Friday, October 21, 2011

Sell Sweet Treats With Candy Fundraising

Candy fundraising has to be one of the more popular fund raiser for any event. You can make the candy yourself or you can order from the Internet. There are many companies designed just to supply the candy products you need. There are many varieties of flavors for candy fundraising and you will find the selection very pleasing.  Usually the candy will be shipped to you in one-pound boxes or whatever size you would prefer depending on the funds you have available to start with.

You will find that fundraiser candy is available all year around and most companies have a basic price. This price usually gives you lots of room to raise the candy prices in your fundraising candy blitz. Of course, a lot depends on how much candy you want to order. The bigger the order the sweeter the deal, meaning you will get a better price for your candy fundraising. There is also another bonus in free delivery with a minimum order. 

There is a bit of work involved besides the ordering in a candy fundraising event. The candy does have to be sorted when it arrives. Hopefully there will be a enough volunteers that this will not be a problem.

Maybe you would prefer to go with candy bars for your fund raiser. Candy is an excellent choice also for all those people that have a sweet tooth. If your fundraiser is for a sports team, these bars could be sold at the games, which make selling easy when exposed to big crowds. Candy fundraising has got to be one of the best fundraising events.

Depending on the funds that are available to you to start your fundraiser maybe you could make your own candy. This is not so difficult as you would think. Candy apples are very inexpensive and easy to make and on a small scale can be made without to much hassle. All you require is apples, some caramel, a few sticks and some wrappers to wrap the candy apples in. This is a good project for little leagues or elementary schools.  If you want to get a little fancier for your candy fundraising there are tons of recipes on the Internet that are fun, easy and inexpensive. Work according to your funds. However, you can presell the candy so you know exactly how much to order if you want to order from a candy company. 

Candy fundraising, sweetly successful.

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