Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maltese Magic

Copyright 2006 Cari Haus

When our son announced that he was moving back home to further his education, and that he was bringing P.J., his Maltese with him, my husband and I were somewhat apprehensive to say the least.  First of all, we had never even seen a Maltese, and weren't entirely sure that we even wanted to.  Secondly, we thoroughly enjoyed our life as it was with the flexibility of coming and going whenever we wanted to.  We also enjoyed the fact that we could have quiet time or go out for entertainment if and when we desired.

We knew things would change somewhat just by having our son home again, but between his working full time and going to school, we weren't expecting to see much of him.  So, what about the dog?  If we didn't see much of our son, neither would the dog see much of our son, which meant that my husband and I were soon to become a "threesome".  We decided we would tolerate the situation, knowing it was only temporary, but we were both already longing for assurance that we would have our previous flexible life back real soon.

Moving day soon arrived, and as the furniture and boxes were being moved in to the house, this inquisitive little fuzzy white dog with huge black eyes suddenly appeared, bounding in the door.  She didn't even acknowlege the fact that my husband and I were sitting on the couch, and instead began scurrying from room to room as if taking inventory of everything in site.  She displayed absolutely no fear and one would never have suspected that this was her first trip to a house belonging to virtual strangers.  When she completed her investigation, it was as if she gave everything her stamp of approval, jumped up into my lap, curled up, and promptly went to sleep.  Little did I know that this was just the beginning of many curling up in the lap sessions.

That day, which was a little over three years ago, has certainly changed our lives, to say the least.  Our car now has a doggie car seat prominately displayed in the backseat, and the car seldom leaves the driveway without P.J. happily perched inside.  Our once orderly living room now has a large basket sitting there to hold the numerous dog toys and rawhide chews which are instead always scattered all over the house.  There's no such thing as an empty lap.  P.J. not only thinks that all laps are "created equal", but also that all laps are created for her.  Both my husband and myself often find ourselves having complete conversations with....the dog.  She'll attentively sit there with her ears perked up listening to every word.  She also loves to perch up on the back of the sofa and proudly announce the arrival of every bird, squirrel, dog, or person that does or does not come up to the door.

Yes, our lives have certainly changed.  We no longer have the flexibility of coming and going whenever we want to.  Our quiet haven is no more.  In exchange we now have an adorable whimsical little companion who excitedly barks and wags her tail anytime either of us walks through the door.  Our entertainment now consists of taking P.J. to the park or playing fetch, and our quiet time is holding this little ball of fur while she naps.

Our son has completed his schooling and is now moving on to a new phase of his life, but leaving P.J. with us.  We of course are thrilled with this arrangement, and actually couldn't imagine life without P.J. anymore.  She has truly stolen our hearts with her Maltese Magic.

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