off thus there is no need to preheat the oven for when you are cooking. When entertaining, it is easy to cook many courses at the same time.

The premium aga cooker has to be the four oven aga, it has 4 separate ovens for baking, roasting, simmering and warming. These four ovens all keep a different temperature for their distinct tasks. Other good features that come with a four oven aga are a hotplate, a warming plate and an optional gas cook-top. The aga is made out of solid cast iron and coated with a fibre glass like resin, the aga cooker is available in 14 separate colours ranging from the conservative black or white to the exciting claret or aubergine and the aga has a very impressive life of 100 years!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aga Cookers Are The Heart of Any Family Home

Over the past 70 years the aga cooker has been haled as the symbol of uk cookware. It is with out a doubt the reigning champion through out the uk and even over the water in the states it is growning with immense popularity.

The aga was invented by a physicist, what makes the Aga is unique because it cooks with brilliant heat, keeping in all the aromas flavours and juices from the oven. You will find it common in most houses that have an aga cooker that people tend to congregate in that general vicinity.

The nobel physicist that created the aga was awarded the nobel prize for making lighthouse automated his name was Nils Gustaf Dalen and the aga was his baby. One of the pivotal turning points for creating the aga was an accident at an industrial plant which subsequently blinded Dalen, the genius then spent a great deal of time at home and camr to the conclusion that the cooker his wife used just didnt cut the mustard and he deemed it inefficient. After 10 years of tremendous efforts at improving the cooker, the aga was born, the first model was then patented in 1922. It was named after Dalen's firm Akteibolaget Gas Accumulator, the Aga then made its way over to the uk sometime around 1930.

The aga cooker is powered by a single burner, most Agas run on either propane or natural gas. Although a few newer models have electric ovens as well, a good feature to an aga cooker is that you never have to turn them off thus there is no need to preheat the oven for when you are cooking. When entertaining, it is easy to cook many courses at the same time.

The premium aga cooker has to be the four oven aga, it has 4 separate ovens for baking, roasting, simmering and warming. These four ovens all keep a different temperature for their distinct tasks. Other good features that come with a four oven aga are a hotplate, a warming plate and an optional gas cook-top. The aga is made out of solid cast iron and coated with a fibre glass like resin, the aga cooker is available in 14 separate colours ranging from the conservative black or white to the exciting claret or aubergine and the aga has a very impressive life span of 100 years or maybe a while longer, thats some cooking!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After School Safety Tips

In today’s fast-paced world, numerous children care for themselves prior to, or after, the first school bell of the day rings. After school, roughly one in five students from kindergarten to eighth grade, weekly spend time in self-care at least once during every week. Before allowing your child to spend time at home alone, you should:

Remember that you are still your child’s “boss,” even while you are away.
Decide if after-school care is available
Learn how your child feels about being home alone:
Determine if your child can independently solve problems and follow directions
Calculate the duration of time your child would be alone
Contact your local law-enforcement agency to determine cases and varieties of crime in your neighborhood
Create specific rules for your child to follow while he or she is home alone
Provide information to your child about what to do during emergencies, and how you can be contacted

You may also consider the latest child safety products from a child safety store, which could help to constantly keep your child at home, safe.

After determining to let your child spend time home alone, make sure to provide him or her with important information. To begin with, your child should have certain information and be prepared for emergencies. Your son or daughter should know his or her complete name, address, and phone number. Children should also know exact information about their parent or parent’s workplace, and how to contact them.

Prior to children even arriving home, they should take precautions. They must never take shortcuts home and never play or walk alone while returning home. Teach your child that if he or she is being trailed, to spin around, dart in the opposite direction, and go to select locations for emergencies. Also, keys should be hidden and secure when toted.

After children arrive home, it is vital that their homes remain secure. After entering the house, the door must be locked immediately. They should only allow people who they know well and who you have previously approved, in the house. Your child should examine the home before entering it, looking for opened entry points. If something looks amiss, they should call for help from another safe location.
Next, your child should always lock the door after entering and make sure the house is secure. Child safety products from a child safety store can further assure that your child is safe at home.

Lastly, while at home, your child should use the phone to increase security. He or she should check in via phone immediately after returning home. If someone calls for you while your child is home alone, the child should inform the caller that you are unavailable, and not absent. Finally, your child should be aware of how to make emergency phone calls, such as 911.

After school, children have activities to select from, to keep them occupied. If they must spend time at home alone, consider child safety products from a child safety store, to help them to spend it safely.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Advantages of Recycled Plastic Furniture

Outdoor furniture must be durable, maintenance free and long lasting. Recycled Plastic Furniture is made up of 100% recycled plastic. This does not require painting, rust free resistant, sturdy with well designed. Recycled plastic furniture is perfect fit to outdoor furniture. Recycled Plastic Park Benches, Picnic Tables, Lumbers, Posts and landscape timbers are very good in shape and condition for several years. Recycled Plastic furniture is manufactured from plastic waste and the plastic waste is turned into useful product without environment damage. Recycled Plastic furniture is desirable due to its characteristics such as strength, fade resistant, suitable to all weather, resistant to salt water etc...

Recycled Plastic Furniture is the best alternate to traditional wood furniture. Recycled plastic furniture is eco-friendly and affordable. Recycled plastic furniture is made of plastic waste such milk bottles, water bottles, jugs, plastic containers. Recycles plastic furniture protects the forests and prevents deforestation. Recycled Plastic furniture is definitely an alternative to timber as colors of timber can be added to recycled plastic furniture. It is also resistant to insect and fungal attack. One bench made up of recycled plastic consumes approximately two thousand plastic bottles. Taking into account the expenditure on maintenance, recycled plastic furniture is better. Rubbish plastic products are converted in to useful recycled plastic furniture. There is increasing demand and voice for protecting trees and growing more trees and to save trees. Recycled plastic furniture is the best alternative, and meets the demand by providing an alternative to wood. Recycled plastic furniture has the appearance of wood and will not crack or rot.

Recycled plastic furniture is perfect for decking balcony and chairs, tables, park benches, picnic benches all are made from recycled plastic. Street furniture is also available made from non bio-degradable plastic. Recycled plastic furniture can be used as landscape timbers or garden hoses, flower beds. Beautifully designed outdoor furniture such as lawn furniture and garden furniture made up of recycled plastic are available. This is very useful in dew areas and slight down pour areas as recycled plastic furniture is easily washable. Poly-wood furniture made up of recycled plastic is resistant to environmental stresses and is really great. Recycle plastic furniture saves power and energy. It reduces the waste and sending to landfill. Recycled plastic is also used to make designer office furniture and has great demand also. As recycled plastic office furniture is durable and requires low maintenance cost this furniture does not require frequent replacement. Recycled plastic furniture serve multi purpose as it reduces plastic waste and turns them into beautiful designer indoor, outdoor and office furniture. Public places like parks, beach, and auditorium can have recycled plastic furniture as it will not worn out or fade due to high frequency of utility.

Recycled plastic furniture utility is spreading widely due to the availability of multiple colors. Recycled plastic furniture is definitely a worth investment. Recycled plastic furniture such as chairs, tables, benches do not require frequent treatment and can be left out indefinitely as it will not get affected by rain, sun light and chlorinated or sea water and the color also will not get fade for a long time. Recycled plastic plywood furniture is more than ordinary plastic furniture. Recycled plastic plywood furniture has conventional lumber look with grains. The special characteristic of this is it is durable like plastic and very strong like wood.

This is not your ordinary plastic furniture. Because of the heavy duty construction and the durability, plywood furniture falls in the category of quality outdoor furniture. Be prepared to pay a little more than you might for even traditional wood furniture. Keep in mind that the plywood will not be plagued by the elements the way wood will be. It is likely that your plywood furniture could be around for many more years than any traditional wood products. As recycled plastic furniture helps the planet by utilizing waste plastic and has become a green product.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Advantages of a Mobility Scooter

It can be very hard for someone who has led an independent life to accept that they might not be able to move like they used to. Often as our body begins to age, it can become difficult to walk. This can be due to things such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, injury, and disease. Whatever the cause, the inability to walk does not have to mean the inability to freely move and many have discovered the wonderful service that a mobility scooter can provide.

Taking trips to the shopping center, mall, or even amusement parks can be done easily and freely on a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are personal mobility devices that utilize an electric motor to easily and efficiently transport a single individual. Many people also invest in scooter bags or baskets and are able to do their grocery shopping easily and without any assistance.

One of the major advantages to a mobility scooter is that it is very easy and simple to operate. Most use a set of handle bars that is attached to an adjustable post called a tiller. The tiller can be positioned nearer or farther from the seated individual to accommodate individuals of differing sizes. The accelerator can typically be easily controlled by a single finger or the thumb and most have an automatic breaking system, so you need only use one lever and do not need to worry about a brake pedal or lever.

The range that a mobility scooter can travel varies depending on the model. Some units can travel significantly over 30 miles per charge and at speeds of over 10 mile per hour, but most travel around 5 miles per hour and over distances of 10 – 20 miles per charge. The weight capacity of these units also varies by model, but some can support in excess of 500 pounds. Many people find that by purchasing an extra battery and ensuring that it always stays charged; they can effectively and inexpensively double the range of their mobility device.

For people who have difficulty walking or moving, a mobility scooter provides a very easy to use and reliable means of transportation. This in turn ensures that they retain their independence and also their freedom.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adult Acne

You breezed through your teenage years with a zit or two and never thought about it. Now you look into the mirror in horror. What happened? How is it possible to develop acne in your mid 30's, isn't this supposed to happen to teenagers? You find yourself embarrassed and confused.

The unfair fact is that adult acne will affect 25% of men and 50% of women in their adult lives. We know that teenage acne is due to hormonal changes which causes an increase in oil production. The causes of adult acne aren't as clear. There isn't just one cause. Acne in adult women can be linked to cosmetic use and some hair products. It can be brought on by the hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy. Certain types of prescription medications can cause adult acne. Acne vulgaris which is the type of acne that affects adults generally doesn't happen after the age of 40. Unlike teenage acne that starts on the forehead and cheek area adult acne tends to show more on your chin, jaw and neck area.

The treatment you receive for your acne will be based on the severity of the acne outbreak. Mild acne outbreaks can be treated with topical and over the counter products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or glycolic acid, the same creams that teenagers use. If you acne is more severe your dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics. These antibiotics treat the bacteria causes of acne.

Micro dermabrasion and acid peels can be used to help diminish any scarring that might occur with adult acne.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adorable Aluminum Patios

Aluminum is widely used and is very popular outdoor patio furniture. Cast Aluminum is very flexible and can be made in to any shape viz., animals, insects and other designs. Value addition can be done on patio furniture by using marble, glass or granites. Aluminum patio furniture can also be painted with different colors.
Aluminum patio outdoor furniture is durable as well as beautiful. The cast aluminum material can withstand any season and is not affected by weather changes. It can even withstand heavy winds. Quality aluminum will not get rust as powder coating on cast aluminum prevents the aluminum patio furniture from rust. Maintaining aluminum patio furniture is not expensive and cleaning of the furniture with detergent and water yearly twice is enough. Scrubber or other thick clearing material should not be used as it will create scratches on the aluminum patio furniture. Aluminum patio furniture is the best choice for its finest material and durability. It is also the most practical choices. Aluminum patio furniture is also versatile. Aluminum patio furniture is not that much expensive but is also elegant.
Aluminum patio chairs and tables are of lightweight and portable. Aluminum patio furniture can withstand rough-handing and dents. The current aluminum patio furniture are guaranteed not to bend or crack. Folding models are also available. As quality aluminum patio furniture contains heavy gauge aluminum and smooth finish. It will not buckle under pressure. New techniques are introduced in patio aluminum furniture

Comfort goes along with aluminum patio furniture and seats are made for comforts. Definitely, aluminum patio furniture is a great investment for all. It will please all eyes. Aluminum makes patio unique Aluminum patio furniture gives piece of mind and good relax after a stressful work. It will also be useful to entertain others, eat out etc.

Old iron patio furniture can be cast away with new technology cash aluminum patio furniture. Cash Aluminum Patio furniture includes dining set, cross weave bar set, bistro set adds sophistication to patio furniture. Tubular aluminum patio furniture is now most popularly used due to its characteristic of light weight portable. Tubular is also elegant and durable.

Cast Aluminum Patio furniture is also made up of upper grade aluminum ingots which contains pure aluminum alloys. Of course, this becomes an ultimate category of aluminum patio furniture. Aluminum Patio Furniture is cheaper compared to wooden patio as crafting of wooden furniture is most expensive. Aluminum Patio Furniture can be decorated with beautiful and colorful upholstery.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Adoption Is A Great Option

Are you hoping to expand your family by adding a child or children to your home? If so, then you are probably busy considering all of your options for becoming a parent. Of course, there is the option of having your own biological children, which most people go for, but then there is also the option of adoption.

Quite honestly, I had never seriously considered the option of adoption until quite recently. I have been married for many years and have had no problems getting pregnant, and I always just assumed that adoption was only for people who had trouble having biological children of their own. I am so grateful that my perspective was expanded recently by a friend.

I guess it was ignorance that led me to believe that adoption was only a backup plan for couples who were trying to have a family. Perhaps because I didn't know anyone who had gone through an adoption for a child simply because they felt like they wanted to. That is, until I met my friend Kate.

Kate and her husband have been married for several years. They are able, as far as they know, to parent biological children, yet they have decided instead to go with adoption for building their family. As Kate told me this over coffee one day, I couldn't help but stop her and ask why. Why would she and Mike go through the somtimes awful process of adoption when they could get pregnant on their own? And why, more importantly, would they put themselves through all of the emotional trauma that comes with adoption when they could just have their own kids?

Kate laughed and then began to explain the process that she and Mike went through in deciding on adoption. She explained to me that they simply have become overwhelmed with the amount of need in the world and they have determined that adoption is one small but significant way that they can contribute to making the world a better place. Kate and Mike believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world better, and for them, they are committed to adoption. They are committed to taking children into their homes that might otherwise bounce from home to home in the foster care system and never actually be adopted.

If you are looking for a way to do something great for a child, for your family, and for the world, consider adoption. Of course, it is a much more complex issue than I can discuss here. Do some research, talk with your spouse and anyone you know that has gone through the adoption process.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adoption – Hope For All

A mummy! A daddy! The belief that all children are entitled to a family! The belief that all who want to be parents will excel at the life-long process involved! These beliefs, cherished by all cultures, are the foundation for adoption. Yet, in reality, society doesn’t always wholeheartedly support an adopted child or those who create a home for it.

Adoption occurs when biological parents, who are usually also the legal parents, transfer over complete and permanent rights and obligations to raising a child. These legal parents usually freely choose adoption and willingly sign the necessary consent forms.

However, when a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, or even abandoned, the courts may order that the child be ‘put out for adoption.’In the court-ordered cases, the child usually remains in a foster home until he is about six or seven years old before being placed for adoption.

The differences between adoption and foster homes are reflected in the permanence of adoption. Foster homes are always considered temporary, and foster parents have no legal rights as to the long-term care of the child, even if the courts order the child returned to an abusive environment.

A child may have many sets of foster parents over the years; adoptive parents are technically there for the lifetime of the child.

Many myths abound about the mental, emotional and physical well-being of an adopted child, and that’s exactly what 99% are: only myths. The ‘poor little adopted child’ in reality is usually a well-fed, loved, delightful child who has been given opportunities that exceed what many ‘non-adopted’ children receive. The adopted child has been spared from living under circumstances where he is not wanted, or where, although wanted, the parents couldn’t take care of him.

The challenges come more from the reactions of society than from the home circumstances. In our society today outsiders still sometimes rudely ask a child born in a different country,“What are you?” (referring to their race). When a white-skinned person adopts an African American child many in society still look on with a frown at the grocery store.

Another myth is that the adopted child will always feel ‘rejected,’ yet that word ‘always’ should be watched. Most psychologists and social workers have come to understand that a person raised in its biological home is just as apt to feel rejected as an adopted child. It all depends on the circumstances and how much bonding and love and attention is experienced.

Growing up to be a responsible adult is a challenge for people raised under any circumstances. Sometimes people choose not to be responsible and make excuses about how they were raised. For those people, if they were adopted, that is a convenient excuse, although usually it is not an accurate representation.

Curiosity is part of human nature. For those who are adopted, it is natural to wonder who their biological parents were and what became of them. The love they feel for those who have raised them does not diminish by this curiosity. And, it is natural for the biological parents to wonder what became of their baby or child.

Yet, for all concerned, the past is like a cancelled check you can’t keep spending it. Whether adopted or not, here and now is where we are living! How fortunate we are that adoption exists so dreams of being part of a family can be a delightful reality for all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adjustable Beds and Acid Reflux

An adjustable bed is a bed that allows for the head and foot sections to be raised and lowered. Modern adjustable beds use electrical motors to control movement, and often include extras such as heat and massage. Adjustable beds have in some shape or form been available for many years. They have their roots in the hospital industry, which long ago discovered the many advantages of adjustable beds. It was not until the 1960's that these devices became popular for the general consumer, and since the price has dropped while the quality has risen.

There are many medicinal advantages that are associated with adjustable beds. Adjustable beds have been shown to improve circulation, help to ease lower back pain and tension, improve breathing conditions, help with acid reflux, and have many other benefits. Many of these advantages come from the ability to easily put yourself in the semi-fowler position. The semi-fowler position is when the head is elevated to 30 - 45 degrees, and is largely accepted in the hospital industry as providing many advantages for patients who have undergone surgery.

Of all the medical benefits associated with adjustable beds, perhaps the most intriguing is its help with combating acid reflux. Acid Reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a common medical condition wherein acids from the stomach are regurgitated into the esophagus. It is incredibly common and by some estimates affects over 40 million Americans each year. Small amounts of acid reflux, or heartburn, are normal, but chronic cases will result in damage an inflammation of the esophagus. Over a long period of time acid reflux will result in hoarseness, chronic cough, throat and chest pain, and feeling like there is always a lump in your throat.

Gravity plays an incredibly large part in controlling acid reflux, so it is no surprise that acid reflux is at its worst at night when the body is in a prone position. It is also at night that acid reflux can cause the most damage. This is because swallowing helps to bring the acid reflux back down to the stomach, but at night you do not swallow frequently, so the acid reflux stays in the esophagus for greater periods of time. This is where the advantage of owning an adjustable bed comes in. By sleeping with your upper body slightly elevated acid reflux can often be controlled, and when this is combined with some of the medicines available for acid reflux, it provides a powerful means of preventing and controlling acid reflux.

Adjustable beds offer many other advantages that revolve around individual comfort and usability. They make it much easier to watch TV or to read books in bed. It is also much more ergonomic and practical to eat in bed with an adjustable bed. Whether you are purchasing your adjustable bed for one of the many of the medical reasons, to get a better nights rest, or for any of the other advantages associated with them, you will be amazed at the luxurious feelings associated with these beds.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Acorn Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are devices that are made to carry people who suffer from arthritis, are older, or are otherwise mobility challenged use the stairs. Using either a set of batteries, or by plugging directly into the wall, these units are responsible for restoring independence and opening houses back up. They are often called stair chairs because generally a chair is attached to the stairs via an aluminum track. There are some models called perch lifts however, that utilize a small platform instead. A perch lift is usually used for someone who has trouble sitting down because of knee or back problems. One popular manufacturer of stair lifts is Acorn, who makes several models including a perch lift.

Acorn is a family owned company that operates worldwide. Their US headquarter is in Orlando, Florida, and they employ over 800 employees worldwide. Acorn opened their doors in 1992 and began buying and selling new and reconditioned stair lifts. They quickly realized, due to high demand, that they would not be able to continue purchasing stair lifts and reselling them, and maintain their commitment to their customers, so they began manufacturing their own. Over the years Acorn pioneered the battery stair lift, and has continuously brought innovation and remarkable engineering to the field. They currently manufacture more than 30,000 units a year. Acorn has a very strong presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, Europe, and Australia. Their quality and professional workmanship has made them into the powerhouse they are today, and they are the largest independent straight stair lift manufacturer in the world.

One of their stair lifts that has a very distinctive design is the Acorn 140. It allows the rider to stand on the foot rest and travel up and down the stairs. For those suffering from joint problems, this is often much less painful and much more practical than a traditional stair lift. It has a set of handle bars attached to the unit that can be held onto for added support, as well as an additional adjustable handle bar. It also includes a pad to lean against, so it is not necessary to stand straight up, and instead the rider can put their weight on the pad.

This perch lift can support up to 294 ponds. It is battery powered, featuring a constantly recharging battery, that ensures that even if the power goes out, you will be able to use your stair lift. The unit includes 15.2 foot of track, which will accommodate most stair cases. The foot rest folds and helps the Acorn Perch Lift retain its low profile. The controls for the Acorn 140 are designed to be very simple and straight forward to use.

Acorn produces several stair lifts and one of their other popular models is the Acorn SuperGlide. All of their models are designed to be easy to use, require very little maintenance, and to be as safe as possible. They all utilize the best materials available, utilize special safety sensors to ensure that the device is not used unsafely, and are designed to take up as little space as possible.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Accessorizing and Maintaining Your Mobility Scooters

Generally, mobility scooters may be modified to suit the eventual user’s needs. Customizing a mobility scooter primarily depends on the preferences of the user, as well as the model of the scooter. Accessorizing your mobility vehicle is not just for aesthetics purposes, but also to maximize the use of such mobility aid.

Bigger batteries are heavier and are more expensive. Such rechargeable batteries may cover longer distance but may also require longer recharging time. So, instead of buying or adding extra batteries, try upgrading your old scooter’s battery, this can be a more cost effective option.

Tires may also be customized to withstand rougher roads or longer journeys. Pneumatic tires ensure a comfortable and relaxing ride. For optimum benefits, such tires may also be made puncture-proof to keep them safe and protected from accidental punctures along the way.

Other mobility scooters may include a tiller to be used in controlling the scooter. Delta tillers are actually levers that require pushing/pulling by one hand to move the scooter forward/backward.

A certain holder may be featured in a mobility scooter to contain a walking stick or a crutch that you need to carry along wherever you may go. A holder for oxygen cylinder is also available for the scooter.

Mirrors on the rear view may also be provided to make reverse parking easier to do.

A relatively large bag or a rather small pouch may also be added to the mobility scooter to hold bigger items (grocery/shopping goods) and smaller things (keys/mobile phone), respectively.

Some mobility scooters may come with capes and canopies to protect both the user and the scooter from bad weather conditions. Replacement covers are also available, depending on your scooter’s model and type.

Aluminum or fiberglass foldable ramps for your mobility scooters are also obtainable to help you get the scooter inside the house or up the garage.

Maintenance Issues

After you have finished accessorizing your mobility scooter, you may find it encouraging enough to drive it around. With regular use, it is also important that you know how to properly care for your mobility scooter to maintain its dependable and acceptable performance.

First and foremost, you should be able to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer as stated in the manual of the mobility scooter. Some scooter batteries require recharging every after use while others require recharging only when the battery indicator tells that the battery charge is already low.

Just like typical cars, a mobility scooter will also require regular service and check-up. You can read the frequency of service/check-up that your mobility scooter requires in the manual enclosed in the box when you first bought your scooter. Generally, mobility scooters require annual servicing. Some maintenance checks are necessary every week or every month like pumping the tires up or adding grease to the hubs. Checking the mechanism of the seat is also customary as well as the brake pads.

The frameworks of most mobility scooters are made from steel or plastic and are thus subject to normal wear-and-tear. Mobility scooters can continuously provide freedom and self-reliance. You can make sure of this when they are cared for properly.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Abusive Relationships - Planning and Executing Your Getaway

This article is meant to be a general guide to planning your escape. It does not contain addresses, contacts, and phone numbers. It is not specific to one state or country. Rather, it describes options and institutions which are common the world over. You should be the one to "fill in the blanks" and locate the relevant shelters and agencies in your domicile.

Read this article on other options and getting help!

Do not leave unprepared. Study and execute every detail of your getaway. This is especially important if your partner is violent. Be sure to make a Safety Plan - how to get out of the house unnoticed and the indispensable minimum items that you should carry with you, even on a short notice.

Here are the recommendations of the Province of Alberta in Canada:

Long before you actually leave, copy all important documents and store them in a safe place. These include: identity cards, health care and social insurance or security Cards, driver's license/registration, credit cards and bank cards, other personal identification (including picture ID), birth certificate, immunization card for the children, custody order, personal chequebook, last banking statement, and mortgage papers. Make a list of all computer passwords and access codes (for instance: ATM PINs).

When you leave the house, take with you these copied documents as well as the following personal items: prescribed medication, personal hygiene products, glasses/contact lenses, money (borrow from family members, a neighbour, colleague, or friends, if you have to), several changes of clothing (don't forget night wear and underwear), heirlooms, jewellery, photo albums (pictures that you want to keep), craft, needle work, hobby work.

The situation is inevitably more complicated if you are fleeing with your children. In this case, be sure to bring with you their various medications, soother, bottles, favourite toy or blanket, and clothing (again: night wear, underwear). Older kids may carry their own clothes and school books.

Make a list of the following and have it on you at all times: addresses and phone numbers of domestic violence shelters, police stations, night courts, community social services, schools in the vicinity, major media, and address and phone and fax numbers of your lawyer and his attorneys. Secure a detailed public transportation map.

Your best bet is to apply to a shelter for a safe place to stay the first few days and nights. Read more about shelters here - Domestic Violence Shelters.

If you can afford to, your next step should be to hire a divorce attorney and file for interim custody. Your divorce papers can be served much later. Your first concern is to keep the children with you safely and legally. Your husband is likely to claim that you have kidnapped them.

But your escape should be only the tip of a long period of meticulous preparations.

We already mentioned that you should make copies of all important documents (see above). Don't escape from your predicament penniless! Secretly put aside cash for an Escape Fund. Your husband is likely to block your checking account and credit cards. Ask around where you can stay the first week. Will your family or friends accept you? Apply to a domestic violence shelter and wait to be accepted. Be sure to know where you are going!

Make extra sets of keys and documents. Bundle these up with some clothes and keep these "reserve troves" with friends and family. Put one such "trove" in a safety deposit box and give the key to someone you trust. Secure transportation for the day or night of escape. Agree on codes and signals with friends and family ("If I don't call you by 10 PM, something has gone wrong", "If I call you and say that Ron is home, call the police").

You should wait until he is gone and only then leave home. Avoid confrontation over your departure. It can end badly. Do not inform him of your plans. Make excuses to slip away in the days and months before you actually leave. Get him used to your absence.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

About Furniture Rental

There are many businesses out there which rent furniture by the month. You need a couch? Rent one for only $40 per month. Need a lamp? You can get one for $12 a month. Now, let’s see, in one year you would have paid $480 to use the couch and you wouldn’t own it. The lamp would have cost you $144 and it’s the same situation ~ at the end of your lease, you still own nothing.

Most of us would think it foolish to rent furniture. But, that isn’t always the case. There are situations where renting may be the best option. Consider these scenarios:

• Your company transfers you to a new location but the rest of your family is staying in your present home until the school year ends and that’s 4 months away. You buy a house and live in it until your family arrives. Do you go out and buy new furniture or do you rent a few necessities in the meantime?

• Right after you get married, you move into a new home. You and your spouse haven’t decided how you want to decorate your home. Do you rush your decisions or do you rent furniture until you find the style that will please you both?

• You graduate from college and accept a position in an unfamiliar city. You find an apartment that has everything you want, except furniture. You can’t afford to go out and purchase the items you’ll need right away. What do you do?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, renting all or part of your furniture may be a viable option. The thing you have to keep in mind is that it’s never a long-term solution. From the figures in the first paragraph, you can see how expensive renting is over the long haul.

However, when you find yourself without furniture, short term rental may be your best option. If you don’t have the cash or credit to purchase what you need, or if you only plan to be without furniture for a little while, short-term rental may be the best solution.

Most furniture rental companies offer several options from which to choose. Most of them also offer packages in different price ranges, depending on the style and quality of the furniture you require.

• The bedroom package usually includes a double or queen-size bed, night stand and lamp, and 1 chest.

• A living room package provides a couch, end table and lamp, cocktail table, and a chair.

• A dining room package includes a table and 4 chairs.

• A complete home package includes all of the above.

• You can also rent any accessories you may need, including cookware and china, rugs, additional lamps, TV’s, stereos, etc.

As long as you rent only what you need and do so for as short a time as possible, furniture rental may be the solution you need. But, don’t forget to calculate the cost of your rent or mortgage along with the cost of your furniture rental before you decide which package to choose.

If money is an issue, one question you need to ask yourself is this: do you really need the most expensive package or can you get by with the more generic and economical choice for 2 or 3 or 4 months? Unless you plan to do a lot of business entertaining, the answer is obvious.

In short, furniture rental can be an economically sound solution to your problem, if you use your common sense and don’t get in over your head. It beats sleeping on the floor any day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Tad Bit Too Shy: When Parents Needs to Help Emotionally Withdrawn Children

Parents may not be fully aware of what is happening to their children's and their everyday activities. After coming home from work, parents usually do some household chores and prepare themselves for dinner, while their kids do their homework after arriving from school. Conversations would usually begin at dinner time, asking them questions about how their day at school was. Kids may share their quirky experiences to their parents, but teenagers would seldom do the same.

Adolescents would rather keep the details to themselves, and just share random events from their school. Many parents may be unaware but high school life may be found by their children to be quite a challenge. Peer acceptance is critical for most teenagers. In campus, they have opportunities to build new friendships. For some teens, school is also about facing up to the difficulties of bullying. Other students from school or even their so called “friends” could tease and bully them by saying negative things about them in front of many people. Sadly, this scenario is considered as normal for people their age. At this stage, your children may be emotionally sensitive and choose to remain secretive about the issues and situations that they face in school.

In case one of your children is having difficulty sharing stories, opening up, or is showing symptoms of depression --- that child may be having problems with self-esteem. It is not uncommon for teenagers to experience a form of inferiority complex since the adolescent years are really about establishing self-identity and building their own sense of self-worth. They may also have feelings of resentment, alienation, and unhappiness. These are only some of the reasons why children hesistate to share their experiences to their parents and other adults.

For parents who think that their children might be suffering from an inferiority complex, it is best to see and know the signs that your child may be experiencing. Your child knows what they are capable of, as well as their shortcomings. Bullying tends to point such negativity into the young adult, and perceives any form of criticism as a personal attack. Feeling bad about themselves, they usually have trouble feeling good with anyone else. They look hard for possible flaws and shortcomings of other people to try to convince themselves that they are not so bad after all. Response to flattery can come in two ways: desperate in fishing for compliments, while others may refuse to listen to anything positive since it would be in contrast with their own feelings. Another sign is how they project their weaknesses unto others in order to lessen the pain of feeling inferior. If blaming is carried to the extreme, they might think that others are actively seeking to ruin them. People who feel inferior likes to win games, but tend to avoid such situations because deep down, they believe they cannot win. They have beliefs that they themselves are not as interesting as others, and would think that other people would feel the same way about them. These are the most common signs of having inferiority complex, and parents should really take the time to help their children deal with it. Guiding children and teenagers in terms of their emotional and psychological growth is critical to the quality of their life.

In order to overcome such inferiority complex, these young adults should develop a strong sense of determination to change their present mentality. Initially, they would require a little initiative, be daring and should give up their inhibition. Parents should remind them that they do not need to be afraid of any body. Try to develop their positive thinking and make them express their views, in case they do not like anything. Always remember that everyone is unique in this world, and individuality is best in leading a good and happy life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bound For a Lifetime

There are few truly special and unique days in our lives. Everyone has unique days, such as birthdays and births in the family. Many people are fanatically scrapbooking their family photos into heirlooms for their children and grandchildren. However, there is one day that many of us experience that are truly unique-our wedding day.

Weddings are unique in many aspects; it’s difficult to have two weddings exactly the same. There is always some variable in how weddings differ from each other, but no matter what the differences are between your wedding and the Joneses down the street, this is YOUR day and it is special. This is a day you will likely treasure for the rest of your life. What better way to capture the entire event than by scrapbooking the event into a bound book that will last for decades?

There are of course the ‘normal’ scrapbooking practices-taking your photos and arranging them on pages. Pictures are cut out using special scissors and templates so that they fit best on the page you are creating. Pages are also adorned with backgrounds and stickers, buttons and baubles and many, many other creative ideas. The possibilities when scrapbooking your special wedding day are endless.

Think about your wedding, or your upcoming wedding, as the case may be. There are photos galore and photo opportunities galore. Photos of the wedding party, of the bride and groom, of the bride’s and groom’s families, as well as photos of the first dance the bride and groom share. There is also the opportunity for photos of the people in attendance at the wedding and at the reception. A photo of the bride’s mom crying gently into her hankie. A photo of the groom’s brother giving a toast at the reception. The cute little girl throwing flowers on the aisle.

Yes, there are a million photos that go along with your wedding day, but there are other things that are a part of your wedding that you can scrapbook and bind into a book.

Have you thought about including the invitation card, the table placard, the lace that those little chocolates were wrapped in, a piece of the plastic that made up the flowers that adorned your ‘just married’ sign on your car or the gold ring that held the wedding announcements together? These are all things that you can include in your book binding and scrapbooking of your wedding day.

Scrapbooks are beautiful pieces of artwork. The pages can last an eternity-especially if you bind them in a book. This form of altered book will be a keepsake for your family for decades to come. By book binding your scrapbooking pages, you can ensure that the fairy tale story of your wedding will remain intact and in proper order so that future generations of your family can relive your special day.

By organizing your photos and other sundries from your special wedding day, you can create organized and clear scrapbook pages that will tell the wonderful story of your special day. By scrapbooking and then book binding the scrapbooking pages, your hard work and creativity will create a family heirloom piece of art that tells a story.

Can you picture your great-granddaughter sitting down with her young child, your great-great-granddaughter decades from now and sharing the special story of your wedding? By book binding your scrapbooking pages, this beautiful scenario can be your family 60 years from now.

A Shelter for your Favorite Pet

Everyone would like to have a home where they can feel free and enjoy their life, dog’s aren’t an exception for this. Dogs always would want to have a home for themselves. The dog house has to be well within your credit limit and they can’t be overestimated. Here we will discuss about safe, secure and affordable dog houses. Though these dog houses can be made by ourselves, we would not be able to get a cozy and best place for our dogs. A ready-made one is always a better choice and your dog won’t be deprived of his/her rights.
The house must give the dog the best outdoor protection. It is always better to buy hand built dog houses and preferentially choose Cedar Furniture for your dog house. The cedar furniture gives the best feel for your dog. This can be the greatest accommodation for pet. Always go for genuine cedar wood because duplicated ones may have some defects that would ruin your investments and wouldn’t last long. So you might be in a position to replace it soon .Cedar wood is strong and sturdy and would last for years.
Red Cedar is also cheap when compared to teak and other woods’ that are used to make furniture items.. Always go for perfection since it may save any unwanted expense. The insulated dog houses are always a better choice, they keep the dog cool in summer and warm in winter. These houses have an in-built air-conditioning cum heater system which detects the climatic changes and works accordingly. The next thing to check out is weather and termite resistance. If you opt for cedar wood, they provide excellent weather resistance and can be used without any problem for ages. They also withstand seasonal changes and can be easily furnished to suite your needs. They are also immune to termite and insect attacks and provide a congenial environment for your dogs.
When it comes to the doors go for Poly Vinyl Chloride doors since they are resistant towards ultra violet rays too. This could save your dog from skin diseases and you could provide a healthy neighborhood for your dog. Always check if the dog house has a lifted floor coz lifted floors ensure a dry surface and your dog’s health wouldn’t be affected. Moreover you can save your dog from insects and flies in the garden .Insect bites are the worst infections and treating insect bites is not an easy job. Health always comes first. It doesn’t matter in spending some money to provide better, clean and a safe environment. Better ventilation and lighting also add color to the house, these houses don’t call for exquisite maintenance and you can paint them to make them look beautiful. They are also several vendors who would provide annual maintenance services to your dog house. So a single time investment would suffice. You can also your imagination and add colors to the house .A name plate carrying your doggies name can also be carved on the dog house. This is the best natural environment which you can provide for your cute dog.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Rundown On The Birth Control Methods

With the population boom in recent years, many countries have pushed for the use of birth control to help curb the increase in population. There are many types of birth control methods that families can use, depending on what the couple are most comfortable with.

Hormonal Methods

One of the methods of controlling birth that is available in the market is the hormonal method, which targets hormones and their effects on the body’s fertility. Some of the most common hormonal methods are the use of birth control pills and birth control shots, skin patches and the vaginal ring. This method actually works quite as it prevents the production of eggs. As a big bonus, these methods can also help relieve pain and cramps during monthly periods and can relieve heavy flows.

There are also Intrauterine devices (IUDs) that contain hormones called Minera. IUDs, however, are more expensive as they can last for years, sometimes lasting for more than 5 years. IUDs , although expensive, is highly recommended as these have 99 percent success rates. And because you only have to pay once over a period of five to 10 years, the total cost of birth control is actually much cheaper compared to other forms of birth controls. Another thing that adds to its appeal is that IUDs do not interrupt foreplay during sexual intercourse or foreplay and they do not require the cooperation of the sexual partner. It has also been found that IUDs can also be used while breastfeeding.

One disadvantage though of hormonal method besides the cost is you have to take the pills or the medications religiously. One relapse can mean ineffectiveness of the birth control method. They are also not ample protection against sexually-transmitted diseases unlike condoms and other barrier method instruments. Another disadvantage is that it can react differently when taken in with other medications. This is why people should first consult the gynecologists for medications that may affect its effectiveness.

Barrier Method

Barrier methods, on the other hand, are generally less effective than the hormonal methods although they seem to be the most widely-used especially among the younger set. Among the devices that belong to these group of birth control instruments are condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, and sponges. There are also Lea’s shield and spermicides, which when used with any of the barrier devices can help increase the effectiveness by killing the sperms. Still, one advantage of barrier method is that it protects both individuals from sexually-transmitted diseases. In fact, some people use condoms not to prevent pregnancy but to prevent the spread of diseases.

Calendar method
Natural birth control methods can also be done through the calendar method. This can be tough work though for the couple. The woman must first determine the fertile periods of the month. The couple must then avoid having sex on the days that the woman is most fertile to avoid conceiving. This however is not reliable and must be calculated to the letter before it can be effective. The calendar method is actually the only method supported by the Catholic Church, which takes a pro-life stand.

Sterilization surgery
Permanent birth control methods such as vasectomy and tubal litigation surgery are also options for the couple but they must remember that they can no longer have children when they have these procedures performed on them. These methods are actually for couples who are old or those who already have children and feel that they should not have anymore.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Pre-Vacation Checklist: Get Your House In Order

Whether you are leaving on a long-awaited vacation, an extended business trip or a weekend getaway, preparing to head out of town can often be both time-consuming and stressful. The last thing you want to do is add to the to-do list. However, taking care of household responsibilities before you leave can make your return home much more relaxing and alleviate stress while on the road. This way, you won't feel a wave of panic-on the beach or in the boardroom-when you remember that you forgot to feed the dog or pay an important bill.

Here are four tasks you should take care of before leaving home and some time-saving ways to check them off your list.

Make home look like you've never left. Whether you're 100 or 1,000 miles away, your house should appear inhabited as a safety precaution. To do this, purchase low-cost timers that can be programmed to turn on and off radios, televisions and lights. Piles of newspapers next to the front door can be a clear indication that no one is home. Avoid this by holding subscriptions and mail with the postal service (downloadable forms are available online at or opt to receive bills electronically through bill payment services to permanently reduce clutter.

Take care of business. To avoid missed payments for utilities and other important bills, set up automatic bill pay before you leave. Using a Visa card is an easy, convenient and secure way to pay household bills such as utilities, cable TV and insurance when you're traveling. This time-saving tool can benefit everyone, especially frequent business travelers who are often away from home. Choose a one-time payment or automatic payments to ensure that your bills are paid on time every month no matter where you are. More information is available online at

Prepare your pets and plants. If your four-legged friend isn't leaving town with you, hiring a pet sitter or making reservations at a kennel will help your pet receive the proper care. To prevent returning home to overgrown landscaping and dead house plants, make arrangements to have your yard cared for in your absence. For short trips, set a timer for your sprinklers and consider placing house plants in shaded outdoor areas near a sprinkler. Or ask a reliable neighbor to feed your pets and water your house plants.

Give yourself a break on energy costs. Before leaving, turn off your water and gas and unplug common appliances such as microwaves and televisions. This will both reduce unnecessary usage and prevent damage caused by energy surges. Consider setting your thermostat 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature or simply turn it off. If you'll be away for an extended period of time, turn off your pilot light for maximum savings.

From putting lights on timers to setting up automatic bill pay, following these tips can minimize pretravel stress and help make your return home sweet.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Perfect Deck Starts With Redwood

There are many good reasons that redwood decks are popular among today's homeowners. Not only do they provide an area for enjoying the outdoors, they also add to the value of a property. In fact, research shows that owners can recoup 100 percent or more of the original investment in an outdoor deck when they sell their home.

Your redwood deck can be as simple or complex as you care to make it. Building it can be a satisfying project if you are a do-it-yourselfer. It's also a perfect project for learning basic construction skills.

Why choose redwood? Redwood is naturally stable, which means that redwood decks maintain their appearance longer. Redwood deck boards nail down flat and stay in place, resisting warping, cupping, splitting and checking. And there's a grade of redwood lumber for any deck -- whether it is a luxury or economical deck.

Taking care in planning, choosing materials, double-checking measurements and adding personal finishing touches goes a long way in making your deck look professional. Some finishing touches, like stairs and railings, may be necessary, while others, like benches, planters, privacy screens and shade shelters, are simply a matter of taste and style.

Before you build your deck, survey your yard and decide what problems it can solve. Do you want to level a sloping yard? Create a central activity area? Upgrade a side yard? Minimize landscape maintenance?

In selecting a site, it is important to think about privacy, safety, access to the house and yard, and protection from wind, noise and weather. Also, consider factors that will affect landscaping.

Don't forget to locate underground utility lines. In some cases, it may be wise to reposition the deck slightly to avoid interfering with utilities. In all cases, it is important to be aware of their placement.

When your redwood deck is finished, you can either leave it as is -- redwood is one of the few woods that you can let weather naturally -- or apply a water-repellent finish.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A New Look For A Trusted Seal Of Approval

There's news for consumers who are shopping to upgrade their homes' heating and cooling systems. A well-known seal of approval has undergone a redesign.

After certifying the performance of more than 150,000,000 air conditioners, heat pumps and other heating and cooling components for homes and businesses for nearly 50 years, the Board of Directors of the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) has approved the redesign of its product performance certification seal.

The Institute's certification programs provide a sound engineering basis for rating the efficiency of HVACR equipment, allow product comparison that benefits manufacturers and consumers, and provide incentive to manufacturers to improve efficiency in order to gain market share.

Said William G. Sutton, ARI president, "The certification seal assures customers that the products they are buying--those used in homes, businesses, factories and all structures in between--will perform as claimed."

The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute is the trade association representing manufacturers of more than 90 percent of North American-produced central air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment.

It has been administering its industry-directed voluntary programs since 1959, when ARI published its first product directory. With only 26 participants, the directory was only 19 pages and had only 600 products listed.

Today, it publishes an on-line version of its directories at The current listing has over 200 participants and over 150,000 products listed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Moving Checklist

MOVING! The very thought of it can send chills down our spine and can cause us to break out into a cold sweat. Experts say that any kind of "change" creates "stress". Moving, (and especially if we are relocating to a new city or state), represents a huge change and naturally brings a great amount of stress along with it. This can be a double whammy, because stress can lead to a lack of energy and motivation. Many of us tend to procrastinate during stressful periods of our lives. This is one time, though, when we must rise above that. When preparing for a move we need to put the pedal to the metal and get a lot of things done. This checklist contains many suggestions that may seem like "no-brainers". However, the very act of printing out these simple suggestions and reminders can become a significant security blanket as the dreaded time approaches. Moving and relocating calls for being proactive, grabbing the bull by the horns and actually completing certain chores well in advance of their deadlines. Hopefully this little paper will help you to accomplish that. In this particular article we are leaving out the "big things" such as finding the best moving company, researching your new neighborhood's transportation, parking, employment, etc. Those are for other articles on another day. Today we are concentrating on the basics of planning and preparation.

Get rid of what you don't need.

Many of us are "pack rats". One thing that we can accomplish immediately is going through all of our "stuff" and getting rid of what we don't need anymore. Moving unwanted clothing and bric-a-bracs from one place of residence to another is a great waste of time and effort. It is surprising how much more in control we feel once we start narrowing down our "inventory" to what we actually need to keep. Getting rid of the unwanted items can be done by having a garage sale long before moving time and then donating the leftovers to the Salvation Army or other charitable groups.

Get all important papers and documents together and secure them.

Since moving is hectic, to say the least, we need to be aware of the exact location of all of our important items. Things that we absolutely must not lose or misplace should certainly be hand carried, not put in a box for the movers:

Address Books, Birth Certificates, Bank Statements, Checks, Credit Cards and Statements, Home Movies, Irreplaceable Memorabilia, Insurance Policies, Marriage Records, Medical and Dental Records, Military Records, Passports, Photos and Photo Albums, Resumes, School Records, Stock Certificates, Tax Returns, Telephone Numbers, Valuables, Vehicle Documents, Wills.

Prepare well in advance for living at your new location.

There are many things that we can do at our new location well in advance of our move that will help smooth out the bumps and grinds of our relocation process when the actual event occurs: Open up new bank accounts. Open up a new Safe Deposit Box. Contact the new area utility companies and arrange for your new services. These can include Cable TV, gas, electric, oil, telephone, water and Internet access. Arrange for new medical providers. If you are moving to a new state, contact the DMV and get forms necessary to re-register your vehicles. Contact your insurance companies and find out if your car insurance, homeowner's insurance, etc. can be transferred. If not, find an Insurance Broker in your new area and discuss your needs and requirements for new policies. Go to the post office and get a moving kit. Prepare change of address forms for all of your correspondents; credit card companies, other credit accounts, banks, insurance companies, current utility companies for final statements, magazines and other subscriptions, family, friends, and any other persons or businesses that you correspond with on a regular basis.

As the time approaches, get a nice new legal pad.

As moving day approaches and when the moving process actually begins, you don't want to be hunting for phone numbers in wallets, purses, or address books. Have a nice new legal pad ready with all important phone numbers written clearly and legibly for both your old and new contacts: Banks, Doctors, Emergency contacts, Family members, Friends, Landlords or Real Estate Brokers, Movers, Pharmacies Schools, Storage Facilities, Utilities.

With proper planning and preparation the moving process, though never fun, can at least be sane. With proper planning and preparation the utilities at your present address can be disconnected the day after you move and the utilities at your new address can be connected the day prior to your arrival. With proper planning and preparation you will not be frantically searching for a new doctor or pharmacy, if that unfortunate need arises. With proper planning and preparation you will have all of your important documents at the tip of your fingers at all times. With proper planning and preparation your mail will start arriving the day after you move in to your new abode and your life will endure a minimum of chaos and clutter.

Good luck with your move and good luck in your new home or apartment.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Mattress Topper for a More Relaxing Sleep

Body aches and pains along with an itching body could cause a person to toss and turn and fail to sleep properly. Insomnia and sleep apnea are other problems that cause sleeping difficulty. Although the mentioned causes of sleep disorders are best treated by medical practitioners, you can do something about it to without the use of medication.

One of the latest inventions that answered the sleep problem is the adjustable bed. Media hype catapulted this technological innovation to the place where it is right now…on top of the list of comfortable sleeping implements.

Not to be left on the wayside, you have probably chosen and bought your very own adjustable bed. For you, this is the answer in your quest to say goodbye to sleeping disorders that have made you feel exhausted every single day of your life. So you are now set and ready for a deep and long hour sleep that you have wanted for so long. Unfortunately, you seem to be a hard core member of the “stay awake club”.

If your sleeping disorder is rooted from using an ordinary mattress that does not offer greater support to the back, neck arms and legs, then a solution to this problem is available for you…the memory foam mattress topper.

A memory foam mattress topper will improve the overall quality of your sleep as these toppers make firm beds more comfortable. These toppers follow the contours of the body and provide a gentle cushioning effect to ensure maximum comfort throughout the night. Pressure on the joints of your arms and hips are created when a person sleeps on his side. Think of the pain it inflicts when you sleep on that same position for hours.

These pressures will be eased with the use of mattress toppers as they act as cushions for those joints. If you sleep on your back these toppers would also provide the spine with the best support.

The mattress topper’s most unique feature is the way it deforms when under a load. It conforms to the shape of your body and “mold” you a perfect fit bed. Any Standard or ordinary foam mattress would compress under load and shortly spring back to its original form when the load is removed. With the memory foam mattress toppers, the shape is held temporarily because of its density. This density would account for the support it gives to the body of the user.

This mattress topper would make your adjustable bed more comfortable. However, this is only possible if the bed is firm, when it is used on top of a very soft bed, it will result to a more uncomfortable sleeping experience. Another characteristic that makes Memory foam the ultimate mattress topper is the ability to soften on contact with a warm body. This would therefore “cradle” the user and provide unparalleled bed comfort.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Luau To Remember: Party-Planning Tips For Parents

A Luau To Remember: Party-Planning Tips For Parents

Article Body:
If planning your child's birthday party leaves you too exhausted to even say the word balloon, try this: Throw a backyard summer luau-with some help from the Web.

With parents increasingly strapped for time and feeling pressured to come up with unusual themes that all the other kids haven't used before, sites like can be a lifesaver. That may be especially true in the summer months when-try as you might to think of exciting outdoor activities to take advantage of the warm weather-all you really want to do when you get home is soak in a cool bath for hours.

Luaus definitely aren't the only idea you'll find. With its focus on providing innovative party themes and fun activities for kids ages 2 to 10, Party City also offers such tips as:

• Offer plenty of options to keep kids entertained. Fun activities for small and large groups include limbo, badminton, Wiffle ball, or even catch with Velcro Stik-Ums. Squirt guns are always a big hit, and a giant Sprinkler Ball is sure to make a splash.

• It's easy to forget about the summer heat when you're having fun. But it can take its toll, so keep kids hydrated with plenty of water in fun and colorful sports bottles, silly sippy cups or even summery plastic cups with crazy straws and drink umbrellas.

• In the warm weather, it's hard to keep food and drinks cold. Invest in fun summer coolers that can be left out at the party area. This will reduce indoor traffic and still keep the goodies on ice.

As for those luaus, consider setting up kiddie pools and sandboxes in the backyard for some beach atmosphere, and serving tropical fruit smoothies with mini paper parasols to keep things cool.

For activities, let guests make their own Hawaiian shirts out of plain white tee shirts and fabric paint-and don't forget to greet guests with a lei, a traditional island welcome. (You can find inexpensive plastic leis at party stores.)

The Web site is updated constantly to provide timely ideas.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Guide To Wedding Gift Ideas

A marriage is a joyous moment in the life of two individuals. A couple shares this beautiful personal moment with their near and dear ones, who rejoice in their happiness. A wedding gift is a tangible depiction of the feelings of the giver for the couple. A gift has to be carefully chosen, keeping the couple’s individual tastes, likes and dislikes in mind, if it is intended to serve its purpose. Nothing is more distasteful and insulting than an inconsiderately given gift. A gift’s value is not determined by its monetary value, but it must communicate the giver’s thought appropriately and adequately.

While the market abounds in numerous gift options and alternatives, selecting the right gift for the couple can be a challenge sometimes. While one can overhaul the market, surf the net and burn a hole in the purse, choosing the perfect gift requires some thinking and a little homework. A giver should always strive to give something unique and different.

Personalized gifts always stand out and make a personal statement on behalf of the giver. A special memento, decorative crystal, or a paired watch with the couple’s names engraved in it along with the wedding date is something memorable for the wedding couple.

For very close relatives, a hand-made scrapbook complete with family pictures, or a family tree platter with hand-painted pictures of family members along with their names, signature photo quilts, or customized ceramic plates with the couples pictures and wedding dates etched on it are a few ideal gift options.

In case of a hard-core golf fan, one can give a golf set with the couple’s names engraved on it. A Bible with the couple’s names and wedding dates engraved on it is an ideal gift for a spiritually inclined couple. It is necessary to be aware and informed about a couple’s interests, hobbies, tastes and the like. A gift can be given based on this kind of information. Romantic gifts like photo pillows with the couple’s portraits on it can also be given. One can also give gift certificates, home d├ęcor items, classic gift items like crystal and silverware, or various wedding mementos like a polymer clay image or metal candles, just right for the mantel and keepsakes.

The choice of exchanging gifts for each other rests on the bride and the groom. Couples can exchange framed love poems, engraved jewelry or even unconventional items like a vintage car, for those who can afford it. A thoughtful gift certificate to a relaxing spa or a recreational resort is just the right way for the bride or bridegroom to express their gratitude and love for their parents. It is the thought that matters, and mere framed poetry or a handwritten letter to the parent is also as valuable, if not more.

Parents can give bridal showers, a party to acquaint the couple to the family, or some personalized gift items, including gift certificates. Thank-you gifts need not be expensive, but should cater to individual taste. It should be given according to the kind of relationship one shares with the guests.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A loved one passes away and their precious items go up for auction. Your home was affected by a flood or fire and certain precious items were damaged. Or worse, someone broke into your house and stole some of your valuables. Either because of loss or damage, one thing is certain- you need help RECLAIMING FAMILY HEIRLOOMS.

The Fuller Brush Company has been in business since 1906. It's been one hundred years and in that time span, families change. Babies are born, loved ones pass away, others leave home. Something as simple as a hairbrush may not seem like much, but when it becomes a family heirloom, as is the case for a lot of Fuller Brushes, their absence can be heartbreaking. The company gets calls all the time from individuals saying that the brush they inherited or purchased years ago still looks like new, even with daily use.

Many of The Fuller Brush Company's items are classified as vintage or antique. You can find their letter openers, perfume compact/pins, Barlow lighters, and other items in antique shops and online stores. A quick internet search on "Fuller Brush Antiques" pulls up scores of information. If you suspect you have a Fuller Brush vintage or antique item, consult an expert in the subject or do your own online or library search.

When a loved one passes away and has no will, their valuable items will often go up for auction. Well, you can either try to put in a claim that you should inherit it, or attend the auction and purchase it. However, when a piece is especially valuable, RECLAIMING FAMILY HEIRLOOMS in this way can become more of a challenge, especially if they are collector's items.

If your house was ravaged by a flood or fire, you will need to sift through debris when RECLAIMING FAMILY HEIRLOOMS. Make sure your insurance company and any necessary investigators pay you a visit before you disturb anything. Once they or any investigators say it is okay to sift through, sift slowly and carefully through your belongings. Heirlooms and antiques should not be left outside where the elements can cause even more damage so the quicker you can locate them, the better.
If there was a break in and your valuable family heirlooms were stolen, contact the authorities right away. They may be able to alert area pawn shops and art dealers in case any of the items turn up. To make the authorities' jobs easier, provide them with photos and description of all the items. For extra protection, photograph your items and write detailed descriptions. Place the photos and descriptions in a safety deposit box in case you need them for later use.

If your heirlooms still haven't turned up, take heart. Remember they are just things, and no one can take away the story and memories attached to them. Talk to your children and grandchildren about them. Write a memoir. Share their stories with as many people as you can. Maybe they'll still resurface!