Friday, August 26, 2011

How to make moving home easier

Moving home is one of the most stressful events most people put themselves there’s a lot you can do to make things easier.It might surprise you how much planning needs to be done in advance.You have to notify every organisation of your new address.

Home services:

1.Water supplier 2.Gas supplier 3.Electricity supplier 4.Telephone Supplier 5.Post office 6.Cable/satellite,Internet service providers 7.TV licensing.

Financial Organisations:

1.Banks 2.Credit card companies 3.Building societies 4.Council tax department 5.Solicitors 6.Inland revenue 7.Social security 8.Pension companies 9.Insurance companies 10.Your emloyer(if you have one) 11.National savings and premium bonds.

Health organisations:

1.Hospitals 2.Dental clinics.

Motoring organisations:

1.DVLA 2.Breakdown recovery company 3.Insurnace company.


1. Friends and relatives 2.Milk delivery 3.Newsagent 4.Libary 5.Schools 6.Sports club.

Few weeks before your move:

1.You have to hire a professional removals.Get at least five moving quotes before deciding which one to use 2.Make a list of your possessions so you can check if you've left anything behind 3.Always ask for confirmation letter when you book a removals 4.You have to let the removals know the following things:

1.Distance of you move 2.The amount of furniture you are moving 3.On which floor is you current home and on which floor is the new one 4.Arrange a parking space for the removal van.


Most movers, especially the do-it-yourself kind, are so happy to finally arrive in their new home that they don't even mind that the dinner plates are chipped, there's a scratch on the coffee table or their favorite lampshade is bruised and battered.With a little care and planning, and these moving packing tips, you and your stuff will both arrive in mint condition:

1.Before you start packing, select the range of packing supplies that you will need to make the job easier.
You will need protective wrap for your delicate belongings, bubble wrap is the ideal way to protect your electrical items such as T.V and Stereo, or particularly delicate items such as crystal.

2.Each time you pack a box, use your marker pen to label where they are to be unloaded and also write the contents on the side.Always stack plates upright on their sides, making sure you wrap them individually in tissue and clearly mark “Fragile” on the outside of cartons.

3.Keep boxes to 40 lbs or less. Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes.

4.if you have big dining table,remove legs, pad and tie together. Put nuts and bolts in a bag and tape under tabletop.

5.Empty, defrost and drain the the big appliances(fridge,washing mashine....)

Finally,on the moving day:

1.Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water).

2.Stay with moving van driver to oversee inventory of goods.

3.Give moving van driver directions to new home and numbers where you can be reached prior to delivery.

4.Review carefully and sign bill of lading and inventory, and keep your copy in a safe place until all charges have been paid and all claims (if any) have been settled.

5.Make final walk-through of house, including cellar, attic, wardrobes and cupboards, to make sure they are empty.

6.Lock all windows and doors, and drop off keys with Estate Agent or new owner.

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