Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Giant Factory Demo Ladders - The Smart Way to Save

As a rule, Internet Community members are quite skeptical about television commercials' "exclusive" offers and not without a reason. Usually someone somewhere has a better deal, but every rule has an exception. You can spend hours looking for Little Giant Ladders on the Web and still get the same prices on E-bay, Amazon, Froogle, and numerous dealers' sites. Without getting involved into polemics about this pricing policy we would like to draw your attention to Little Giant Factory Demo ladders like the smart way to save.

 As you know, the Little Giant Ladder System cost more than any conventional ladder and certainly more than the cheap imported imitations. The best way to make customers comfortable paying a higher price is to show potential buyers "the perfection of quality workmanship" and to demonstrate the capabilities of the ladder. Since the late 1970's factory show teams have been the driving force behind the popularity of Little Giant Ladders by Wing enterprises. With the timely addition of Nationwide Award Winning infomercials the sales of these products is stronger as ever.

 Every day Little Giant display booths as well as ladders are shipped to the numerous Conventions, Fairs and Home Show venues all across the country. After these events are over the ladders get shipped back to the factory, thoroughly inspected, cleaned and packed it the new boxes clearly labeled "Factory Demo". Additionally, during the year Wing show sales representatives borrow Little Giant Ladders from their distributor's stock for shows or local demonstrations. These ladders get returned in a few days still brand new with only fingerprints on the side rail. They also become "Factory Demos", dealers receive the discount and consequently pass the savings onto the customers.

 This year Wing enterprises improved Type 1A Little Giant ladder system. Ladders were fitted with Tip-n-Glide wheels and upgraded Triple-locking hinge. Naturally Factory Demo Little Giant ladders fell behind for a couple of months lacking these new features, which reduced customers' interest in these models, but this cycle is now over. Every Factory Demo Little Giant ladder shipped belongs to 2006 year family and equipped with improved hinge and the wheels.

 Depends on the model "Factory Demo" labeled Little Giant Ladder can save you over 30%. Be advised that usually Demo ladders also retain all the promotions available for their new counterparts. Some dealers may offer to pay the applicable sales tax for you as well. Having the benefit of seen the product first, many of our walk-in customers prefer to get "Factory Demo" LittleGiants. Positive feedbacks and reviews show that on-line customers are very pleased as well. As always the choice is yours. May it be a smart one!

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