Saturday, May 7, 2011

Use Crown Molding To Give Extra Style to Your Home

Crown molding is used primarily as an aesthetic structure. It doesn’t have much significance it terms if functioning like columns but in terms of catching the attention, they do a great deal of job. Crown molding makes the intersection between the wall and ceiling look smooth or stressed. This task doesn’t necessarily require an expert to accomplish. In fact, it is a do-it-yourself tweaking. All you need to have is an able body, creative mind and motivation to beautify your place. The first step to do is to choose your design. In choosing the design, you need to consider the dimensions of your interiors. If the vertical dimension of your place is slightly lower, then the crown should not be thick or large enough to occupy a big portion of the wall. Always keep in mind that if the walls to put on are smooth, crowns should be elaborately molded and designed. If the walls are accented or textured, the moldings should be smooth or simple to look at. These basic facts are important because they give balance to the interior- a principle of contrasting characteristics. It is also important to decide the material which should make up the molding. Woods are longer lasting and really look elegant but are costly. So if your funds are not that much, there are also synthetic molds such as those made of PVC and polyurethane which also looks good. The most widely used today are those medium density fiberboards because they are more stable and enduring. Also, they resist reactions to sudden changes in the climate. Another important note is that you should always consider that before installing a crown molding, the interiors of your house should be all repaired and free of flaws and imperfections. This is so because any flaws or blemishes in the wails or ceiling part can lead to misplacement or instability of the molding such as it won’t get flat on the surface and may be left hanging there because it has no wall to rest upon. Should you find any flaws or defects, don’t panic because it doesn’t necessarily require you another major hall repair. Just a simple casting and filling would do so that the surfaces would remain flat and the moldings would remain in place. Lastly, cutting the crown molding is the most challenging part of it because it requires you an accurate sight and good manipulating skills. The only trick in this is to always visualize and put in mind how you want these moldings to look and how they should rest upon the walls. Crown molding is a very fulfilling job. You not only develop the aesthetic qualities of your house, you also develop the creative attitude within you.

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