Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clutter Be Gone! How to Cleanse A Closet Cedar Style

In today’s hectic 9-5 lifestyle, menial household tasks such as sorting out your sock drawer or organising your closet can be an unnecessary hassle. This is the reason many closet owners invest in an organising system to sort out the unruly state of their clothes, shoes, hats and gloves.

The closet system is a structure that fits neatly into the bottom or side of your closet comprised of shelves, drawers or boxes designed to separate certain items of clothing yet still keep them well within reach.
A common problem seen in closets is moth-eaten clothes, and the most common solution for this is to use mothballs, which are made of pesticide and deodorant. Not only do these have to be bought separately but they also have a particularly undesirable smell that often transfers onto clothes. A popular alternative to using mothballs is to buy a closet system that is made of Red Cedar wood. The natural resins in Red Cedar repel insects, prevent against moisture and the wood has a fresh scent, which actively repels odours.

Cedar wood is also a popular choice for closet systems because of its light weight. It is possible to remove the system from your closet or wardrobe and rearrange the whole layout without a lot of hassle.
There are many closet systems available that are made from plastic and even material that covers wire, which can be hung from a rail. These types of systems have the advantage of being taken out and collapsed or folded down, whereas wooden systems cannot. Despite this, such plastic and material systems lack the ability to match the exterior of a wooden wardrobe and they are not naturally protective against moth larvae and damp as their wooden counterparts are.

Modular closet systems typically include sets of drawers and/or open shelving units that are simply placed inside the closet and sit on the floor. The ‘mix-and-match’ quality of these systems means that, for example, a lower shelf can be placed at one side of the closet and longer hanging items will not drape over the rest of the system. A shoe rack placed neatly on the floor of a cedar closet ensures that shoes are easily set in rows of style, size or colour without being piled on top of each other. Also, shelving allows for clothes to be folded and placed into whichever category is desired, be it colour, style or type, so that the owner doesn’t have to try and squeeze every hanging item along one rail. Organising and categorising clothes and shoes in such a manner is guaranteed to make any closet appear bigger.

For those who have far too many clothes to display neatly along one clothes rail, a closet system is the best way (apart from buying a whole new closet!) to ensure clothes don’t end up scrunched up all over the house. When added, these specifically designed compartments allow the owner to neatly and proudly display their clothes with no risk of wear and tear, resulting in one less thing that has to be cleaned and sorted out.

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