Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple Steps For Safe Asbestos Bag Disposal

Asbestos is a mineral used in the construction and manufacturing sectors owing to its heat-resisting properties. Researches have proved that prolonged exposure to Asbestos can cause many lung related diseases including mesothelioma cancer. The need for safe asbestos bag disposal methods is crucial to reduce the exposure and resulting effects. The government had made safe asbestos bag disposal a mandatory requirement. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued guidelines for the effective disposal of asbestos bags from construction or renovation sites. To determine if the material you are using contains asbestos, you may send a sample of the material to the International Asbestos Testing Laboratories. Once you are sure that the material contains asbestos, contact your state department to find out the necessary regulations regarding its disposal. Procedure for safe asbestos bag disposal 1. Asbestos is fibrous in nature and these fibers easily float in the air. In order to make the fibers settle down, it is necessary to dampen them with treated water. 2. Purchase Asbestos Bags from the prescribed authorities . 3. Take two bags and place the damp material inside. You may also use a cardboard box inside the bags for easier handling. 4. Make sure that the bags are light enough to lift easily. 5. Seal the bags individually with duct tape. 6. Once the asbestos bags are ready for disposal, you need to fill in two forms – a. The Origin and Disposal Form b. The Asbestos Certificate of Acceptance. 7. Give these forms to the Weigh Master on the day of disposal. 8. You may deposit these bags at the Sanitary Landfill site in Woodbine only. Note: Find out the time of acceptance of asbestos bags in advance. You may use your own vehicle or even rent a pick –up truck to transport the material. Due to the harmful effects of asbestos exposure, it is essential that the entire community follow the rules laid down by the government for its safe disposal. Any efforts to evade the law would be injurious to your and other’s health.

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