Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soda Machines

The soda machines provide an easy accessibility to junk for kids who enjoy splurging on it. Reports had shown that kids abuse this freedom of choice and end up drinking as many as 50 cans per month. Soda machines are always placed in the student cafeterias where invariably students have a lot of fun. Soda machines are synonymous with fun. However, these soda machines through their sheer availability to the kids pose extreme health risks to students. Parents committees have organised and are trying to get elementary schools ban soda machines on their campuses. The soda machines pave the way to caffeine abuse and addiction for kids and obesity. The soda machines will slowly be replaced with health food snacks. Soda machines can directly be linked to tooth decay, addiction to caffeine and gastro-digestive ailments and malfunction. Even in some under-developed countries like India, there is an open opposition towards soda machines where children have open and unsupervised access to them. Soda machines, in other words, are proving to be little drug addictive machines for kids. On the other hand, they can be an enormous boon in offices, railway stations, bus stations, etc. Here the soda machines really can provide relief to weary travellers or simple pastime. There immense advantages to have soda machines installed in offices and public places where snack counters are not available. First because the soda machines give instant relief to thirst, secondly the mere presence of a machine is as relieving to a traveller as a cigarette to a smoker. The same way as the soda machines can be real horror to a health-concerned parent, can be a real boon to a tired employee who does not have the strength to pull himself out of his office for a break or refreshment. And who can deny the power of refreshment a soda can give. Hence, the soda machines are good if placed in places where kids do not have direct unsupervised access to it. Not because children should not enjoy soda or a regular coke once in a while; but because kids tend to abuse the soda machines and ignores healthy food and nutrition to fill him or her with the coke obtained. If used wisely, soda machines are the invention of the day. Like coffee machines, they are the best refreshment alternatives in offices and school campuses. There is nothing better to have in a cafeteria but a few good multi choice soda machines. It is amazing to see how well adults receive these and reports show an inversely proportional ratio of the number of the soda machines to the monotony of the jobs involved in a particular office. It seems that the more bored people are the more attracted they are to the soda machines.

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