Friday, June 17, 2011

Home air cleaners can be a very important part of our everyday life.

Home air cleaners are becoming a popular feature in many ordinary homes, but there was a time when, it seemed, we lived quite happily without them. The increasing amount of chemical and other pollutants in our atmosphere is making home air cleaners, such as electronic and Hepa air purifiers, ever more necessary, however, and while their protection was once only used in specialised circumstances, allergy relief air purifiers are becoming more and more a part of the ordinary household.

The technology behind modern home air cleaners and electronic air purifiers dates back to the nineteenth century, when two separate groups developed equipment loosely based on similar ideas for two distinctive purposes. The Dean brothers invented a purifier to protect fire fighters, while a man named Siebe developed equipment that would supply divers with a purified air supply. Later scientists further developed these technologies, bringing us ever closer to the invention of the home air cleaners that we use today.

The Second World War lead to further developments in the technologies that were destined for the home air cleaner, as soldiers found themselves working more and more in dangerous environments that required protection from radioactive and other potentially poisonous substances. This resulted in the invention of Hepa air purifiers, which remain one of the most effective air purifiers available today.

Further disastrous developments in human history lead to even more advanced air cleaners – outbreaks of Ebola in Africa, for example, reminded the world of the importance of clean air, and it was around this time that electronic air purifiers became available.

It seems that dangerous situations were the spur that lead ultimately to the creation of the home air cleaner. Unfortunately, we continue to live in dangerous times, and while we might not be fire fighters or divers, we still require a constant supply of clean air to survive. Home air cleaners can bring this air to us, creating healthy sanctuaries for us in this modern day world.

Home air cleaners can have a bid impact on our health.

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