Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Choose a Bath Lift

Having limited mobility can cause stressful situations when it comes to climbing stairs, walking great distances, or even bathing. Especially for elderly people, whose movements and flexibility just aren’t what they used to be. Living in the dawn of the technical age has helped considerably with the invention of the bath lift. Bath lifts can give security and freedom back to those who have limited mobility by allowing them to get in and out of a bathtub without help and with worrying about slipping or falling.
With the many different types of bath lifts available, it’s hard sometimes to know which one is best for your own unique situation. Knowing exactly what you need, how you will use it, and a few minor details about yourself and your tub can help you, and the representative selling you the lift, to choose the bath lift that best suits your individual needs.

You should first check the size of your tub. Bath lifts now come in many different sizes, and although the one you choose may be perfect for you in many ways, if it doesn’t fit your tub then it will be useless to you. Some bath lifts are actually manufactured in Europe, and the tubs are smaller than in the US, so be sure to take the exact measurements of your tub, so that you know you are getting exactly the lift that you need.

You can have your bath lift installed for you. Many dealers have installers that will help you to set it up. However, if you decide to install it yourself, be sure that you know exactly what is included, and make sure that you won’t have to purchase anything for the installation. Make a list of all tools that you will need before you begin, so that you can make sure you have them readily available.

Bath lifts generally run on batteries, although there are those that run on water pressure. Make sure which one you are getting. If you choose a lift that operates on batteries, make sure you ask how long the batteries will last. You don’t want to get into the tub only to realize that your batteries have run down. Be sure and keep extra batteries handy just in case this happens, and keep track of how many lifts your bath lift has done so that you have an idea of when it’s time to change the batteries.
Having a bath lift installed can give you peace of mind and security. Knowing that you, or your loved one will be safe while bathing is a good reason to proceed with the purchase of a bath lift. Being careful to choose exactly which lift you need, and making sure that you have chosen one from a reliable and reputable company can give you even more peace of mind.

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