Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Copyright 2006 Karen Fusco We've all gotta shop, but how we shop, and why we shop, varies. So what kind of shopper are you? And how can you translate your traditional habits into online options? The Browser. Ahh, window shopping! Sometimes the fun is in the process. You don't shop to buy -- you just enjoy the experience. You like to see what's out there, so when you do buy, it's just right. Online Tip: With online shopping you can browse to your heart's content, bookmark your favorite sites and revisit them whenever you want! The Power Shopper. Type A shopping all the way. You've made a list and checked it twice. You don't come home until the job is done. You know what you want and where to find it. Everyone else should just get out of your way. Online Tip: Take advantage of great sites that offer lots of options in multiple product areas, so you can meet all your shopping needs at once. Now that's a powerful prospect! The Good-Buy Gal. You had me at "On Sale". You're a bargain hunter. A deal finder. An owner of a $20 cashmere sweater. Sometimes you buy just because it's such a great bargain... even if you don't need it. But hey, sometimes the sale's the thing, right? Online Tip: Online shopping lets you shop by price! You can go a-hunting for the best prices on the Net! The Creative Shopper. So many great stores. So many interesting items just waiting to be discovered. You'll know when you've found just the right gift. That smile will brighten up your face. Success. Online Tip: Gift idea sites showcase unique and creative gifts from all corners of the Net! Just point, click and smile. The Tentative Shopper. This one. No, wait, that one. Wait, stop -- this one. Yeah, this one. Or that one. Maybe that one. Online Tip: We're afraid you are on your own for this one. You will likely be just as indecisive when you shop online as you are in a store. Good luck. Maybe see if you can befriend a Power Shopper! The Anxious Shopper. The mall. The crush of people all around. Panic begins to set in. How will you accomplish anything? Three deep breaths and start with your left foot. You can do it. Online Tip: Why suffer? All the shops are as close as your laptop. Relax, take your time and shop with ease from your favorite quiet corner! The Shopaholic. Shopping is more than a necessity, it's a way of life. You shop for fun; you shop for therapy. You shop. Period. Online Tip: You can assess all your options online. Browse by price, type, designer... you name it. Indulge every whim on the spot - and don't waste time on boring things like parking! The Grumbler. It's crowded; lines are long; people are rude. The fact is -- you'd rather go to the dentist. Online Tip: Here's our tip. Go online! Problem solved! Happy Shopping to all ... online or off!

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