Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas - The Broken Tradition That Left Families Smiling

The jolly festive season is upon us once again, Christmas a time for happiness/ turkey/mulled wine and crackers. These are just some of the traditions that are upheld at this time of year by people who on Christmas day celebrate the birth of our Lord.
Following this big day we then have the task of putting into force our new year's resolutions just so we can break them, just another tradition where vows and promises are made.
Traditions are there for the benefit of remembrance, you have the person that abides by the
rules and then you have others that intend to do things a little different.
Whoever or whatever sort of person you are tradition is tradition.

By replacing turkey with a plate of pig's trotters on the Christmas menu is another Christmas tradition broken. Remember to be extra careful who you invite on the day for dinner if porky's feet are dish of the day.

A Christmas idea

A fantastic way to keep family togetherness for ever for generations to come when bearing gifts to loved ones is to give each member an identical piece of jewellery symbolizing unity. It is a fabulous way of bonding and proving to the world that blood is thicker than water

Let us go back in time where Scottish tartan denoted the clan you belonged too. Cherokee indians/apaches etc expressed their tribal identities by headwear or other colourful symbols. So why not bring your tribe/clan together with there own identities in the form of a piece of gold or silver.

Make your new year's resolution today and go in search of the symbol that will be recognized and passed down to future generations, by doing this another tradition is broken, but if it brings happiness, what the heck.

Unison prevails in the form of your own jewellery trade mark where your chosen symbol ring/chain sends a message to the world that this family would proudly like to say, united we stand.

Jewellery gifts can be made extra special by designing your own. Jewellers can take your ideas and work miracles with them as in putting you and your family on the map with your own trademark. Be sure to check out this amazing site

Ho ho ho
Merry Christmas

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