Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Give The Bully a Medal

Being the bully you are or the bully you dont want to be is going to be hard to get my message across. An invisible barrier is hampering my vision where I struggle to focus on which bully is behind the actions like that of the devil at work.
Is it the bully you are or the bully you dont want be.

I confront the bully you are, words can not express the disgust felt by people against the way you get your kicks inflicting pain on people blameless of any reason behind a senseless savage attack from you. Without doubt you the bully are seen as the weakest link; we know you have an image to upkeep and do not work alone. Being the bully you are you will no doubt have followers who look up to you.

Do you know how hard it is to get a dedicated following.

Dracula type personalities who draw blood from defenceless victims will be stopped. Did you ever stop to think of the pain and suffering you cause and the heartache suffered by those who have lost loved ones through your acts of violence. Remember God works in mysterious ways and if not now but a little later in life may call upon comeuppance time. What goes around comes around, mark my words.

Now for the bully you dont want to be.

You have a following that leaders alike spend their whole lives trying to mass thus putting you in a position of authority. These followers you have, respect what you say and do so take advantage of the situation and do something constructive with your dedicated friends. You have already gained their trust and loyalty so you owe them a little something in return.

Turn the tables on the bully who you are and take on the role of the bully you don't want to be and help your apostles, guide them nurture them whatever it takes. Your little network needs to be shoved in the right direction. Receive recognition for good deeds not bad.

Heroes receive a medal for bravery e.g. fire fighters protect us from fires, doctors protect us from disease and moms protect their kids from bullies. This mom says go out and earn your medal, protect your friends from a nightmare that will haunt them for the rest of their lives of their past actions where they maimed or killed. I am afraid no medal for bully. How will your mom cope with the pain when they come and get you?

We all have qualities in life so share yours, does it matter what it is as long as it is not of a violent nature.

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