Sunday, December 5, 2010

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Lift Chair

When choosing a lift chair, the two most important aspects are functionality and comfort. One of the main ways of determining the comfort level of your new chair is to decide on which fabric will best suit your needs. There are many varieties of color and fabric available in lift chairs from cloth to leather to vinyl, and each has a distinction that makes it suitable for many needs.

A cloth lift chair is perfect if you want extreme pillowing and comfort. If you are not prone to spills or other accidents, a cloth fabric for your chair will not only look good, but will be extremely soft and comfortable. Of course, normally you would worry that a soft chair would propose a problem with getting up and down, but since a lift chair lifts you to your feet, then you do not have that worry. If you prefer a soft cloth fabric, you can enjoy just that with your lift chair.

Leather lift chairs are the ultimate in luxury. They are not only comfortable, but beautiful as well. If your current furnishings feature leather, then you do have the option to have a leather lift chair, that will match your home décor, and add beauty to your home. Leather is very luxurious, and leather lift chairs are covered with full-grain leather on the seat, as well as the armrests and headrests. Leather is a beautiful and very comfortable choice in a lift chair. Suede leather is also available in lift chairs. Suede is the ultimate in comfort, it stays warm much longer than leather, so you have no worries of sitting in a cold chair, and suede is a beautiful fabric that will complement any home interior.

Vinyl lift chairs are also beautiful and are a wonderful choice if you need a fabric that will withstand staining or spills. While they are still very comfortable, vinyl chairs are the better choice for those who may have accidents, or even for those with pets in the home, as the vinyl will withstand shedding better than fabric.

With the many available options for fabric choices, it is a good idea to know which fabric will suit your individual needs best. Whether you love the feel of overstuffed leather, or need the vinyl upholstery for medical reasons, choosing the fabric is one of the most important steps in the purchasing process of a new lift chair.

There are also many color choices available, and most fabrics offer several choices of colors. No matter what color you need to match your home décor, it is a good assumption that you will find a lift chair in that color. Deciding on the style, color, and fabric of your lift chair will ensure that you are satisfied with the addition to your home. Choosing the correct fabric could mean the difference in a wonderful experience and an uncomfortable chair. Be sure to determine the fabric that you feel is the most comfortable and suits your needs the best.

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