Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your Home Is Your Sanctuary

Home is sanctuary. It is a place that conjures the powerful feeling of belongingness where rest and renewal happens. Here we expect tranquility and peace. We expect protection from the outside world we participate in. Thus, we invest our life-savings, our talents, ourselves to make it as relaxing, soothing and calming as possible.

For others, home serves as a showcase of stature and success. It is where we entertain friends. It is an extension of one’s identity and an avenue to display one’s taste in design and art.

Whatever the motivation is in investing or choosing a home to live in, we must be ready to face details upon details of considerations before making decisions that would usually cost us an arm and a leg. A small detail left out could mean huge, hard-earned money easily out the window. Fulfilling though it may be to set up our own home, we need guidance and lots of advice in the one thousand and one aspects we have to look into.

The first consideration is, of course, actually getting a home. Shall you rent or buy? If you rent, what should you do first? How do you go about it? Who do you talk to? What do you talk about? What are the legalities?

If you buy, how do you get the best deal? What is it you should know? Is there a tried and proven method of going about buying a home? What are the recommendations in buying a home in the U.K., or overseas?

The next consideration is the aesthetics that make the home pleasant to be in. What kind of furniture would suit your lifestyle? What are the choices? What are the pros and cons? What is the in thing, the trends? What could make your home attractive? There are a lot of choices from gardens to awnings, to setting up water features like a small, attractive fountain or waterfall or even just an indoor or outdoor pond for that relaxing Zen effect.

Undeniably, in the 21st century, another consideration is the advent of the internet and the personal computer (PC) as a permanent fixture in almost every home. The cocooning trend of working at home makes the choice of computer furnishings and lay-out a major factor. What are the choices and how do you go about it? Here, the issues are no longer limited to just the aesthetic. More important to consider are the issues on health and ergonomics.

Of course, who would not agree that the use of space is another primary consideration? A special portion is devoted on possible uses of the loft to increase precious space in this shrinking world. Presented is a treasure of creative ideas considering both functionality and aesthetics.

Equally important are the unseen aspects of home that if left unattended can cause much discomfort and a big hole in the pocket. These are the hidden details of plumbing, the sewage system as well as the new trend of underfloor heating. Moreover, the kitchen and bathroom considerations can very well determine not only one’s functionality but also your home’s resale value.

We understand that setting up a home can be a daunting task. We have organized these details in a simple fashion so that they are less intimidating and somehow more manageable. We present to you tried and proven techniques as well as steps that are easy to follow.

We acknowledge that the decisions you make in setting up your home are very crucial. They impact on costs, time, effort and quality of life. Your home could either be a great investment or a heavy burden. The information we offer could spell the big difference.

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