Thursday, January 20, 2011

Corporate Transfers - 8 Steps to Help You Survive

You know the first time your spouse comes home and says we have a great opportunity or how do you feel about New Jersey, or what do think about Phoenix? Something is in the air but you‘re not quite sure what it is. The next time you hear it you know the drill, get ready for the madness. Here are some hints for the first timers.

•The corporate world puts on the concerned face for the family but the deal really is to get your husband or your wife to a location that benefits the company first. Everyone else is the baggage they try to be pleasant about. Your job is to make it work for everyone else yourself the kids the dog or cat and even the hamster.

•First things first what’s the package, what’s the deal? What is someone else doing for you and what do have to do yourself? What choices do you have? What do you control? What time frame are we talking about 60 days 90 days or is he or she reporting for work next Monday.

•You control what? You can find out about the new location check out the schools, check out the neighborhoods. All this can be done on the internet. Order relocation packages from anyone in your new city who offers one (Chamber of Commerce, New Home Builders, School Districts, and Private Schools). Get a good feel for the area before you make your house hunting trip.

•Do you have any say in Realtors (my best friend is a great realtor but maybe she’s not associated with this Relo group) or moving companies (my dad owns a moving company but we can’t use him unless we pay the freight)? Who is your relocation contact?

•Get the kids involved with the new area make sure they get the school websites. They probably logged on to them right off. Possibly emailing to kids out there before you could find the place on a map. You know its important for them not to feel left out to have some say in what’s happening.

•Our last move our girls picked their new high school. Together we determined what the best schools by size and ranking were. Identified 3 and our first day was spent checking out the schools we went on tours in each talked to counselors and decided what one was their best choice. Next day we began the home search. That may not work in every grade level but having them involved in the process is a must.

•Your Realtor will help you with your home selection. Price is just one consideration how about the neighborhood, does it have an association are the neighbors active, are there clubs, dinner club, gardening club, book club, events for the kids, events for grown ups a pool, tennis courts, play ground. Are you looking for a gated community? Is it an easy drive for your wife or husband to the office?

•What about you? Will you be working outside of the home? Check out the opportunities through your current employer. A good referral is a nice place to start. Check out your industry in the new area, make contacts with the human resources departments as a start to the interview process. Follow up when you get settled in.

Cross country moves can be hard on the whole family. Our dog settled in at each new home easier than anyone, a little sniffing around and she was right at home. For some of us the process was longer until we each made friends and became comfortable in the new school, new job, and new neighborhood.

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