Friday, July 1, 2011

How Inline Skates Saved My Unborn Child

I love inline skates, I can’t deny it. It wasn’t always like that though. A couple of years back I thought of inline skates or rollerblades that it was only something for kids, and certainly not for a grown man like me.

It was in the summer. I and my 7 month pregnant wife and our two sons were on a trip to California. We wanted to have a few days vacation before the baby was born. Because after that, it would take a while before we could go on a trip again.

Since it was sunny California, and since my two sons insisted on going rollerblading on the beach, I rented a pair of inline skates my self. Simply because I did not want them to be on their own rollerblading – they were only 8 and 10 years of age at the time. I can’t say that I was good at it, but my sons were fairly good teachers, and I got the hang of it, and was able to go straight forward without hitting the dirt too often.

The day before we should travel home again to Ohio, we took our rented car for a 2 hour trip away from the cost and further into the country. My wife did not feel well in the morning before we took off, but she said she was okay, and that we should all go. The day after we would travel home, and she would see our doctor then.

Looking back it was naive to ignore these symptoms from my pregnant wife. But we went on our way. And of course, out there, in the middle of no where, not a house in sight as far as the eye could see; my wife suddenly feels sick, I could tell that she was in pain. I turned the car around, and headed back to where we came from. After that everything seemed to go wrong like there was some kind of spell on us.

The car, a brand new Buick, suddenly stopped; still not a house in sight for as long as the eye could see. My wife was still not feeling well, and I asked the boys to sit in the front, and make room for my wife on the backseat. I tried to locate the problem under the hood, with no luck. And to complete our situation, the cell phone could not get contact to any mobile network. It looked bad; really bad, and I got scared.

I knew there was around 12 miles to the nearest town and I needed to get there fast. Luckily mine and the boys’ inline skates where lying in the trunk. I made a fast decision; the fastest way of getting help was on wheels.

I put aside all safety tips regarding downhill skating and pushed my muscles to the limit and beyond that. I left my family out there. Can you imagine being forced to do that? It took me less than 1 hour to reach the next town and get some help. It was fast, but was it fast enough?

The paramedics got my wife to the nearest hospital with the horn on. The baby came two month early and she and my wife was transported to a bigger hospital with premature equipment. They told us that it was a close call for the little baby girl, and that she almost did not make. If I had not gotten help as fast as I did, she would probably have died.

I can truly say that a pair of rented inline skates saved my daughters life. And for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you for your time.

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