Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Choosing the Right Lift Chair

For people who are suffering from diabetes, knee problems, hip problems, shoulder weakness, leg swelling, and arthritis may find lift chairs a device that will make their lives easier and more comfortable. These lift chairs are also beneficial to stroke victims, as well as for those who are recovering from surgery.

Lift chairs are typically made like any ordinary sitting chairs. However, a lift chair comes with a power motor that will help lift up the chair to assist the occupant get up from a sitting pose. Because a lift chair is of great importance, choosing the appropriate lift chair is a must. This selection may be somehow difficult so here are some factors that you might want to consider when comparing lift chairs and buying one.

Style and Color
Lift chairs can also be attractive supplements to any home décor. Hence, style and color is an essential factor. Generally, lift chairs may look like typical accent chairs, love seats, sofas, or recliners, while a few may even appear as beds. Style and color of the lift chair must complement or accentuate the interior design of your home.

Dimension (Size and Height)
Another essential factor that must be considered in buying a lift chair is its height and size. The dimension of the lift chair must be appropriate for the one who will use it. A lift chair that is too small or too large may be uncomfortable for the occupant. Hence, it will be a great help if the person who will eventually use it can try sitting on the chair before actually purchasing it.

Weight of the User
Lift chairs, depending on the brand or model, may vary in terms of weight capacities. In choosing a lift chair, consider one that is strong enough to seat the occupant. Typical lift chairs can seat users who weigh at most 375 pounds. However, lift chairs that are heavy duty types can accommodate users up to 700 pounds or those who are exceptionally taller.

Power Source
There are lift chairs that make use of battery packs to function. Others need to be plugged into conventional power outlets. Both power sources are good power suppliers. Just make certain that whatever you choose will be convenient for the end user. Most lift chairs that are heavy duty utilize dual motors. This is to ensure a more powerful operation.

When all of the aforementioned factors are already met, you might want to include other accessories to add to your chosen lift chair. For additional comfort, massage and heat can be added to the seat (or both the back and seat) of the lift chair. Head and lumbar pillows are also great options. Some lift chairs may also be added with side pockets for easy accessibility, as well as hand controls for more convenience.

By now, you already know what features to look for when buying a lift chair. Always keep in mind that what matters most importantly is that the individual for whom the lift chair is intended to.

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